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By Paul deParrie
May 14, 2006

The answer, as it was in the (borrowed) 1970 Motown hit by Edwin Starr, is, �Absolutely nuthin�!�

Abandoning the Unborn to the long knives of the child-killers seems to be all the fashion.

In July last year, House Speaker Karen Minnis and House Majority Leader Wayne Scott, Oregon Right to Life (ORTL) at their side, led Oregon Republicans in pushing through a budget with $2 to $3 million in abortion funding. (Reports that the two legislators reduced the amount earmarked for abortions are lies�but then, even if it were true, reducing funding for abortion by a few bucks in a bloated, blood budget can hardly be called �pro-life.�)

The recent defection of the U.S. Constitution Party from its pro-life position to acceptance of party leaders and candidates that are decidedly pro-abort continued the trend. [Read]

Now, ORTL, whose stated purpose on file with the State Elections Commission is �To elect candidates dedicated to protecting the sanctity of innocent human life,� is joined by the �pro-life� Oregon Family Council (OFC) in the degradation.

ORTL has already been known to endorse and fund up-front, pro-abort candidates like Goli Ameri.[1] Now Oregon�s pro-life contributors to both groups are funding open pro-aborts.

In the May 3 edition of The Oregonian, OFC political director and chronic distemper sufferer, Tim Nashiff, has tossed the group representing tens of thousands of Oregon Christians behind openly-pro-abort Ron Saxton for governor because Saxton allegedly has the �best chance� of winning in the fall.

Great! Saxton wins. OFC wins. Nashiff, that sly politico, wins. Only the babies lose.

ORTL disagrees with OFC�s endorsement and backs Kevin Mannix, who believes all babies should be protected�unless their fathers were criminals, and possibly other �good� reasons for killing the innocent children.

Despite their disagreement on the governor�s race, ORTL and OFC join in support of a supreme pro-abort�or at least a pro-abort who wants to be a Supreme Court justice in Oregon�Jack Roberts.[1] The two groups have issued a joint endorsement[2] of �a friend�[3] (their word), Jack Roberts.

More than this, both groups have taken the hard-earned contributions donated to their alleged �pro-life, pro-family� mission and given it to the campaign of this baby-killer. Each group donated just shy of $15,000�a total of nearly $30,000�toward a mailing for Roberts.* The mailing house used was Gateway Communications, jointly owned by OFC political director Nashiff and fellow OFC leader, Mike White. White is also on the Board of ORTL. I am assuming that the mailing used the combined mailing lists of the two organizations. (Nice paying work, when you can get it.)

Now I have two questions:

Now keep in mind that both ORTL and OFC send out (using Gateway, no doubt) their own �voter guides� to �help� pro-life voters make �informed� choices, what do you think their endorsements are really worth?

Next, What does being pro-life mean to ORTL and OFC?

Everybody sing along on the answer . . . �Absolutely�


1, This marks several claims for which I will provide documentation to any who will request it by e-mail.
2, ORTL says it only �recommends� Roberts rather than �endorses,� but that is a distinction most people do not see, and certainly a distinction without a real difference when one considers the $15,000 ORTL PAC spent on Roberts� campaign.
3, I guess that Roberts is a �friend� of ORTL�s, but he is certainly no friend of the babies� or their defenders.

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Paul deParrie is a 17-year veteran of anti-abortion street activism, a preacher, and a social critic. He is the author of "Dark Cures: Have Doctors Lost Their Ethics" (Huntington House) available at NewsWithViews Online Store Front. deParrie may be reached at:

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ORTL has already been known to endorse and fund up-front, pro-abort candidates like Goli Ameri.[1] Now Oregon�s pro-life contributors to both groups are funding open pro-aborts.