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By Steven Yates
June 21, 2005

Author�s Note: this is a slightly different version of an article published in the Times Examiner, based in Greenville, S.C., on June 15, 2005.

Recently, France and the Netherlands dealt the European wing of the globalist Establishment a slap in the face. They used the polls to turn thumbs down on the European Union Constitution. They can�t rest on their laurels, of course. The idea of an EU Constitution is not dead, just on hold. The same is true of the longstanding elitist plan to impose a European megastate on the once separate nations of the region.

This whole affair testifies to the disparity in thought between the elites and the voting populations, and how little the former understand the latter. Copies of the EU Constitution were distributed to every household in France�all 300 or so pages of it. A lot of the French likely read it. Perhaps they read the second paragraph of the Preface which states, �The convention was asked to draw up proposals on three subjects: how to bring citizens closer to the European design and European institutions, how to organize politics and the European political area in an enlarged Union, and how to develop the Union as a stabilizing factor and a model in the new world order.�

There�s that phrase again. I continue to marvel at those who believe we �conspiracy-theory� types just imagine all this stuff.

Perhaps the citizens of France and the Netherlands read an agenda that differs little from the UN agenda. Perhaps they read that the EU �shall contribute to peace, security, the sustainable development of the earth, solidarity and mutual respect among peoples, free and fair trade, eradication of poverty and protection of human rights and in particular children�s rights, as well as to strict observance and development of international law, including respect for the principles of the United Nations Charter.�

What an intellectually confused recipe for a sprawling, ever-expanding Leviathan of unelected globocrats, micromanaging everyone and everything in sight!

Or, finally, perhaps the French and Dutch read that under Article 10 in this new world order, �The Constitution, and law adopted by the Union�s Institutions in exercising competences conferred upon it, shall have primacy over the laws of the Member States� and that �Member States shall take all appropriate measures, general or particular, to ensure fulfillment of the obligations flowing from the Constitution or resulting from Union Institutions� acts.�

There you have it: the sovereignty-destroying element of the EU Constitution. The French and Dutch read it. And they responded appropriately, at the polls.

It is not as if their nations don�t have immense problems. The French have a huge unemployment rate, and the Dutch have embraced euthanasia. The dominant economic systems in Europe are essentially socialist (they would prefer the term �social democrat,� of course). European culture is dying rapidly if it isn�t already dead. But the French and Dutch value their sovereignty, and voted to preserve it from the globalists. I suppose one must start somewhere.

I wonder if Americans would do the same, if confronted with a Western hemispheric �constitution� in the world envisioned by our wing of the globalist Establishment. The Europeans are ahead of us on the world government track. But with the huge push to approve CAFTA at the top of the globalist agenda here, we are rapidly catching up. And in America, we have a handicap the Europeans don�t have.

Back in January I was conversing with a man in the singles group of the church I�d begun attending here in Greenville. I was explaining some of my writing and what I thought the primary threats to this nation are. As I enumerated, he asked me, �What�s Sustainable Development?�

Just last weekend, the same person asked me, �What is the Real ID bill?�

That�s the problem, my friends, in a nutshell.

Unlike Europeans, relatively few Americans read except for entertainment. Their primary interests are money and sports. Most do not follow current events that are not affecting them directly and immediately; the few who do, are unaware of what is not covered by the mainstream media. So they can�t tell you what Sustainable Development is. They�ve never heard of Agenda 21. (�CAFTA?� I can almost hear someone saying. ��Zat got somethin� ta do with NASCAR?�)

Few Americans today can tell you there even is an EU Constitution. A sizeable fraction of school-to-work educated college and university students cannot find Europe on a map.

Suppose a printed copy of the final version of CAFTA was sent to every household in America. Would Americans read it? My guess is, No. They would gasp at the size of the thing. It might make a good doorstop. (Again, I can almost hear some college-trained yuppie muttering, �I think I�ll wait for the movie version.� Movies are more passive, of course. To read any document, you actually have to focus your mind.)

I�ve encountered folks who maintain what I�m sure they believe is a safe non-involvement with politics. I always respond with a quote attributed to Pericles, the ancient Greek statesman: �Just because you don�t take an interest in politics doesn�t mean politics won�t take an interest in you.�

The globalists are indeed interested in us. To use author Terry Hayfield�s term, there is a Permanent Revolution going on all around us, and its goal is to transform every institution in this country. The power elites behind it regard most of us as little more than beasts of burden to be moved about by various forms of coercion. That most government-schooled Americans are blissfully ignorant of this fact is the elites� best friend right now. This is because there is one thing we can be sure of. In their quest for �regional integration��eventually world government�they will not quit. They will not walk off with their heads down and their tails between their legs just because they got their noses bloodied this one time in Europe. As far back as the early Fabian Society in the 1880s, the Rhodes-Milner Round Table Groups in the 1890s, and the Rockefeller-founded General Education Board in the 1900s, the power elites have been engaging in long-term thinking and strategic planning. Discussions among those in the Anglo-American Establishment on how best to undermine national sovereignty go back decades.

Meanwhile, the majority of Americans are thinking about baseball, next fall�s football season, Paris Hilton, Desperate Housewives, or the next installment of Survivor. Even most of those who consider themselves well-informed and involved focus on the next election, the next quarterly report, or the next rise or dip in the stock market. High time preference and short-term bliss work to the advantage of long-term global planners.

So the globalists will be back in Europe, perhaps with a revised EU Constitution, perhaps with something else. And it is clear that even if we manage to stop a favorable vote on CAFTA (any day now!), that too will return. Possibly buried inside some larger omnibus package, as was Real ID, where it will slip past America�s sleeping masses without any significant discussion.

In that case, what is accomplished?

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What the French and Dutch did was buy themselves some time. If we stop CAFTA this year we will delay the FTAA. That buys us some time. As our job base continues to erode alongside our property rights, and as we move toward national ID, maybe�just maybe�a critical mass of Americans will unplug from the �real matrix,� wake up and become educated about the threats to this nation that don�t involve terrorism.

� 2005 Steven Yates - All Rights Reserved

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Steven Yates, Ph.D., is the most published professional philosopher in South Carolina, and teaches as a lowly adjunct instructor of philosophy at University of South Carolina Upstate and University of South Carolina Union (occupational punishment for his utter lack of political correctness and for pursuing issues from the standpoint of adherence to Constitutionally limited government, personal moral responsibility guided by a Christian worldview, and the rule of law as opposed to arbitrary rule by politicians, judges, and unelected bureaucrats).

He is the author of Civil Wrongs: What Went Wrong With Affirmative Action (San Francisco: ICS Press, 1994) and Worldviews: Christian Theism vs. Modern Materialism (delayed, but due out this summer). He also works on manuscripts with names such as In Defense of Logic and Philosophical Questions as well as on a science fiction novel, Skywatcher�s World. His articles and reviews have appeared on as well as and other websites. He has also published in academic journals including Inquiry, Metaphilosophy, American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly, Reason Papers, Public Affairs Quarterly, Journal of Libertarian Studies, Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics and others. He recently held a year-long fellowship with the Ludwig von Mises Institute in Auburn, Ala., has appeared at conferences ranging from the American Philosophical Association to the South Carolina Society for Philosophy, and made numerous talk radio appearances. He will be speaking at the upcoming 6th Annual Freedom 21 National Conference in Reno, Nev., next month. He lives in Greenville, South Carolina, and is a member of the S.C. Chapter of Citizens Committee to Stop the FTAA.

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The Europeans are ahead of us on the world government track. But with the huge push to approve CAFTA at the top of the globalist agenda here, we are rapidly catching up.