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Some Said, "It Thundered" When Paul Hill Was Executed






By Paul deParrie
December 8, 2003

We the People are we the enemy. The USA Patriot Act has converted people who want to change the status quo into terrorists and criminals.

There is little attention being paid to the expansion of the new powers into �non-terrorist� investigations. Phones are tapped, e-mails are captured, and not much is said or done other than, �Good riddance to those crooks!�

This means you, anti-abortion activist! You are a target in creating the new, terror-free (and freedom-free) America.

An excellent example is the recent arrest of Stephen Jordi in Florida. He is alleged to have been planning and preparing to blow up killing centers.

Let me retell the story, as I understand it today: Jordi was active at some level of anti-abortion work in the past. He was arrested at least once during the Rescue movement. Some time after Paul Hill was jailed, he corresponded with Hill. He became convinced of the justifiability of the use of force to stop abortions. More recently, he approached his church�s pastors about the use of force issue � seeking counsel. The pastors immediately opposed the use of force and resisted any biblical arguments about the defense of others. Frustrated, Jordi asked to be removed from the church membership rolls. The pastors wrote a letter to law enforcement expressing concerns about Jordi�s beliefs. So far as I know, Jordi never indicated to them that he intended to do anything. Next Jordi found a new �friend� � an FBI informant � who, after discussing their mutual belief in the use of force, presented Jordi with a pistol and, possibly, a silencer. Later, the friend gave Jordi other materials for bomb-making and suggested he buy more. The friend also apparently suggested Jordi contact Neal Horsley, the infamous publisher of the Nuremberg Files website and Christian Gallery News. In addition, the friend paid for Jordi to attend the execution of Paul Hill where Jordi was photographed with various known �members� of the illusory Army of God. Finally, he was arrested.

Consider what lessons there are in these events � remembering that U.S. Attorney General John �I-Have-A-Prayer-Meeting-In-My-Office-Every-Day� Ashcroft has proven himself to be no friend of the anti-abortion movement. Even where every attempt was made to oppose abortion by purely peaceful, non-violent means, Ashcroft has stood in opposition. When Flip Benham�s rabidly anti-force Operation Save America (OSA) sought parade permits in the city of Wichita, Kansas, the federal government, with Ashcroft�s personal imprimatur, opposed the OSA�s parades and sent unasked-for federal marshals to guard the Wichita abortuary during the OSA event. Ashcroft�s solicitor general sided with the National Organization for Women (NOW) before the U.S. Supreme Court when anti-abortionists were being sued for racketeering for mere picketing in NOW v. Scheidler. The solicitor general also opposed the U.S. Supreme Court review of a suit where anti-abortion people were sued for $109 million for printing �wanted� posters.

This is the same Ashcroft who has promoted and vigorously used the USA Patriot Act.

Now look at what happened to Jordi. Do you get the picture yet?

Law enforcement is watching you if you have ever been publicly involved in the anti-abortion issue. This is even more true if you have ever expressed any support for the use of force in defense of the Unborn.

If you hate abortion and are reading this and have never been involved in anti-abortion work, you have a serious choice: Make your opposition to abortion public, or oppose abortion from the shadows � including illegal means of defending the Unborn.

If the first, then be prepared to be scrutinized by law enforcement and be considered dangerous by law enforcement as well as fellow Christians. If the latter, be prepared to be lonely. (Does the slogan, �Army of One,� come to mind?)

Notice that Jordi had formerly been involved. This made him a target of law enforcement. Of course, corresponding with Paul Hill and showing any support for the use of force (maybe in the letters to Hill?) only painted the bullseye in brighter colors. How he thought he was not being watched after this I will never understand.

His next mistake was that he trusted others with his ideas � especially those who would seem to be most trustworthy. If you even think you may someday use force our illegal means against abortion, there are three rules:

1. Say nothing; 2. Be quiet; and 3. Shut up.

(By the way, these are the same three rules that apply any time that law enforcement questions you for any reason.)

These rules especially apply to having contact with any person who is already involved in anti-abortion work � especially if they have made any public support for the use of force to defend the Unborn. (Remember, even the most ardent supporter of the use of force can weaken or break under a Grand Jury inquisition.)

If you have never been involved before and believe you have kept your use of force beliefs quiet, but you discover a �friend� who begins talking with you about the illegal action or use of force against abortion, assume you have been made! Someone has figured you out or you let it slip someplace and law enforcement is looking for another Stephen Jordi. Abandon any plan you may have had in that area. Join the ranks of the vocal opponents of abortion and proponents of force and call it a day.

Clayton Waagner, one of several who now reside in prison for anti-abortion activity, wrote in his book, Fighting the Great American Holocaust, of the extreme loneliness of his work � even though he was already known to law enforcement. Think of how much more so when you must mask your true feelings on abortion. It would probably be unsafe to even express strong opposition to abortion at all.

Waagner has wisely warned those who are already known opponents of abortion not to pursue any illegal or forcible action against it. We can, however, pray that God will raise up �stealth� activists who are wise enough to work alone and without recognition in this life.

Meanwhile, what do those of us who are already known do?

We can become as active as possible in using any and all legal means to stop abortions. We can publicly declare the judgment of God against all who support the shedding of the innocent blood of the Unborn. We may also strongly stand for the full humanity of the Unborn from the instant of fertilization � including the right to be defended by force. We can visit those in prison for defending the Unborn and find ways to assist their families.

No, staying �legal� will not necessarily prevent you from being sent to a prison ministry. Law enforcement can always manufacture enough evidence to get a biased jury to put you behind bars. However, we all have a responsibility to declare the truth. Since there is no way for those of us who are already known to get back �under the radar,� we may as well go to the limits of the law to rescue the Unborn.

God demands nothing less.

To the FBI and other LEOs: God has given you the authority under which you act. (Romans 13) You will give an account to God at the Judgment for all of your uses and abuses of His authority. You are now acting under the USA Patriot Act, an unjust and oppressive law. Some among you are "old school" and hate what your agency has become -- a political tool of oppression against legitimate speech and protest. Yet, you find yourself still "part of the System." Remember Obadiah, a public official in Judah, who served under the wicked King Ahab and his wife, Jezebel. That priest was also "part of the System," yet found a way to assist the righteous prophets of God. (1 Kings 18: 3-4) Use your authority wisely.

� 2003 Paul deParrie - All Rights Reserved

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Paul deParrie is a 17-year veteran of anti-abortion street activism, a preacher, and a social critic. He is the author of "Dark Cures: Have Doctors Lost Their Ethics" (Huntington House) available at NewsWithViews Online Store Front. deParrie may be reached at:

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"We the People are we the enemy. The USA Patriot Act has converted people who want to change the status quo into terrorists and criminals."