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By Pastor Chuck Baldwin

June 5, 2007

I recently delivered a Sunday address entitled "The 3-Dimensional Life." This address was motivated by my belief that a major part of America's overall problem today derives from the fact that most people, including our leaders, live 1-dimensional lives. For the most part, they are ignorant of the past and oblivious to the future. Such people are incapable of making wise decisions, because they are only living for the present.

Without an appreciation and awareness of the past, we have no foundation on which to build our lives. Such people have lost all sense of history and heritage, and, without a heritage, they have no understanding or pride in who they are. Neither do they comprehend the morality, convictions, and sacrifices of their ancestors.

Furthermore, without cognizance of the future, we have no rudder or compass to guide us. People who live only for the present have no overriding sense of accountability or consequence. They judge their actions only in the light of immediate results with no regard for the plight of future generations.

Unfortunately, it seems that the vast majority of Americans are living a 1-dimensional life. And there seems to be little doubt that today's civil magistrates are sacrificing the future of America upon the altar of money, power, and ambition. Such conduct will quickly doom our once-great country.

Take a look at the average history book today. Where are the great stories of Washington and America's other Founding Fathers? They are practically nonexistent. Where are the references to the two Great Awakenings that revived spiritual piety in America? Where is the devotion to America's founding principles contained in the Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution, and Bill of Rights? All of this is totally lost to America's current generation.

Without an understanding of how this country started, of the principles upon which it was founded, and of the heroic sacrifices of those who fought to secure our liberty, we cannot make sound judgments regarding our nation's current challenges.

Add to ignorance regarding our past apathy regarding our future, and we are left with absolute chaos. And that's what we have right now in American politics: chaos!

Nothing illustrates this chaos like the current attempt by President George W. Bush, John McCain, and the Democratic leaders in the U.S. Senate to force an amnesty bill for illegal aliens into law. Obviously, Bush and Company lack any real understanding of our history and any real regard for our future or they would not even attempt this monstrous and barbaric bill.

It seems obvious that President Bush and Senate leaders are willing, even eager, to sacrifice America's future security and well-being for reasons that can best be described as transitory, or, at worst, downright threatening.

So determined are George W. Bush and John McCain to pass an amnesty bill that Bush has angrily called his own supporters "unpatriotic" for questioning the bill. McCain went even further.

In Iowa, John McCain defiantly told amnesty bill skeptics that failing to give millions of illegals amnesty would probably mean anarchy and civil unrest for America.

Is John McCain really telling the American people that we should provide amnesty to foreign criminals who have invaded our country for fear that they might foment violence and insurrection? It appears so.

Yet, Senator McCain has apparently given no thought or regard for the consequences that giving up to 60 million aliens amnesty (over the next 20 years) will have upon America's future generations. Folks, this is 1-dimensional living at its very worst!

I invite readers to view my online Sunday address on "The 3-Dimensional Life" free of charge.

While there, one might also wish to watch another recent address entitled "Fight to the Finish." It is located at the same web page.

As always, there is no charge to view or download these speeches. There is also an MP3 version available to download to one's IPOD. And one may view these speeches using either a high speed or dial up modem.

One more thing: my fine staff has just uploaded a brand new Election 2008 page to our web site. This site is being updated almost daily with current news and commentary regarding the major presidential contenders. There is also an overview of the field of candidates and a page specifically devoted to the Constitution Party. Visit the Election 2008 page often.

I believe Third Party politics will play a much greater role in 2008 and that this role will only increase in future elections. And, personally, I believe this will be very healthy for America. The two major parties are thoroughly bought by highly financed special interests. They need to go!

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My friends, we must begin electing leaders who have a 3-dimensional perspective on life or this experiment in liberty will quickly expire. And in the meantime, we must do everything we can to defeat the 1-dimensional and very nefarious Bush/McCain/Kennedy amnesty bill currently before the U.S. Senate.

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Chuck Baldwin is Founder-Pastor of Crossroads Baptist Church in Pensacola, Florida. In 1985 the church was recognized by President Ronald Reagan for its unusual growth and influence.�

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I believe Third Party politics will play a much greater role in 2008 and that this role will only increase in future elections. And, personally, I believe this will be very healthy for America. The two major parties are thoroughly bought by highly financed special interests. They need to go!