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By Roger Fredinburg

October 6, 2010

I was not stunned to see republican John Boehner facing off against his own stupidity on Fox News Sunday just like the old party hack that he is.

On at least five occasions he evaded answering questions asked of him by Fox News Anchor and host Chris Wallace.

My wife yelled from the kitchen when Boehner seemed determined to avoid answering directly about what specifically he would do different than Pelosi should he be elected the next House Speaker.

My wife’s sweet vocal tones almost stepped on his non-answer and she uttered the most intelligent thought of the day.

Boehner answered Wallace’s question, several times, with the moronic retort that it “wouldn’t be business as usual.”

My loving wife hollered-“Isn’t avoiding an answer to the question… business as usual?”

How right she is!

The phony J.C. Penney men’s-wear mannequin look-alike could effortlessly fit in to any wax museum arrangement without being noticed.

The shocking apathy of the American voter and the unrealistic expectations of the Tea Party crowd, will lead to real disappointment when they catch on later that the November elections will result in roughly 90% of Congress being re-elected.

I really don’t think that represents much of a change.

How is it that Republicans who refuse to answer questions are any different that their Democrat counterparts?

I am sorry to have to say that Boehner looked and sounded like a DC lifer to me, and if he won’t answer to Wallace, he surely won’t answer to the rest of us.

The tea party movement is fueled by a vast range of issues, that in and of itself will be their undoing. No focus, no rallying point, no plan.

Watching these political leaches like Boehner grasp at a desperate camera Op in a lumber yard was nothing short of classic ego-centric poppy-cock.

Republicans dusted off a few of the most reasonable sounding republican party platform issues and tossed them out there as if they had really come up with a resolution to what ails America.

Even more disheartening was the Fox News Sunday follow up with Democrat Steny Hoyer who made it absolutely clear that a lame duck congress will plow through the post election fog and force more Obama driven anti-American crap down our throats before the new congress is seated.

He said, “Congress is elected for 24 months, not 21months or 22, but 24.

And beyond that, even if republicans were able to pull it off and take power in either the house, Senate or both, the veto pen at the White House will keep them at bay for at least 2 more years.

At this point, nothing short of a giant national protest encompassing tens of millions of ticked off Americans will have any chance at slowing our march towards socialism.

Many Americans think the republicans will fix it and far too many actually like where we are headed.


People say they want change and say they will do what it takes to turn this thing around.

But, that isn’t likely to happen with 47% of America paying little or no tax and while big brother government is there to offer hand-outs to all.

Never ending unemployment checks, Medicaid, Food stamps, housing allowances and subsidies, government paid and taxpayer funded child care, welfare, you name it.

There is no way for the real taxpayers to win except if they should just throw up their hands, stop working and join their neighbors in the hidden soup lines of today we aptly refer to as food stamps.

I am sad to be voicing such a bleak outlook for the post election world, but

It’s what it is.

While these selfish idiots representing us, blow smoke up out pant-legs about Bush tax cuts and play the rich against the poor, deep down they are the same hypocrites, and the same thieving liars they have always been.

Boys and girls, Let me be clear… It’s the tax code stupid!

We shouldn’t be whining about Bush tax cuts, we should be demanding a tax code that can’t be used as a political weapon one day and as a shield the next.

You don’t see Congress cutting their salaries do you?

Have they cut back on any congressional perks?

Have they cut back on their medical plan?

Have congressional staffs been trimmed back, wages lowered, benefits reduced?


As the infamous New York maven Leona Helmsley once stated, “I thought that was just for the little people.”

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Well, little people, I still say we must terminate sovereign immunity and sue these bums retroactively back to 1912 and strip them of their ill-gotten gain.

That’s right, reparations for the taxpayers of America.

Throw the bums out into the streets, penniless and hungry and let them feel your pain.

After all, they caused it!

Anyone want to help?

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Roger Fredinburg is a national radio figure. He conducted a daily 3 hour syndicated radio talk show heard in hundreds of cities from coast to coast. He was syndicated by Talk Radio Network along side Art Bell and held on to more that 150 radio stations from 1993 until he left Radio America in 2004. He now owns an ad agency; and offers audio and video blogging at











Many Americans think the republicans will fix it and far too many actually like where we are headed.