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By Professor Steven Yates
June 25, 2016

If we can believe the official government / corporate media story — sadly, always a big ‘if’ these days — at around 2 am, June 12, Omar Seddique Mateen entered Pulse, a “LGBT”-oriented nightclub in Orlando, Fla., armed with an AR-15 assault weapon, and opened fire on a crowd of around 300 clubgoers. He killed 49 and injured 53 more, took hostages of those unable to escape, until at around 5 am a SWAT team stormed the club and took him down. Mateen, 29, a radicalized Muslim (Islamist, or jihadist), had sworn fealty to ISIS.

There are plenty of unanswered question here. How did Mateen get into the club with that kind of a weapon, which would have been visible to anyone at the front desk? How was he able to get off over 100 shots, stopping to reload, with no one rushing him or throwing anything to stop him or at least distract him so others could rush him? Was there more than one shooter, as some allege? If so, those other shooters are still at large! Was this attack part of something larger, with the other shoe yet to drop?

Mateen was not unknown to authorities. The FBI had him under surveillance during a ten month period back in 2013. He was interviewed by at least two informants. There are indications the FBI may have been trying to set him up. He had been working for a large international security firm, his branch based in nearby Jupiter, Fla. Somehow he was able to keep a security clearance and gun permits despite having been heard by coworkers to express sympathies with radical jihadism.

Did the FBI stand down and allow this to happen? The organization has set up Muslims before in order only to take them down and proclaim having thwarted a “terrorist.” Did this one get away? Was it allowed to get away?

Emergency medical personnel were required to sign nondisclosure agreements; anyone not doing so was escorted out by federal agents. This was not standard HIPAA fare. Clearly there is more to this than just a terror attack in a gay nightclub. Were people actually killed? Some have posted videos showing a lack of medical personnel such as paramedics at the scene. Instead, friends are helping friends limp away.

A guy I’ve known since high school, whom I am confident I can trust, lives in the Orlando area now. He told me his son works at Disneyworld and lost two coworkers. Others have told me they have acquaintances or neighbors who were killed or injured. So I am working under the assumption that this is not a hoax. A jihadist forcing his way into a “GLBT” nightclub with murderous intent is a credible scenario, after all.

Islamists hate homosexuals with a passion. In areas they now control, homosexual conduct is punished by death. And it is frequently an extremely brutal death at that! Islamist executioners have been known to hurl convicted homosexuals from the roofs of tall buildings onto concrete surfaces, and sometimes onto stone steps. Anyone resisting is tied to a chair which is then pushed over the side. If someone somehow survives the fall, he may be left to lie in agony for several minutes before being shot in the head. For a brief while there was a video of several such executions on YouTube. Needless to say, it was soon taken down. This was no surprise. YouTube generally removes videos depicting graphic violence and brutality.

This is the sort of thing the open-borders crowd risks bringing into the cities and suburbs of America. It suggests three things that should be self-evident to a rational person. (1) An open clash exists between all-cultures-are-equal multiculturalism and all-lifestyles-are-equal homosexualism. (2) Islamists will no more assimilate into a culture embracing open homosexuality than water will flow uphill. (3) Therefore, bringing unvetted Muslims into the U.S. and trying to settle them in American cities and suburbs out of misguided altruism is asking for trouble!

But, but, but … — I can hear lefties out there spluttering — Omar Mateen was not an immigrant! He was a U.S. citizen, born in New York City, of Afghan parents who were successfully assimilated immigrants!

Yes, yes, yes, he was a U.S. citizen. An anchor baby. And this did not preclude his embrace of Islamism, ISIS-style, did it?

What does this suggest about Muslims brought to the U.S. from war-torn Syria — war-torn because the U.S. government has been a key player in destabilizing their homeland? ISIS grew, after all, from the effort to bring down the Assad government. Suppose some of these people have become radicalized after have lost family members to bombings or other assaults traceable to U.S. actions? Will they be motivated to embrace U.S. culture? That the U.S. has tried to mainstream homosexuality is bad enough, but is hardly their only beef with the West.

Use your heads, folks! They’re not hat racks!

Regrettably, Obama, Hillary Rodham Clinton, left-leaning academics, so-called journalists, a lot of libertarian intellectuals, and a significant fraction of the brainwashed public, just don’t get it. Witness Obama’s scolding response to Donald Trump taking to social media essentially declaring the Orlando incident a vindication of his call for a ban on Muslim immigration: “That’s not the America we want.”

So what kind of America do “we” want, Barack? One that allows unvetted people onto U.S. soil who will murder U.S. citizens? One that proposes disarming its citizens as a solution to events like the Orlando shootings, so they are at the mercy of these crazies?

We are to blame,” intones President Community Organizer.

Huh? Small wonder some people believe this guy is himself a closet Islamist!

Witness, too, the many (too numerous to link to) who declared Trump’s response to the Orlando shootings as “racist, Islamophobic”, etc., etc., you know the mantras. Or the fact that his numbers have dropped significantly since his calling out the potential bias of a Mexican-descended judge and the Orlando shootings. The powers-that-be in his own party continue conspiring to dump him at the GOP convention next month, despite what is again obvious to any thinking person: this would hand Hillary the presidency, which corporate-globalist power elites have wanted all along, of course; and which even supposed conservative groups are anticipating. This would confirm what he and Bernie Sanders have both insisted from the get-go: that the process is rigged.

