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By Professor Steven Yates
July 3, 2016


A month from now as I write this, the 2016 GOP Convention in Cleveland will be over. Either Donald J. Trump will be the Republican nominee, or someone else will. If the latter, it may be because GOP elites sponsored rule-changes freeing delegates from their obligation to support the will of the voters in their state and instead “vote their consciences,” whatever that means.

GOP elites are aware of the ambient noise outside, moreover.

Corporate media have regaled us over recent polls showing Trump losing ground to Hillary Rodham Clinton over his criticism of the judge’s Mexican heritage in the Trump University case, and over his claims of vindication following the Orlando shootings. Those of us writing about these matters continue to underestimate just how deep political correctness has penetrated public consciousness. The left immediately set out to make Orlando about guns, not jihadism. Two weeks later, Democrats were staging sit-ins in Congress over gun control. As multiple writers have noted, the left never lets a crisis go to waste.

PC thought control is hardly total. Fourteen million people voted for Trump in their state primaries: a record high, an index of the frustration with PC culture and the hollowed out economy of globalism. The GOP, by refusing Trump the nomination, will literally have handed Hillary the presidency — and handed leftists the country’s future. GOP elites will have committed political suicide, since many of those 14 million voters will go elsewhere. Some may vote Libertarian, unless they see that Gary Johnson and Bill Weld also support open borders and lean left on social issues. Most will go fishing on Election Day. As they won’t be back, the Republican Party might as well close up shop. It will not be a force to be reckoned with again. Its base will be gone: politically homeless, isolated, and angrier.

The problems that led to Trump’s meteoric rise will not have gone away. I’ve seen online comments and received emails that are very, very dark. I’ll leave the details to your imagination.

What it comes down to: whichever empty suit the elites will have nominated will get buried in November: the fate mainstream pundits are predicting for Trump if he is the nominee. So who will it be? Jeb? Ted Cruz? Someone who didn’t stick it out for the first debate, such as Scott Walker? Depends on who is willing to fall on his sword? No one appears in a hurry to step forward.

Meanwhile, the other day, Secret Service thwarted what would have been an attempt on Trump’s life. The would-be assassin was an illegal alien — British, but illegal nonetheless. His name is Michael Steven Stanford. What is interesting is how little attention this has received, compared to the chatter about Trump’s poll numbers, his comments about the judge and Orlando, and his firing a staffer.

There have been cases of open violence against Trump supporters. Some have been caught on video. Police — ever ready to use violence when they feel they can get away with it — have stood down when it comes to these radical (Soros-bankrolled?) lefties.

Naturally, the collection of liars and useful idiots that dominates mainstream media blames Trump and his supporters. That is when they report it at all.

One leftie HuffPo blogger openly opined that violence against Trump supporters is justified.

Can you imagine what would happen to some keyboard commando who urged violence against supporters of Hillary Rodham Clinton? Or Bernie Sanders, for that matter?

I doubt he would suffer mere castigation in the comments section under his article!

Large-scale protests are planned for Cleveland. The usual suspects are anticipated to be there: Black Lives Matter, Mexican groups, etc. Law enforcement is already making extensive preparations. Parts of the city will almost assuredly be on lockdown. The same will be true of Philadelphia. The culture has done this to itself.

Trump supporters will also be in attendance. I have acquaintances planning on making the trip. They will need to get in and out of the area, physically. Will police protect them, or obey “orders” to stand down as they were in California?

Violence in Cleveland streets wouldn’t surprise me in the least! None of us wants it, but who will stop leftists from instigating it? Trump supporters going should take every precaution and be prepared to defend themselves if assaulted, in case the police have other priorities!

GOP elites are risking trouble right on the convention floor, if they change the rules to allow delegates to reject Trump after he gained the nomination fair and square. These are not Ron Paul supporters willing to let themselves be walked on, after all. Trump needed 1,237 delegates to clench the nomination. He received 1,542 in all, including 1,447 who are required by present rules to vote for him on the first ballot.

