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By Professor Steven Yates
April 28, 2016

The other morning when I accessed my malware-blockers again blasted prominent warnings — for the fourth or fifth time. The problem appears solved. I never believed there was malware on the site, of course, even before receiving a communique that the site had been hacked.

[Note: The editor says the NWV has not been hacked and there is NO Malware. Google is doing this to stop people from reading pro-Trump articles. A lawsuit against Google is in the works. If readers are using Google Chrome browsers here is what people can do to remedy the problem. Click on the 3 bars on the upper right side of your browser, Then click on SETTINGS, Go to bottom of the page and click on SHOW ADVANCED SETTINGS, Scroll down to PRIVACY then Un-Check PROTECT YOU AND YOUR DEVICE FROM DANGEROUS SITES]

It comes down to the support for Donald Trump found here. And to the fact that powerful people, the GOP elites — its so-called corporate donor class — and the globalists behind them, have never been this worried. Trump, whose political obituary media shills for the elites have been writing over and over again for eight months now, has proven to be the power elite’s ultimate black swan.

Nuisance harassment is the least of our worries, however. Trump’s candidacy is under attack by Soros-funded groups such as Black Lives Matter with protests that could turn violent when convention time comes, as well as from within his own party where one “clarification of the rules” after another makes it clear: a determined attempt will be made to deny Trump the GOP nomination, even if he has won the requisite 1,237 delegates.

I don’t make predictions. I only develop scenarios. A scenario works like this: if X happens, one set of events may ensue. If Y happens instead, a somewhat different set of events is likely.

While it’s not impossible, of course, I cannot come up with a credible scenario in which Trump is assassinated, e.g., by a “lone gunman.” That would be too obvious, especially given the low credibility now assigned certain previous “lone gunman” narratives of assassinations of former presidents, candidates, and others. Given the present tense state of affairs, moreover, something like that could provoke deadly retaliation against whoever got blamed for it — including GOP elites who could find themselves having to wear bulletproof vests in public. They’re not stupid. I’m sure they’ve figured this out.

Sticking with more likely scenarios, either Trump wins 1,237 delegates prior to the July convention, or he falls short. If he wins the delegates, an effort will ensue to deny him some of them, enough to pull him back under the line. As we know, the rules for delegate selection differ from state to state. Some states are winner-take-all; others are not. Some states allow open primaries; others do not. All these facts can be used against an undesirable nominee. Many of the rules are (one suspects purposefully) confusing. Efforts to exploit these facts are already underway. One result has already enabled Ted Cruz to take more delegates in Louisiana than Trump although Trump won more votes in the state. Another enabled Cruz to take Colorado’s delegates without evidence of anyone voting at all. One wonders what shenanigans will transpire in the remaining states, now that Trump won New York so commandingly as to leave no doubt where Republican voters stand.

If Trump does not win 1,237 delegates, we will see what is now being called a contested convention (the term used to be brokered convention). The chances of Cruz catching Trump on delegates is mathematically negligible at this point, so we can safely assume Trump will have the majority of delegates going into the convention even if he hasn’t reached 1,237. Presumably he will have attempted to cut deals with Marco Rubio and John Kasich to obtain their delegates.

Patrick J. Buchanan has argued reasonably that either Trump wins on the first vote, or he doesn’t get the nomination. The attempt to commandeer delegates on the second vote will succeed. The elites will also have made deals. In this case, the nomination will go to an elite-vetted insider (Cruz, remember, is disliked by the elites almost as much as Trump, although he’s proven a useful tool in the effort to deny Trump 1,237 delegates). The elite choice will be someone who supports the Trans-Pacific Partnership and other corporatist trade deals under negotiation behind closed doors. It will be someone who supports open borders. It will be someone motivated exclusively by support for corporatist economics, with no interest in social or cultural issues, or in education.

Should this happen, voters will infer reasonably that Trump was right about the contest being rigged and that those (including Bernie Sanders, whatever else he gets wrong) alleging that the U.S. is an plutocratic oligarchy, not a republic or a democracy, are also right. They will have seen the power-playing first-hand. Arguably, we saw this four years ago when the GOP elites changed the convention rules at the last minute to block Ron Paul’s influence.

Voters will abandon the GOP in droves, handing Hillary Clinton the presidency assuming she remains the presumptive Democratic Party nominee.

Trump can attempt a “third party” run, although so-called sore loser laws as well as complicated ballot-access procedures could be significant barriers. I did a little research on the former before writing this article and learned that such laws are not typically applied to presidential candidates. But with party elites operative at the state level as well as the national level, and practically making up rules as they go along to ensure that they stay in power, who can say that sore loser laws won’t be invoked to keep Trump’s name off state ballots?

