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The Global War On Your Guns 
By Wayne LaPierre

Wayne LaPierre's The Global War on Your Guns takes you inside the U.N. plan to destroy the Bill of Rights by attacking the one right that makes any right possible, the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

LaPierre's well-researched chapters outline the threat itself, how the U.N. works, and the phalanx of international forces determined to eliminate the basic human right of self-preservation through elimination of all private firearm ownership.

$24.95 + $6.00 S/H  270 p.  Hard Cover  #21

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Global Bondage:
The U.N. Plan to Rule the World
By Cliff Kincaid

The United Nations is now openly laying plans for a World Government to go along with its already functioning World Army. These plans include global taxation and an International Criminal Court that could prosecute American citizens. Kincaid also exposes U.N.’s support for forced abortion and forced sterilization, efforts to destroy the traditional family, transformation of U.S. soldiers into the U.N., etc.


$12.95 + $6.00 S/H  208 p.  Paper back  #22

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Handouts and Pickpockets:
Our Government Gone
William P. Hoar

Each day in America, people are conned and victimized by their own government - the very government created to serve them. Traditional family and way of life are under constant attack by out-of-touch politicians. For 30 years, Hoar has served as writer, editor, and consultant with a variety of prominent organizations and publications, including Conservative Digest,  etc.


$12.95 + $6.00 S/H  207 p.  Paper back  #23

The Fluoride Deception 
By Christopher Bryson

"The Fluoride Deception unearths the mystery of how a grim workplace poison and the most damaging environmental pollutant of the Cold War was added to our drinking water and toothpaste. A chronicle of the abuse of power and of the manufacture of state-sponsored medical propaganda, The Fluoride Deception reveals how a secretive group of powerful industries, all of which faced extensive litigation for fluoride pollution, collaborated with officials from the National Institute of Dental Research to launder fluoride's public image."--BOOK JACKET 

$24.95 + $6.00 S/H  374 p.  Hard Cover  #24
Also available in Soft Cover for $19.95

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The Hidden Dangers of The Rainbow  
Constance Cumbey     

This book exposes the New Age movement and our coming age of Barbarism. The New Age Movement uses Rainbows to signify their building of the Rainbow Bridge between man and Lucifer. New Agers place small rainbow decals on their automobiles and book stores as a signal to others in the Movement. Some people, of course, use the rainbow as a decoration, unaware of the growing popular acceptance of its occult meaning and the hidden dangers.


$12.95 + $6.00 S/H  268 p.  Paper Back  #25

Spiritual Warfare:
The Invisible Invasion

By Thomas R. Horn

Since the 1930's, the values promoted by the liberal left have changed our country dramatically. The highest courts in the land have ruled with contemptuous decree against God, morality, and the free expression of religion, while Hollywood has denigrated the traditional family and mocked moral virtue. The results of this cultural upheaval are clear: the United States has become the most profane and morally corrupt society in the industrialized world.


$19.95 + $6.00 S/H  201 p.  Paper Back  #26

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The Deliberate Dumbing
Down of America

By Charlotte T. Iserbyt

Anyone interested in the truth will be shocked by the way American social engineers have systematically gone about destroying the intellect of millions of American children for the purpose of leading the American people into a socialist world government controlled by behavioral and social scientists.

$47,oo   635 p.  Paper Back  #27

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War and Death of the American Dream 
Robert Thomas Raming

The two-party system in America is dysfunctional. It has degenerated into a group of career politicians by and addicted to the power of their office. The US Government, once a beacon of light for liberty and justice, has embarked on a course of war and inflation that threatens to destroy the American Dream forever.

There is a very small and secret group of power brokers that is intent on destroying the Constitutional liberties that we cherish as they establish a New World Order. They hide among us in plane sight, using deception and propaganda techniques first employed by Lennin and Trotsky. This global elite will stop at nothing to increase their power.


$14.95 + $6.00 S/H  203 p.  Paper Back  #28

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The Underground Lawyer 
By Michael Louis Minns

Michael Louis Minns is known as a defender of the downtrodden, and is lovingly referred to as The Underground Lawyer. Over the past 25 years Minns has built a reputation as a fearless legal advocate and crusader for the underdog, representing hundreds of clients, from all over the United States, who have been wrongly charged by law enforcement officers, accused by the IRS, or other government officials. Minns does not hesitate to take on anyone who has taken advantage, misrepresented or abused the rights of his clients.

The Underground Lawyer chronicles actual cases, courtroom proceedings, and some of the history-changing appellate decisions, that are the result of overturned overturned, and thus establishing precedent-setting case law. Attorneys and clients across the country have found Minn's book a helpful tool in preparing for trial or appeal proceedings. The underlying theme in The Underground Lawyer is that despite power and authority, no one is beyond our system of justice.

