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By Derry Brownfield
July 22, 2010

We’ve all heard the comment: “I’m from the Government and I’m here to help you.” I can think of very few instances where the government actually helped me. In fact, most of their help has turned into government interference that only hinders an individual from using common sense. There is no doubt we all want clean air, clean water and nutritious food; but when government becomes involved we seem to get the exact opposite. The FDA wants to control everything we eat and has produced a “legal brief” stating that we have no right to consume or to feed our children any particular food. The brief reads: “There is no deeply rooted historical tradition of unfettered access to food of all kinds. To the contrary, society’s long history of food regulation stretches back to the dietary laws of biblical times. Modern food safety regulation in the United States has its roots in the early food laws of the American colonies.” The FDA then sites a Virginia law passed in 1873, saying farmers are not allowed to skim the cream off milk before selling it.

The FDA is being sued for not allowing “raw milk” (unpasteurized) to be sold in interstate commerce. This article is not to debate the nutritious value of “raw milk,” but to point out how government will go to great lengths to control our food supply and turn all aspects over to the large, multinational corporations, who have the financial power to rule Congress.

I consider John Munsell a friend. He was a guest on my radio program in 2003, and I finally met him in person last January while attending the R-Calf Annual Convention in Rapid City, South Dakota. John ran a small meat processing plant in Montana where he had his problems with government authorities in 2003, when he realized he was purchasing contaminated meat from ConAgra. As soon as John realized the meat he had purchased was contaminated with E. coli, he called the USDA’s Food Safety & Inspection Service (FSIS). Instead of tracing the meat back to the seller, the inspectors found John guilty of having contaminated meat in his possession and took action against him.


John explained that he had purchased the meat from the large multinational corporation, ConAgra, and it arrived in that condition. The inspector insisted that since the problem was in his cooler, he was the person to be blamed. The bureaucrats at FSIS refused to trace the meat back to ConAgra. John stated that FSIS only performs trace-back when there are illnesses. Unless people get sick from consuming the ground beef the FSIS will not trace it back to the original source, even if they have a positive test sample (even if it avoids illness). A few months after John wanted the FSIS to sample the source of the contaminated beef he had purchased, ConAgra recalled 19 million pounds of beef.

In 2008 the agency collected 16 ground beef samples at the very small plant once owned by John. That same year the agency also collected 16 samples at the Cargill plant in Friona, Texas, which kills more cattle in one day than that small plant kills in two years. John says this biased sampling is designed to insulate the largest slaughter plants from meaningful oversight.

The beat goes on! The multinational agribusinesses have control of every aspect of agriculture, from seeds at planting through the use of chemicals, herbicides and insecticides while growing, to the marketing of the crop. And it isn’t only the Department of Agriculture. The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) are doing everything possible to keep vitamins, minerals, herbs and other natural dietary supplements out of the hands of health-minded consumers.

I recently had Jim and Trish Feijo as guests on my radio program. They have been in the health food-supplement business for nearly 30 years and have had no complaints from their customers. Nevertheless, the Wall Street Reform & Consumer Protection Act curtails the rights of natural supplement providers. The FTC has demanded that these folks hand over their customer list and also send a letter to every customer stating: “Their products are not FDA approved and the FTC considers them drugs if associated with any health benefits.”

The letter would tell their customers that there is no science behind their use of herbs and nutrients, and that “only conventional cancer treatments” such as chemo and radiation have been proven “safe and effective in humans.” They do not mention the fact that drugs approved by the FDA end the lives of over 200,000 Americans every year.

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When we study what is really taking place within the bureaucratic agencies of our federal government, the question arises: Do these agencies care about our health, or are they trying to initiate population control? It appears our politically correct elite in Washington would prefer us dead, rather than alive and healthy. They are from the government – and they are looking out for our better interests!

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Derry Brownfield was born in 1932 and grew up during the depression. He is a farmer and a broadcaster. Derry attended the College of Agriculture at the University of Missouri where he received his B.S. and M.S. degrees. He taught Vocational Agriculture several years before going to work as a Marketing Specialist with the Missouri Department of Agriculture. Derry served as Director of the Kansas City Livestock Market Foundation at the Kansas City Stockyard prior to establishing himself in farm broadcasting.

Derry started farming when he was 16 years old and received the Future Farmers of America State Farmer degree in 1949. Since that time the Brownfield Farm has grown to over 1000 acres maintaining a herd of 200 registered Charolias cows.

In 1972, Derry and his partner established the Brownfield Network which now serves 250 radio stations throughout the Midwest with news and market information. In 1994, Derry started his own syndicated radio talk show and he is one of the most popular radio talk show hosts in America. The Derry Brownfield Show can be heard on approximately 80 radio stations in 23 states. With his entertaining sense of humor and witty commentary he has captured audiences for over 30 years. His ability to present an informative talk show while being light and colorful is why he has a large loyal listening audience.

Derry Brownfield is a practical farmer, a practical business man and a very entertaining speaker. He travels extensively throughout the country speaking about his common-sense point of view.

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The beat goes on! The multinational agribusinesses have control of every aspect of agriculture, from seeds at planting through the use of chemicals, herbicides and insecticides while growing, to the marketing of the crop.