Such an effort, in any event, would siphon votes from the elite-anointed Republican and again give Hillary the presidency. I doubt Trump could emerge victorious running as an independent, given the deep pockets that would be employed both within whatever is left of the GOP and from outside (think George Soros again) to destroy what remains of his candidacy.

Now suppose all the shenanigans fail, and Trump wins the GOP nomination. The scenario question then changes to: will GOP elites at both the national and state levels get behind him and work to defeat Hillary Clinton in November, or not? If they get behind him and mount the right kind of strategy, they could conceivably draw some of those who supported Bernie Sanders away from Hillary, increasing the likelihood that Donald Trump will become the next President of the United States.

If they refuse to get behind him, either deciding to run an elite-sponsored candidate on a “third party” ticket, or simply supporting Hillary instead, they will instead again ensure her victory.

This may be the starkest choice GOP elites have ever faced, the choice they’ve been trying to avoid at all costs. Support Trump, and work with him to build a national campaign able to defeat Hillary Clinton, or withhold support from the unambiguous choice of the party’s voting base and put Hillary in the White House. One of the things that got the GOP elites into their present mess was losing touch with voters and their values. Supporting Hillary instead of their own nominee will destroy their credibility for good.

For let’s not kid ourselves: Hillary Clinton in the White House would make Americans wish they had Obama back! One reason Bernie Sanders has been able to mount a credible campaign is because so-called progressive Democrats trust her about as much as the GOP base trusts its elites. The fact that she was invited to Goldman Sachs several times and paid over half a million per speech tells you all you need to know about her deep connections to the power elite. In positions of power herself, moreover, her track record of one negligence and recklessness. She singlehandedly oversaw the destruction of a sovereign nation — Libya — where one of our Ambassadors, J. Christopher Stephens, died following what may have been six hours of brutal torture, along with three other Americans (Benghazi). “We came, we saw, he died,” she chuckled cynically referring to Moammar Qaddafi. Qaddafi was a secular ruler, hardly a saint but no longer an enemy. Today, Libya is controlled by Muslim radicals of the sort who behead Christians and their own apostates. More recently, Hillary supported the overthrow of a democratically elected government in Honduras, now the most dangerous place in Central America. She continues to support the push for “regime change” in Syria and the casual saber-rattling against Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

She is the first presumptive nominee of a major party that I know of to be under investigation for having committed felonies. No one thinks she will be prosecuted, because Goldman Sachs is higher on the national pecking order than either the FBI or the DOJ.

If the choice in November is between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, and GOP elites either support Hillary or nominate one of their empty suits, reasonable conservatives will conclude that the Republican Party does not deserve to survive.

They should immediately begin creating an American Party that reflects their values and priorities, not those of power-hungry (and money-hungry) elites. Such a party would be the absolute last chance for the country’s survival as a sovereign nation able to hold itself together. Even then there would be no guarantees. The combination of changing demographics, political correctness / identity politics, and lower educational levels (all products of 50 years of policies that have aimed at just this result), are working against us even as I write.

There is nothing to do, however, but try. An American Party could field a candidate with grassroots support in 2020, if not Trump again then someone with a similar outlook whom Trump could use his nonnegligible resources to support. If the organization Trump has surrounded himself with moved on this, they could conceivably field state and local candidates as soon as 2018 to establish credibility.

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After all, just two years of Hillary (not to mention four) could leave the U.S. and the world at large in such chaos that the grassroots clamor for change will be magnitudes louder than it is now, and it will hardly be limited to whites who tend to vote Republican. Add to this whatever probability exists that the bubble economy, after a decade of quick fixes and doctored statistics, will have burst, wreaking further havoc with working and former middle classes of all groups, as well as former students swimming in debt who cannot find jobs. The time will have come for a political party that can draw in a large swath of voters who have had it with elite control — if the movement galvanized by Donald Trump is willing and able to build it.

2016 Steven Yates - All Rights Reserved

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Steven Yates has a Ph.D. in philosophy and is the author of Four Cardinal Errors: Reason for the Decline of the American Republic (2011) and Philosophy Is Not Dead: A Vision of the Discipline’s Future (ebook, 2014). He blogs occasionally at He lives in Santiago, Chile with his wife and two spoiled cats, and is working on his own online education project, the New Lyceum Academy for Philosophical Studies (website forthcoming).




If the choice in November is between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, and GOP elites either support Hillary or nominate one of their empty suits, reasonable conservatives will conclude that the Republican Party does not deserve to survive.