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By Chuck Baldwin
March 22, 2012

It's time for my annual suggested reading list column. First, here are a couple of maxims about reading in general. "Leaders are readers." And, "A man is the sum total of the people he associates with and the books he reads." Accordingly, here are books that I have recently read, that I am currently reading, or that are on my short list of books soon to read.

"Romans 13: The True Meaning of Submission" By Tim Baldwin and Chuck Baldwin

This is a blockbuster book co-authored by my constitutional attorney son and me. It exposes the fallacy of the "Obey-the-government-no-matter-what" interpretation of Romans chapter 13. I am absolutely convinced that if enough Christian ministers and churchmen truly understood the true meaning of Romans 13, they could change the course and direction of our country. If you don't read any other book this year (beside the Bible, of course,) I strongly encourage you to read this book. You can find it online here.

Life of Washington
"A rare, faith-filled, historic biography of America's first President, George Washington. Originally published in 1842."
By Anna C. Reed

War Is A Racket
By Brigadier General Smedley D. Butler

Every American should read this classic. I try to stay reminded of General Butler's wisdom by reading his book every year or two.

Boston's Gun Bible
By Boston T. Party

A terrific manual on the Second Amendment, shooting, guns, self-defense, etc. Every American who claims to love liberty should read the chapter entitled "How To Become A Rifleman." That chapter alone is worth the price of the book.

"A Novel of Survival in the Coming Collapse"
By James Wesley, Rawles

This is a book that I whole-heartily recommend. This just might be the quintessential book on survival, preparedness, and the political, social, and military science behind it.

Lex Rex, or The Law and the Prince
By Samuel Rutherford (1600 - March 20, 1661)

Two Books on the Elements of Universal Jurisprudence
By Samuel Pufendorf (January 8, 1632 - October 13, 1694)

The Rights of War and Peace
By Hugo Grotius (April 10, 1583 - August 28, 1645)

On The Law Of War And Peace
By Hugo Grotius

The Law of Nations
Emer de Vattel (April 25, 1714 - December 28, 1767)

Discourses Concerning Government
Algernon Sidney (January 14 or 15, 1623 - December 7, 1683)

Second Treatise of Government
By John Locke (August 29, 1632 - October 28, 1704)

This is another one that I try to read every year.

Among others, these seven classics are books that our Founding Fathers read. They provide scriptural, historical, philosophical, moral, and political principles necessary to the understanding of American law, jurisprudence, and constitutional government. Caution: reading these books may turn one into a patriot in the similitude of Washington, Henry, and Jefferson. The books can be obtained very reasonably, but, if you have to, sell your clothes to get them. But, be advised, you will not be able to read these books quickly; and you must be prepared to rethink virtually everything you've been taught in school, read in newspapers, or watched on television.

They Preached Liberty
"An anthology of timely quotations from New England ministers of the American Revolution on the subject of liberty: its source, nature, obligations, types, and blessings."
Edited by Franklin P. Cole

I wish every preacher in America would read this book, and also these next two:

Political Sermons of the American Founding Era, 1730-1805
Edited by Ellis Sandoz

The Battle of Lexington
"A Sermon and Eyewitness Narrative"
By Jonas Clark, Pastor, Church of Lexington Originally Titled: The Fate of Blood-Thirsty Oppressors and God's Tender Care of His Distressed People

Here is the eyewitness account of the man who led the Minutemen as they fired the "shot heard 'round the world" on Lexington Green and later at Concord Bridge. The Minutemen were comprised mostly of the male congregants of Clark's Church of Lexington. You haven't been told that in your modern history books or by your church pastor, have you? Read the book.

The Art Of The Rifle
By Jeff Cooper

[George] Patton's Principles
"A Handbook for Managers Who Mean It!"
By Porter B. Williamson

This is another book I try to read every year or so.

Hitler's Cross
"The revealing story of how the Cross of Christ was used as a symbol of the Nazi agenda."
By Erwin W. Lutzer

As I have said many times, this is a book that everyone needs to read. I have personally recommended this book to hundreds of people. Get this book!

The Federal Siege At Ruby Ridge
By Randy and Sara Weaver

The siege against the Weaver home in Northern Idaho by federal police agencies (along with the siege against the Branch Davidians outside Waco, Texas) is without a doubt one of the most egregious examples of federal abuse of power in the history of the United States. I had studied the siege when it occurred back in 1992, but until I read the first-person account by the Weavers themselves, I did not have the full picture of what actually took place. Regardless of what one thinks of Randy Weaver and his personal, political, and social views, he and his family are American citizens, and to have happen to them what happened is both a personal nightmare and a national disgrace. Pray you don't ever have to endure what they did. But since no federal officer who participated in the murder of a mother and her teenage son at Ruby Ridge, Idaho, was ever brought to justice, don't think for one minute that it cannot happen to you. I wept all the way through this book.

The Pilgrim's Progress
By John Bunyan

This is the immortal book that has sold more copies worldwide than any other book, with the exception of the Holy Bible. A timeless treasure that every Christian should read.

Death By Government
By R. J. Rummel

Read this and you will discover that John Dillinger, Al Capone, and Bonnie and Clyde were rank amateurs.

John Wayne: The Man Behind The Myth
By Michael Munn

A wonderful read about Hollywood's most famous and enduring legend. John Wayne's face and name are more recognized around the world than any other American, living or dead. FYI, my favorite John Wayne movies are: True Grit, Sands of Iwo Jima, The Alamo, The Green Berets, She Wore A Yellow Ribbon, The Searchers, and The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance.

A Foreign Policy Of Freedom
"Peace, Commerce, And Honest Friendship"
By Congressman Ron Paul

The Law
By Frederic Bastiat
This is another classic that needs to be read every year.

Vindiciae, Contra Tyrannos
Or Concerning The Legitimate Power Of A Prince Over The People, And Of The People Over The Prince
Edited by George Garnett

This is another must-read for all freedom lovers.

The Black Book Of Communism
By Stephane Courtois, Nicolas Werth, Jean-Louis Panne, Andrzej Paczkowski, Karel Bartosek, and Jean-Louis Margolin

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This is the most definitive and comprehensive book I have ever found on the history and fallout of communism all over the world.

There you have it, fellow patriots: my suggested reading list for 2012. Whatever we do this year, let's read a few good books!

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Chuck Baldwin is a syndicated columnist, radio broadcaster, author, and pastor dedicated to preserving the historic principles upon which America was founded. He was the 2008 Presidential candidate for the Constitution Party. He and his wife, Connie, have 3 children and 8 grandchildren. Chuck and his family reside in the Flathead Valley of Montana. See Chuck's complete bio here.










The siege against the Weaver home in Northern Idaho by federal police agencies (along with the siege against the Branch Davidians outside Waco, Texas) is without a doubt one of the most egregious examples of federal abuse of power in the history of the United States.