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By Paul deParrie
January 27, 2005

Why has the �pro-life� movement in America continued to lose ground? Why do the babies have less protection today than they had in 1973 when Roe v. Wade crawled out of the sewer?

There are a number of reasons that intersect, but one major reason is that the babies (remember, it is about the babies, not an �issue�) have been sold out by the very people who claimed to be their champions � Right to Life.

The infestation of cynicism in RTL affects both national and state organizations. It has been ongoing for years.

Last year, in South Dakota, that state�s legislature courageously set itself to pass a law to outlaw abortion. The law would accomplish two goals: 1) it would already be in place if Roe was ever overturned, and 2) it would provide a platform for a new legal challenge to Roe.

Nobody was surprised when Planned Parenthood came out in opposition to the law. What was a surprise, to some (not me), was when both the National RTL and the state RTL joined PP in opposition. One could almost see them join hands to sweetly hummed strains of �We Shall Overcome.�

A reprise took place in North Dakota this year. (One more hum!)

For years complaints have been heard about RTLs� support for pro-abort candidates for state and national offices � some of these have been considered �soft� pro-life, while others were full-blown supporters of legal abortion.

In the last election, Oregon RTL (ORTL) strongly supported Republican Goli Ameri to run for the U.S. House against David Wu. Ameri was an unabashed pro-abort � though she stipulated that she might be willing to vote for �parental notification.� Big deal! So RTL is willing to say, �You can kill your baby as soon as we tell your parents � or the loco parentis judge, dear!� and maybe Ameri will vote for it? This is where the pro-life dollars of RTL�s hard-working (but benighted) are going?

One of my friends commented some years ago that, to RTL, �pro-life� apparently they oppose one abortion.

Back in 1990, an initiative petition placed a ban on �convenience abortions� on the Oregon ballot. ORTL openly opposed it. The litany of such things � local and national � is simply too long to recount.

Oregon has long budgeted money to pay for abortions. This year, the Department of Human Services plans on spending about $3 million over the next two years on abortions alone � this in a state crying its eyes out over budget woes.

Over the years, ORTL has never even asked Oregon�s self-proclaimed pro-life legislators to take a principled stand and vote against any budget with blood money in it. When asked why, ORTL reportedly has said that they do not consider such a vote necessary to a politician�s pro-life credentials.

So, when RTL even breathes their name, it is a lie. The only thing they seek is to perpetuate their organization. Protecting the babies is not their goal, protecting their �movement� is. Pragmatic politics is the game, not saving babies.

I�ve never thought that my abilities were particularly suited to the political arena, but I am so fed up with having RTL at the forefront of a �pro-life movement� that never actually moves that I have decided to jump in as Believers Against Child Killing (BACK) and start tormenting �pro-life� quislings at the State Legislature. (Website:

Nor am I alone. There are at least two others who, fed up with the sandbagging of ordinary, working-stiff pro-lifers for their money by ORTL, have begun similar groups.

I remember way back in my early involvement in anti-abortion work how I thought that RTL had made a major mistake by bleaching God out of their public presentation. They thought they could appeal to a greater spectrum if they retained a non-religious face.

I, on the other hand, remembered that the proverbs tell us that if we acknowledge God in all our ways that he will direct our steps.

No wonder RTL can�t find its way. No wonder they have had their effectiveness completely destroyed in the quicksands of compromise. The had no God to direct their steps. Now they are clueless being led by the cynical � and they are being led by the same devil that leads PP, with whom they join hands.

I will not make that mistake. God will always be acknowledged by BACK.

The next mistake I will avoid is that of wanting to be friends with politicians. I don�t want their friendship. I want their votes. I don�t even particularly care if their votes come from principle or the fear of losing the next election. I want votes toward saving babies.

The first thing the Oregon Legislature can do about abortion is to stop funding it.

I pray I can make some contribution to that end.

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Paul deParrie is a 17-year veteran of anti-abortion street activism, a preacher, and a social critic. He is the author of "Dark Cures: Have Doctors Lost Their Ethics" (Huntington House) available at NewsWithViews Online Store Front. deParrie may be reached at:

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Nobody was surprised when Planned Parenthood came out in opposition to the law. What was a surprise, to some (not me), was when both the National RTL and the state RTL joined PP in opposition.