Should the dump-Trump lunacy somehow succeed, GOP elites will have confirmed what both he and Bernie Sanders have insisted from the get-go: that the process is rigged. That primaries are nothing but expensive shows, helping media and other corporations make money prior to the coronation of the candidate the elite class wanted all along.

Trump is urging unity behind the need to keep Hillary Rodham Clinton out of the White House. In a recent speech, he told listeners, “She believes she is entitled to the office!” He is right. She is a hard-core globalist-elitist. Sanders’s supporters do not like or trust her. They realize she is not really a progressive leftist. She is beholden to money and power. She is, as I’ve noted before, destructive. How many former Secretary of States can take credit for almost singlehandedly destroying an entire nation (Libya)?

Those who consider themselves entitled to rule are facing rebellion everywhere except for elite-dominated East and West Coasts. The seats of money and power.

Just yesterday as I write this, I saw a missive in one of my newsfeeds suggesting prayers for Donald Trump — whatever his personal beliefs, whatever your personal beliefs — and intended for his supporters as well.

If what happened the other day is any indication, the man’s life is in danger … and given that video, his supporters’ lives are in potential danger in Cleveland.

Trump has a family. Their lives could be in danger as well.

If he wins the nomination, the danger will increase.

In the past, elites have murdered people they saw as threats to their plans for war and economic domination, as everybody knows unless they are stupid enough to believe the lone-gunman / “magic bullet” theories of the JFK assassination.

My last column mentioned Brexit in passing. A few days before Great Britain’s historic vote to leave the European Union was taken, George Soros and Jacob Rothschild sounded off with what could only be interpreted as threats: the sort of threats megabillionaires are in a position to make.

These are more than scare tactics. Unlike Huxley’s imaginary world rulers in Brave New World with their “soma,” the real ruling elite can’t make anyone love them. But they can punish, simply by moving investments from rebel strongholds. This results in job losses and a drop in the standard of living for the unprepared.

The ruling elite can threaten rebellious nations with a cruel descent into poverty. Ask the Greeks, whose Syriza Party leaders were forced to cave in to EU bankster demands and restore “austerity.” This while their historical landmarks are plundered and sold to corporations for profit.

Should the global populist revolt continue, the future could get very ugly! I would not put it past the ruling elite to provoke a destructive world war capable of killing billions and reducing cities to ashes, Hiroshima-style, if they decided such a war was their only means of staying in power!

They like wars, after all. War is profitable. Ask Dick Cheney (Halliburton).
In 2o years now, Hillary Rodham Clinton never saw a war that didn’t meet with her approval.

These people are sociopaths on a grand scale. Hillary is a bit player compared to Soros and Rothschild. The rest of us goyim are cattle, to be herded wherever: culled, if necessary.

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Ever allowing this kind of moneyed “superclass” to develop was a bad idea, although I confess I am at a loss as to what could have prevented it in this sinful, materialist world. If one of the purposes of modern political thought was to find ways to contain the lust for power, it failed miserably. Among its errors was not realizing that money in sufficient accumulation is power. Classical liberals left this door open. Neoliberals walked right through it.

The immediate question is what the ruling elite will do, should anti-globalist Donald Trump gain the nomination and get on track to become President of the United States, leader of what is still the largest economy in the world with the strongest military, filled with millions of people who still believe in Christianity, the Constitution, and the rule of law.

Will we get the chance to find out?

2016 Steven Yates - All Rights Reserved

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Steven Yates has a Ph.D. in philosophy and is the author of Four Cardinal Errors: Reason for the Decline of the American Republic (2011) and Philosophy Is Not Dead: A Vision of the Discipline’s Future (ebook, 2014). He blogs occasionally at He lives in Santiago, Chile with his wife and two spoiled cats, and is working on his own online education project, the New Lyceum Academy for Philosophical Studies (website forthcoming).




In the past, elites have murdered people they saw as threats to their plans for war and economic domination, as everybody knows unless they are stupid enough to believe the lone-gunman / “magic bullet” theories of the JFK assassination.