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By Professor Steven Yates
November 15, 2016

It’s over. The country has spoken. Donald Trump won (as of this writing, 276 electoral votes to Hillary Clinton’s 210; 270 required to win the Presidency)!

As much as Trump warned about the likelihood of this election being rigged, it didn’t happen. There is no way of knowing for sure, of course, but perhaps the would-be vote riggers understood clearly how many people were watching. They didn’t dare!

Trump’s victory was no landslide. The country barely avoided a second Clinton Regime. But we take what we can get.

Now the real work begins. Trump took the first positive steps during his victory speech by reaching out to the country, including those who have opposed him from the get-go. He promised to be a president for all Americans, and to deal with foreign powers fairly, if firmly and from a pro-American stance. It is important that these gestures continue. They are necessary, and they are right.

But let’s not gloat. That’s what the Left would do. A Hillary Clinton victory would have been shoved in our faces.

We’re better than that.

There are decent people who are genuinely worried, even scared. These are the people who bought all the mainstream media pap about Trump’s being a racist, a fascist, a xenophobe, a sexist who abused women (using the infamous p-word over ten years ago); never mind that these allegations came out of nowhere, with no evidence to back them up.

Global markets tanked overnight Nov 8 – 9 as it became clearer by the hour that Hillary Clinton, the globalist favorite, wasn’t going to pull this out despite what all the polls and “experts” told us.

The “experts,” as is often the case, were dead wrong. The Dow recovered within a matter of hours, by the way.

My interpretation all along has been that this election was a public referendum on Americanism versus globalism, free speech versus political correctness.

I am happy to report that Americanism won. Free speech won.
But what did we win? A major battle, to be sure, fought against huge odds. But let’s not rest on our laurels and think we’ve won the war.

All one has to do to see the crux of the matter is look at the electoral map. The states of the Northeast, heavily populated by those supportive of the globalist, power elite mindset, and those of the West Coast (same), all went to Hillary Clinton. So-called “flyover country” except for Illinois, all the Southeast, and the inland portion of the Northwest, all voted for Donald Trump. And if one looks at the breakdown county by county, the real divide is still clearer: the “blue” areas of Hillary supporters are all the big and larger medium-sized cities. They subsist in vast seas of “red” outside the cities, even in so-called “blue states.”

The divide is as stark as I have ever seen it. We are indeed “two Americas.”

We are talking about two incommensurable mindsets and ways of seeing the world that have been battling, and will continue to battle, for control over not just the U.S. but the entire Western world, and more besides. In my last article I used the terms New America versus Old America. ‘Incommensurable,’ by the way, means approximately, ‘unable to be brought under a single shared vocabulary or consensus, and/or a single set of legitimizing rules agreeable to all parties to a dispute.’

The word seems perfect for the two mindsets battling for control over the public consciousness in the U.S. right now, neither of which considers the other legitimate.

The mindset that voted for Hillary Clinton sees itself as well-educated, sophisticated, cosmopolitan, supportive of what it calls diversity (the diversity of faces), tolerant, etc., etc. Its basic premises, stated or not, are those of secular materialism and worldliness. It has little use for religion, and sees allegiance to tradition as a sign of backwardness. It disdains such things as private gun ownership; city-dwelling pseudo-sophisticates are basically afraid of guns. They make wonkish pronouncements on the issues of our times, on the strength of Ivy League degrees; or they working in or with the leviathan banks or other mega-corporations being paid more in a year than most people outside their enclaves will see in their lives; the elite mindset includes West Coast celebrities Hillary consistently drew on for support; it also includes, finally, the bulk of those who draw federal paychecks, who as cogs in the technocratic machinery of the Deep State have no fundamental problem with centralization, micro-management, or top-down policies as a means of getting things done.

We know what’s best for you and we’ll do it for you whether you like it or not perhaps summarizes the elitist outlook.

The mindset that voted for Donald Trump is the mindset on Main Street, not Wall Street. Many of them have spent lives working with their hands, living in small communities or rural settings. They intuitively distrust massive changes they never voted for and can’t control. Guns don’t bother them, since they grew up with guns. Handling guns safely is second nature to them. They are skeptical of the economics-über-alles mindset of the city people. They do not trust anyone motivated solely by money and power, and are open to the idea that the wealthy and powerful have routinely conspired against them.

They adhere to one of any number of Christian denominations; questioning God’s existence literally doesn’t make sense to them. In terms of politics, when they are actually interested in politics, they are small government folks who trust representatives they know personally and can drop in on for a visit to express a concern. They prefer to live in a decentralized world, not a world of global economic forces dominated by city dwellers with soft hands, probably unable to change a tire or do simple household repairs, living in gated communities hundreds of miles away.

Leave us alone could well summarize what they want.

The latter have successfully expropriated and reclaimed the label deplorables. They took Hillary’s snarky comment and tossed it back in her face. Some of the Deplorables are now wearing the label as a badge of honor!

