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By Frosty Wooldridge
March 8, 2013

In the past month, President Barack Obama released over 2,000 illegal alien migrants into the general population. He didn’t usher them back to the border; he let them out of prison and into the general population. He plans to release thousands more in the coming months.

Additionally, he no longer enforces our immigration laws internally and he doesn’t enforce them at the borders. In other words, America no longer remains a sovereign country, but a destination for millions of third world people.

Dan Stein, president of the Federation for American Immigration Reform, , spoke with me about it this week:

“After news was leaked through several sources, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials confirmed they have been releasing illegal aliens in federal custody in order, they claim, to satisfy cuts under the sequester,” said Stein. “In fact, according to internal Department of Homeland Security (DHS) documents reviewed by the Associated Press, the Administration released more than 2,000 illegal aliens before the sequester even took effect, releasing roughly 1,000 illegal aliens per week since February 15. In addition, the documents reveal the administration planned to release 3,000 additional illegal aliens during the month of March.

“Under the sequester – which took effect Friday – ICE must cut 5.3 percent of its budget. However, according to the internal DHS documents, ICE field offices were told to cut their detention capacity five times that amount (or 26 percent) from 34,000 detainees to 25,748 by March 31, 2013.

“Members of Congress – including many who had remained silent in the face of previous abuses of executive discretion – responded sharply to the release of thousands of illegal aliens, including some with criminal records, back onto the streets. Speaker of the House John Boehner called the move “outrageous.” Several Members of Congress also wrote letters to Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, decrying her Department’s reckless behavior.

“However, in spite of the protests from Capitol Hill, the release of illegal aliens from detention has not resulted in congressional action to curb the Administration’s abuse of executive discretion.

“Though the White House and Secretary Napolitano have deflected blame for the releases onto ICE field offices, they are making no apologies for the policy or indicating any plans to maintain the 34,000 detention beds mandated by Congress. And, conveniently, this decision plays well with supporters of mass amnesty and fits within the Administration’s plans to stop detaining or removing all but the most violent criminal aliens.”

Report: DHS has No Official Metrics to Measure Border Security

“The Government Accountability Office (GAO) has released a report stating that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has no official metrics in place to measure whether the border is secure and has no plans to adopt any such metrics until late this year,” said Stein. “Beginning in 2004, DHS used “operational control” as its metric of whether U.S. borders were secure. The Border Patrol defined operational control as “the ability to detect, identify, classify, and then respond to and resolve illegal entries along our U.S. Borders.” However, that yardstick was abandoned at the end of FY 2010.”

At the end of FY 2010, DHS stunningly reported operational control over:

Only 13 percent of the border, or 1,107 of the 8,607 miles across U.S. northern, southwest, and coastal borders.

44 percent of the 2,000-mile southwest border.

“These sorry numbers probably go a long way toward explaining why an administration bent on convincing the American public that our borders are secure decided to scrap the “operational control” metric,” said Stein. “Remarkably, instead of investing the energy needed to secure the border, the Obama administration decided to use the number of apprehensions as an interim measure. GAO criticized the use of apprehensions as a metric, stating it only reported Border Patrol “activity” not “results.”

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“DHS Secretary Napolitano has been touting a decline in apprehensions over the past few years as proof positive that the government has secured the border. But even the Border Patrol acknowledges that there were multiple factors causing the decline, including the economic downturn. Another critical factor, widely reported by Border Patrol officers on the front lines, is that they are under instruction not to apprehend too many illegal border crossers.

“Still, the Obama administration is in no rush to adopt a new measure for border security, despite the fact that it is asking Congress to pass a massive amnesty bill. It could still be months, if not years, before the Administration is able to point to a consistent, reliable metric that gauges whether the government is in fact securing the border.”

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In the past month, President Barack Obama released over 2,000 illegal alien migrants into the general population.