$34.95 + $6.00 S/H  625 p.  Hard cover  #29

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The Medusa File 
Secret Crimes and Cover-Ups
of the U.S. Government
By Craig Roberts

From World War II until the present, there has been hidden within the highest levels of government secrets that you are not suppose to discover. During the period of 1940-1996 the power brokers, working from their positions of trust have committed and then covered up the most heinous of crimes known to mankind.


$24.95 + $6.00 S/H  487 p.  Paper Back  #30

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The Road to Socialism
and the New World Order
By Dennis Cuddy, Ph.D

Many today are looking for a "conspiracy" behind the movement for world government, but they may not find it in the usual sense of s secret cabal meeting clandestinely. Rather what is a type of "networking" of like minded individuals. For years, leaders in education, industry, the media, banking etc., have promoted those with the same world view as theirs.

$11.95 + $6.00 S/H  140 p.  Paper Back  #31

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Death by Modern Medicine 
By Dr. Carolyn Dean MD., ND

“Death by Modern Medicine” identifies the tragic aspects of a medical system that in its short history of about eighty years, has managed to kill tens of millions of victims. It goes beyond the statistics of deaths due to drugs. It shows how the medical monopoly that created the system in the first place, is allowed to control health care, propaganda, bureaucracy, the business of cancer, our own personal addictions to sugar and drugs, and the denial we all harbor.


$24.95 + $6.00 S/H  360 p.  Paper Back  #32

The most important constitutional issues of this generation concern the meaning of the rule of law and the ability of the people to enforce true law by restraining runaway activist judges. For decades, such judges have been simply making up law. What is worse, liberal and conservative lawmakers have been reinforcing such behavior by treating such rulings as if they are legitimate.

$14.00 + $6.00 S/H  328 p.  Paper Back  #33

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Fight For Your Health:
Exposing the FDA'S Betrayal of America

By Byran J. Richards

An expose into the secret world of the FDA, Wall Street, and drug companies. Adverse reactions, even deaths, are hidden while dangerous drugs are pushed on Americans simply for profit. The FDA is actively attacking health freedom and seeking to eliminate natural health options. This book contains powerful information you want to know! 

$17.99 + $6.00 S/H  273 p.  Paper Back  #34

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Constitutional Income:
Do You Have Any?

Phil Hart  

Read this book to discover how our civil leaders have defrauded you and the rest of the hard working people of this great nation of their hard-earned wages. They have squandered the money on social programs that have fostered laziness and bred criminals -- all for the sake of political power. You need to read the rest of the story in this book.

Phil Hart is currently serving in the Idaho State Legislature

$19.95 + $6.00 S/H 438p.  Paper back  #35

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The Birth of World Government 
By Michael S. Coffman

The vast majority of Americans refuse to believe that world government is being formed right before their eyes. Even Christians and Jews who are warned in the Bible to look for such a government are being deceived. Through never before experienced global delusion, many people, pastors, churches, rabbis and synagogues are helping to promote the agenda! They refuse to believe that an absolute totalitarian government steeped in mystic pantheism will soon dictate the actions of every human being on earth.

$10.00 + $6.00 S/H  84 p.  Paper back  #36

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Mental Health Screening:
How Will it Affect Your Children?

By Dennis L. Cuddy, Ph.D.

The impetus for this book has been the recommendation of President George W. Bush's New Freedom Commission on Mental Health that all American, and especially children, receive mental health screening.

In the past, whenever there was controversial congressional legislation regarding children, it was easy to introduce and pass provisions in the bills requiring parental consent. However, recent attempts by U.S. Rep. Ron Paul to require parental consent for, and prohibit funding of, mental health screening failed. This leads many to wonder whether there may be a larger agenda at work here, and it is in this book that this larger agenda, its background, and its future implications are explored.


$11.95 + $6.00 S/H  112 p.  Paper Back  #37

Set Up and Sold Out:
Find Out What Green
Really Means 
Holly Swanson

Just below the radar … a subversive movement is hijacking public education to politically indoctrinate America’s children. This movement is targeting our children, changing the purpose of public education and politicizing the curriculum to dictate how our children will think, live and VOTE.

  • the party and movement behind the plan to use education to indoctrinate our children
  • the name of the programs designed to change our children’s cultural, religious, social, economic and political beliefs
  • the solution: what we can do to expel these political indoctrination programs

$19.95 + $6.00 S/H  463 p.  Paper Back  #38

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