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By Paul deParrie
March 24, 2006

Oregon�s �pro-life� Republicans should be ashamed. They probably aren�t, but they should be. Looking half way across the country at the South Dakota Legislature, we see a principled pro-life majority who twice passed a law banning abortion. The first time it was not signed by the governor. Undeterred, they sent it back up the next session. This time the governor�s signature made it law.

Compared to that, the Oregon Republican majority in the House was afraid to even consider a simple �No� vote on the bill that would fund abortions to the projected tune of $2.7 million. In fact, when the Coalition for Abortion Revenue Elimination (CARE), a loose association of three Oregon anti-abortion lobbying groups, tried to get �pro-life� Republicans to vote in line with the state Party�s platform and �Just Say No� to abortion finding, the Republican leadership, especially Speaker Karen Minnis and Rep. Wayne Scott, called a caucus and threatened legislators who had signed or were considering signing the CARE Pledge to vote �No.�

�We tried that once,� whined Minnis, Scott, and Oregon Right to Life (ORTL) in unison, �and it didn�t work.�

Thankfully the SD legislators were made of sterner stuff and did not allow a single defeat to stop them from standing on the principle that the babies� lives matter more than their own political lives.

When CARE began to expose these pro-aborts-in-sheep�s-clothing, the tactic switched. Up to this point, CARE had been using a projected abortion funding figure from the Department of Human Services (DHS) of $3.2 million. Later, unknown to CARE, the projected figure was revised downward to $2.7 million. However, since the DHS develops projected spending figures on all the medical procedures it pays for through Oregon Health Plan, the figures were not a cap on spending, just an estimate. If the actual need during the budget period was the original $3.2 million, that�s how much DHS would shell out for abortions.

Our legislative weasels, Minnis and Scott, were not willing to pass up this opportunity to cover the CARE revelation with a lie. They began to take credit publicly for �reducing abortion spending� as though the projected number was reduced at their insistence and they floated the false notion that a reduction in the projection was the same as a reduction in funding.

The hand � in this case, the mouth � is quicker than the eye! The one who runs the shell game always wins.

Of course this switch in emphasis begs the question of why anyone who spends money to kill babies could ever be described as �pro-life.�

Now you won�t hear the story of the �pro-life Republican� betrayal of the babies from ORTL � they were an integral part of the resistance to the CARE campaign. In fact, during the caucus, they told quivering masses of jellyfish we call �pro-life Republicans� that ORTL would not hold their �Yes� vote to fund abortions against them in future election campaigns. So, now that ORTL says it is consistent with right-to-life principles for a legislator to vote to pay for abortions, does that make ORTL pro-life or pro-abortion?

ORTL�s Gayle Atteberry states, �No House Speaker has been more committed to defending the unborn than Karen Minnis.� If promoting the spending of millions of dollars to kill the unborn is part of ORTL�s definition of �committed to defending the unborn,� perhaps one should look askance at any endorsement made by such a group.

The pro-aborts (the ones who admit it) across the land are all in a tizzy over real anti-abortion legislation like that from South Dakota. Not one negative, concerned word issues from these rabid baby-killers over the phony �reduction� in abortion funding claimed by Minnis and Scott. NOW, NARAL, and Planned Parenthood know it is all political smoke-and-mirrors. After all, Minnis and Scott are doing their bidding. Minnis and Scott are paying for abortion.

Meanwhile, CARE has renamed Oregon�s largest abortuary � formerly Lovejoy Surgicenter � as Minnis Memorial Abortuary. She deserves the honor. She has done a lot for their bottom line.

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Paul deParrie is a 17-year veteran of anti-abortion street activism, a preacher, and a social critic. He is the author of "Dark Cures: Have Doctors Lost Their Ethics" (Huntington House) available at NewsWithViews Online Store Front. deParrie may be reached at:

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The pro-aborts (the ones who admit it) across the land are all in a tizzy over real anti-abortion legislation like that from South Dakota.