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By Roger Fredinburg

February 19, 2010

I watch, un-amused today as Harry Reid and his cohort's plot to overthrow the will of the American people once again.

Yes, Healthcare Reform is coming, regardless of what the people want.

Hmm .. Seems like we Americans once or twice went to war against our supposed enemies to repel very similar types of Government oppression.

Not to placate the Republicans who just a few days ago were arguing to have a seat at the table to aid President Obama in shaping a new "Deficit Reduction Commission".

I may have misread the Constitution, but doesn't the responsibility for appropriations belong to the House of Representatives?

So now it seems the minority Republicans and the Majority Democrats need a commission to do their Job?

The job we hired them to do must rob them of huge blocks of their precious time.

Clearly they need more time on the golf courses, or possibly on palatial retreats in Copenhagen and Hawaii.

While millions of Americans struggle to find new addresses after being booted from their homes and careers, these buffoons give themselves big pay raises, side step the issues and suck up to their cronies.

How many lives are destroyed by legislative stupidity in this country everyday?

When you think about oppressive tax codes, bizarre peace-nick rules on family and the odd anti-self defense laws, Family courts (show me that one in the constitution) weird laws protecting animals, plants and the earth from the people.

Fraudulent science on the environment and laws like the Endangered Species Act that fail to even consider humanity as an important aspect of nature.

Land use laws and property taxes that deprive people of any real ownership of property (the cornerstone of freedom). And deprive them of the use and enjoyment of their land.

Constant attempts through political correctness to deprive us of our religious and free speech rights and generally all of our inalienable rights guaranteed in the Bill of Rights. It's enough to drive any sane person mad.

Idiotic rules taking parental rights and authority away from the families of America and the general rejection and criminalization of traditional patriarchal principles.

Let me offer an example: If a person has an underage 16 year old daughter and she is doped up and used sexually by a 19 year old man ...

As her father, shouldn't one have the right to beat that young mans face in, even to the point of killing the moron,

And rather than face criminal charges, wouldn't a medal or reward of sorts be more appropriate.

If that parental threat were a real concern, the fact is, 19 year old freaks might not even exist, and I assure you they would be far more cautious and a whole lot more gentlemanly towards our little girls.


The freak is a criminal, the damages caused irreparable, and the fool deserves a good beating to say the least.

Yet, if the Father does the "right" thing and pulverizes the maggot, the Father will surely go to jail. Do you really think that's right?

But, in this touchy-feely new America, fathers can't defend their children against chemical attacks and sexual assault.

The perpetrators of Political-ism want you to just accept that your child has the right to trade her body, and both hers and your dignity for a good time.

Now you tell me, does that check as right, deep down in your soul?

Don't get me wrong, I am not advocating violence per/say, But I am suggesting that the laws that protect criminals and dirt bags should never have been written.

I can already hear the cries against my barbarism, ... but please, before you judge me, you need to start thinking about how much more harmful a place the world is because we shy away from our responsibilities to defend our loved ones, our rights, our homes and property.

If we could lawfully defend ourselves and our loved ones from the freaks of this pop culture run amuck, the freaks would be few and far between.

We have been robbed of our Patriarchal heritage and now we have mass rebellion across the land.

Children no longer respect and adore nor do they obey their parents in most American homes today.

Nor do they respect authority at school or anywhere else for that matter.

If I had ever spoken to my parents the way some of these kids do today, I wouldn't be alive to write this. And that's how it should be.


From Dr. Spock to the rest of these new age Marxist ninnies .....
I can only ask you to take a good look around, and honestly answer this question regarding the "new" America .. How's it working out?

Are we stronger, braver, smarter, happier, better liked, more moral, kinder, friendlier, healthier? are we? More prosperous? More generous? are we any safer?

We can blame Madelyn Murray O'Hare for yanking God out of the schools, Might toss some blame at the Roe V, Wade case that legalized abortion, or maybe just blame the Beatles for Rock and Roll and Vietnam?

We can blame NAFTA, GATT, and the NWO. and we would still be off track.

I suppose we can blame the teachers, the preachers, the candlestick makers. Blame the parents, the do-gooders, and everyone else we can contour up.

But the real enemy of our once great civilization is not solely the Islamists, nor is it simply the bankers or the elite. The real enemies of America are the practitioners of Political-ism. Better know as Lawyers and politicians.

Political-ism is a cult made up of mostly Lawyers who run for public office for the primary sake of satisfying a sick and tortured self image derived from a radically bloated Ego.

These mind numbingly stupid morons go to law school where they are trained to reject conscience, morality, decency and the truth. They are taught to mechanically and methodically defend even the most indefensible ideals.

They don't care how many lives they destroy by way of "collateral damage" to satisfy that blood lust of theirs.

And they can be directly connected to every war and Police action of our time.

This is why William Shakespeare calls out from his grave "Kill All The Lawyers"

And why our founders made Lawyers illegal early on in the Colonies.

The Massachusetts Bay charter of 1641, "Body of Liberties," prohibited lawyers from practicing law in that colony. As stated in Lawrence Friedman's A History of American Law, during 1645, both Virginia and Connecticut had written laws prohibiting lawyers.

A recent article in the Los Angeles Times suggested that politicians have more in common with serial killers that any other group. That they are basically sociopaths, dangerous, deceptive, depraved and I say deadly.

These men and women in suits make the rules that erode the moral underpinning of America and quietly hurl our country into despair, poverty and ruin. They are called Esquire, Attorney, Lawyer etc They practice an evil religion I call Political-ism.

Political-ism is far more dangerous than communism, Marxism, or even Islamism ...

It permeates from within and disguises itself as an important and positive force for justice and peace. But, it really causes all the problems you can see or imagine in our culture. Every bad law was defended in court by a Lawyer.

The courts and the Justice System have succumb to a powerful and influential group who will stop at nothing to use our system of lawmaking in the political process and to control the dispensing of "justice" in the so-called justice system and then directly profit from both endeavors.

They make the laws, then they battle each other in the courts over the same laws and they pay no mind to the social carnage and human wreckage they cause.

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If you hear politicians begging for votes, and they aren't talking about dumping this regressive and immoral tax code of ours, replacing our currency with honest money, restoring family and parental rights, property rights and respecting States rights, the constitution, and God, then they are very dangerous.

If these aren't his or her topics .. then they are just more of the same old political-ism crowd. Don't vote for them .. Don't!

The wrath of Political-ism must be stopped .. will you help?

� 2010 Roger Fredinburg - All Rights Reserved

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Political-ism is a cult made up of mostly Lawyers who run for public office for the primary sake of satisfying a sick and tortured self image derived from a radically bloated Ego.