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By Frosty Wooldridge
November 4, 2005

We suffer unconstitutional abuses perpetrated on Americans through massive allowances for illegal alien migration while our elected officials dump the insidious NAFTA/CAFTA agreements on us�giving law abiding citizens no way out.

�NAFTA and CAFTA will make the current immigration problem look like a walk in the park compared to what is coming if we do not stop it now,� said Dave Hodges, Wittman, Arizona.

Hodges is a spokesperson for the Arizona Coalition to Protect Personal Property Rights. �ACPPR is a grassroots organization of 1,200 citizens who are fighting a land grab on behalf of the Arizona State Legislature in the name of saving Luke Air Force Base from encroachment,� Hodges said. �If you will go to our new and very raw web site (, you will see that saving the Air Force Base is not really the issue. We are ultimately fighting against the forces of NAFTA/CAFTA and the CANAMEX Corridor. Our lands and the lands of 12,000 Arizona citizens have been retroactively zoned to zero value on behalf of acquiring inexpensive rights of way passage for the CANAMEX Highway.�

As the battle lines tighten, more Americans like Hodges stand up to be counted.

�At first, we believed that we were only fighting against an abusive element within the Arizona State Legislature (HB 2141) in a misguided attempt to save Luke Air Force Base,� Hodges said. �Subsequently, we discovered that the rezoning law (HB 2141) could not be counted by the Pentagon's BRAC Commission, confirmed by statute and quotes from Pentagon officials, in keeping a base open in the current and ongoing base closure review.�

Hodges continued, �The law, itself, is unconstitutional and does not afford equal protection under the law. It is also filled with egregious conflicts of interests. Despite its pitfalls, the law has the strong support of John McCain.�

�We spent the better part of a year trying to fight local government only to discover that we were up against the much larger forces of the NAFTA/CAFTA legislative sponsors John McCain, Jon Kyle and Ted Kennedy. We�re up against their multinational corporate backers of this internationalist agenda who benefit from the illegal immigration,� Hodges said. �The guest worker programs and subsequent State-sponsored immigration that will follow with the NAFTA/CAFTA agendas will devastate this country and its middle class. In short, under CAFTA and NAFTA there will be no middle class. My fellow neighbors are right in the middle of this plot to defraud the American people and undermine the Constitution.�

What Hodges reports, I witnessed in Mexico 20 years ago. What Mexico created in systemic corruption for an entire government and society, Fox exports into America. The kind of corruption Fox represents flows into our country with every illegal alien. �Corruption becomes a mechanism by which the society functions.� Hodges explains how it�s creeping into Arizona. Every American must realize that corruption pours into America�the United States morphs into another corrupt country. Those in power control all the levers. Soon, we�re all reduced to a new poor class.

�Under HB 2141, we cannot obtain a permit to build anything,� Hodges said. �If our homes burn down, we will not be able to rebuild. A once thriving and growing new community is being turned into a bone yard. Arizona's idea of just compensation is that my $480,000 home is worth $4,000 to be paid out over 20 years! It does not take a real estate expert to realize that devaluation of properties will occur in such circumstances.�

�When we discovered that the use of law could not even be considered by the Pentagon in saving our state's military bases, we were dumbfounded on why we could not get this law overturned,� Hodges said. �We spoke with several politicians, policy advisors and it was not until we spoke with the former mayor of Aurora, Colorado, Paul Tower and veteran of dealing with the Pentagon's BRAC Commission in the Lowry and Fitzsimmons base closures, did we begin to suspect that we were really up against something more sinister. We eventually discovered a coincidence of the three encumbered and uncompensated areas affected by HB 2141 and their close proximity to the transportation arm of NAFTA, i.e., CANAMEX, or �MCCAINAMEX� as we like to call it.�

The following lays out the coincidence of Canamex and the three uncompensated areas whose property rights have been stripped away by HB 2141.

1-10,000 Tucson homes- A Canamex Corridor
2-The community of Gila Bend -SR 85- A Canamex Corridor
3-Two Thousand Wittmann residents- Immediately adjacent to a Canamex Corridor

The strategy is simple: devalue adjacent land values by passing a law that cannot do what it is intended to do and one that creates expensive rights-of-way purchases on the corridor for CANAMEX. The odds that three uncompensated victims of HB 2141 would lay on a Canamex corridor are 1.8 billion to one!

Visit their web site to see that you can link to the MAG map on the second page of their web site (Alarming Events). It will show the three coincidences in map form. They have multiple references to McCain supporting this agenda, as well as the bill that cannot count.

The Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG) and the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) lists in their CANAMEX literature that "acquiring affordable rights of way land purchases" along the corridor is in the top 10 of their guiding principles.

�For myself, I am a psychology and statistics instructor as well as a college basketball coach,� Hodges said. �I am a novice in dealing with the media and politicians. I did not want this in my life. However, I AM CONCERNED ABOUT THE TYPE OF AMERICA THAT MY YOUNG SON WILL INHERIT.�

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Hodges finds himself in Arizona�s trenches. Soon, we will all be in the trenches of this coming Civil War II in America. We either stop it now or we fight it later, but we will be forced to fight one way or the other. Let�s fight while we can still do it by voting instead of bullets. We must gather �counter critical mass� of American citizens willing to march, write, speak, demonstrate and vote for America�s best interests and not Mexico�s.

Write for that 28-point action letter to stop this nation-destroying madness at Check out Mark Edwards' "Wake Up America" talk show on 50,000 watt KDWN-Am-720 10:00 PM to midnight PT, or on the worldwide Internet at Also, check out at 1 866 329 3999;
To order my CD report from the border: �ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION�OUR TROJAN HORSE��PH. 1-800-248-3061

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The strategy is simple: devalue adjacent land values by passing a law that cannot do what it is intended to do and one that creates expensive rights-of-way purchases on the corridor for CANAMEX.