Neither group sees the other as well-intentioned, or as having any monopoly on truth or “the facts.” The elites have spent the past year tearing their hair out as their control over the national conversation slipped away. Their dominance of mainstream corporate media, emphasizing namecalling over substance, with its blatant pro-Hillary bias, backfired badly. Mainstream media is now largely discredited. Does anyone still take the Clinton News Network (CNN) seriously?

The elite mindset and its published products paraded Hillary as “superbly qualified,” or even “the most qualified candidate in history” (wow!) based on her time in government; its authors never discussed the scandals that have dogged her career from the get-go. The Main Street, Old America mindset, whose stronghold is now the Internet and alternative media, are content to note the scandals, events such as Benghazi and the destruction of Libya she owns, as well as the “dirty money” finding its way into Clinton Foundation coffers. They concluded long ago that the woman is a pathological liar, very possibly a criminal who, if tried by the laws that apply to ordinary mortals, would have been behind bars years ago.

The incommensurability of the mindsets is further manifest in that the pseudo-sophisticates remain headscratchingly clueless as to why their heroine lost this election all across Middle America—all despite the “experts” polls that placed her ahead. This headscratching cluelessness stretches across mainstream media, mainstream economic-financial commentary, and Hollywood.

Some of these reactions are truly bizarre. For example, one bimbo stated, “I feel like I’m about to give birth to a baby that’s already dead.”

Now that’s sophisticated!

At least it avoids the obscenities that are coming from other quarters: “Congratulations America; you f***** this one up!”

One has to love the language that often comes from the lips of the sophisticated and tolerant when they don’t get what they believe they are entitled to.

The bottom line: the Deplorables want their country back, and have used the electoral system to begin taking it back!

The interesting question now is: Will the power elites allow it to happen? Will their many followers, the types who get the bulk of their news from, say, the Clinton News Network (CNN)?

A friend of mine Skyped me this morning Trump’s victory was announced, asking, “Do you really think [the globalist elites] will sit back and be out of power for four years?”

No, no one in his right mind believes the globalists are simply going to go away. If they do not attempt to assassinate Trump, as that would be too obvious, they may bide their time, allow him to settle in, and then crash the economy. We’re talking about people able to move billions of dollars around with the ease of us unsophisticates changing our underwear. They could do it. Through their control over the six leviathan corporations that constitute mainstream media, they could see to it that Trump got blamed if the economy suddenly tanked, something we know is very likely to come anyway.

How Trump would handle such a fomented crisis will be crucial.

He won’t be able to further his agenda alone. His first and most important task will be to find people who (1) will work with him to begin to implement his vision of the future; (2) are qualified; and (3) are untethered from the globalist elites.

So deeply is the latter mindset insinuated in the entire governmental fabric and financial communities he has to draw from, finding the right people is not going to be easy! I’d avoid people like Newt Gingrich, Rudy Giuliani, and Chris Christie. Wolves in sheeps’ clothing, all three!

As I’ve also stated from the get-go, there are no guarantees!

These two mindsets are on collision course, and that’s not going to change!

I will look down the road, long term, therefore, and suggest that they cannot exist indefinitely under the same government. The one will eventually use the machinery of government to try to destroy the other, which may be forced into violence to defend itself. The result will be a bloody civil war which could have millions of casualties.

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Peaceful separation makes far better sense to me, not just as a strategy but as an inevitability. The elites have no reason to allow this to happen, either, and have been fairly successful labeling all secession talk as “fringe.” I suspect not even the Trumpists are ready for this. But as gridlock and dysfunction continue to fester at the center, with national indebtedness continuing to rise (it is unclear that even Trump can prevent this), eventually the corporate state centered in Washington and Wall Street will lose the will to stop it — just as the Soviet Communists lost their will to continue their empire.

What the “secessionists” have to do in this case is be patient, gain in wisdom and strategy, and begin working towards influence and eventual control in state legislatures, governorships, and perhaps entire regions.

Perhaps, somewhere down the road, we will have several Deplorable nations! The elites, in this case, can turn their cities into cesspools of crime, corruption, bureaucracy, chronic instability, and cultural filth if that is their choice.

2016 Steven Yates - All Rights Reserved

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Steven Yates has a Ph.D. in philosophy and is the author of Four Cardinal Errors: Reason for the Decline of the American Republic (2011) and Philosophy Is Not Dead: A Vision of the Discipline’s Future (ebook, 2014). He blogs occasionally at He lives in Santiago, Chile with his wife and two spoiled cats, and is working on his own online education project, the New Lyceum Academy for Philosophical Studies (website forthcoming).




I will look down the road, long term, therefore, and suggest that they cannot exist indefinitely under the same government. The one will eventually use the machinery of government to try to destroy the other, which may be forced into violence to defend itself. The result will be a bloody civil war which could have millions of casualties.