Before I go on, it might be useful to say that despite the goofballs who go on TV and pontificate about the “gun culture,” or about a generalized “homophobia” for which they blame Christians, I wish to state unequivocally that as a Christian I do NOT support mistreating homosexuals or other sexual minorities. Christians reject such lifestyles on Biblical grounds, but I know of no Christians, anywhere, aside perhaps from a few Westboro Baptist Church type nutjobs who do not qualify as Christian in my book, who want them shot down like animals.

But this is what Islamists want!

These people cannot be bargained with, nor reasoned with; nor will they be deterred by PC allegations of “homophobia.”

Perhaps one day the “LGBT” community will figure it out: as I’ve noted before, those with real power do not care about them. Those with real power have been using them as a cultural distraction and source of division all along. Divide and conquer is the oldest strategy in the book.

Mateen, incidentally, was a registered Democrat. He had nothing to do with any Christian conservative or “Dominionist” (whatever that is) movement. His problem with homosexuality was a product of his jihadism, and nothing else. Jihadists are a direct threat to the “LGBT” community. Period.

In that case, let’s ask again: Do the Orlando shootings vindicate Trumpism, as I spelled it out a few days ago?

If you believe the U.S. is worth conserving, and that one way to do so is to keep potentially dangerous individuals out, then the question answers itself.

Yes, among the implications of the Trumpism I discussed the other day is that because of the kind of immigration policies that have been dominant for the past 50 years, there are dangerous individuals already inside U.S. borders. In many respects, that horse left the barn some time ago.

But one may hope that a Trump administration, should it be allowed to happen, would compel the FBI to stop playing games with people’s lives and start reducing the risks of more massacres occurring. The very mosque Mateen had attended was once under FBI investigation. The investigation was ended … by none other than Hillary Clinton when she was Obama’s Secretary of State! It “unfairly singled out Muslims”!

You can’t make this stuff up!

Trump, among other things, proposes restoring surveillance of mosques, and ignoring the PC wails about profiling — at least until Muslims who are U.S. citizens unequivocally, as a community, repudiate ISIS / jihadism, and do more to police their own.

American Trumpism proposes a trade policy, a foreign policy, and an immigration policy that place U.S. sovereignty and prosperity, American lives, and American safety first. Everyone who wishes to survive in a dangerous world does this. It also calls for the clear identification of those on U.S. soil who have the potential to do harm.

Allow me to thwart likely misunderstandings, especially among those inclined to misunderstand. Trumpism does not propose isolationism. It proposes that relations with others be conducted in ways that benefit Americans, with the assumption that other peoples are doing the same. At one time, it was understood that this is how freedom works: that it does not involve becoming the rest of the world’s doormat. Trumpism does not deny international trade, nor does it advocate closed and sealed borders. It involves insisting that the rule of law be reinstituted and obeyed. Even Trump’s suggested ban on Muslim immigration is temporary: conditional on determining “what is going on.” Trumpism suggests that for those who choose to isolate themselves from the dominant culture, which many Muslims have, trust must be earned and not given away free.

If, as some pundits insist, this cannot be done within the bounds of Constitutional limitations on government (as if Trump’s left wing critics really care about those!), then it is already too late, and you can kiss your country goodbye!

Americans are running out of time to sort all this out. Establishing border security is necessary now if you are to have any chance at avoiding more attacks of this sort — which will not be limited to homosexuals but will soon target Christians and even Americanized Muslims who are deemed “not radical enough” by ISIS-supporting lunatics.

Trumpism is not a perfect option, any more than Trump is a perfect candidate. But given the utter collapse of the GOP Establishment, successfully unmasked by Trump as a collection of empty suits, you have little choice except to play the hand you’ve been dealt; for the reasons you do not want Hillary Rodham Clinton to enter the White House in 2017 are what they are.

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For starters, whoever becomes President in 2017 will nominate at least two and possibly as many as four Supreme Court Justices. Hillary Rodham Clinton will pack the Court with anti-Bill of Rights hard-leftists. Among their actions will be to reverse District of Columbia v. Heller (2008) which found the gun ban in Washington, D.C. to be unconstitutional. This will open legal doors to gun confiscation, assuming the gun-grabbers have the nerve to try placing presently well-armed communities at the mercy of lunatics ready and willing to kill them — not excluding agents of their own government.

If Hillary Rodham Clinton becomes president, by the 2020s the U.S. will be an unrecognizable war zone!

Is your Plan B in place?

2016 Steven Yates - All Rights Reserved

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Steven Yates has a Ph.D. in philosophy and is the author of Four Cardinal Errors: Reason for the Decline of the American Republic (2011) and Philosophy Is Not Dead: A Vision of the Discipline’s Future (ebook, 2014). He blogs occasionally at He lives in Santiago, Chile with his wife and two spoiled cats, and is working on his own online education project, the New Lyceum Academy for Philosophical Studies (website forthcoming).




Trumpism is not a perfect option, any more than Trump is a perfect candidate. But given the utter collapse of the GOP Establishment, successfully unmasked by Trump as a collection of empty suits, you have little choice except to play the hand you’ve been dealt; for the reasons you do not want Hillary Rodham Clinton to enter the White House in 2017 are what they are.