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By Frosty Wooldridge
April 22, 2010

Arizona citizens suffer drunk driving deaths, rapes, schools destroyed, hospitals bankrupting and a host of problems from nearly 500,000 illegal aliens working and living in their state.

A whopping 57,000 Arizona citizens walk out to find their cars stolen every year. Mexican drug gangs use those vehicles for transport of their billion dollar enterprises. People traffickers use those stolen cars for the far-reaching illegal alien smuggling network that commences in Phoenix. Arizona schools suffer the children of an estimated 460,000 illegal alien migrants that crossed over the border in violation of federal laws. Arizona’s prisons remain full of illegal aliens while citizens and police suffer death at the hands of criminal aliens.

This month, an illegal alien walked over the border to execute lifelong Arizona rancher Rob Krentz on his own property. National Parks Ranger Chris Eggle suffered death at the hands of a drug runner on the Arizona border at Organ Pipe National Park. Over the years, illegal aliens killed several Phoenix police officers: an illegal alien killed Officer Nick Erfle during a traffic stop. The alien enjoyed sanctuary immunity with multiple arrests by Mayor Gordon in Phoenix.


How could such lawlessness gain a stronghold in Arizona?

First of all, former Governor Janet Napolitano failed to enforce immigration laws and would not station National Guard troops on the border. Phoenix Mayor Gordon maintains a ‘Sanctuary Policy” that gives immunity from arrest, prosecution and deportation of illegal aliens.

That’s about to change!

State Senator Russell Pearce, along with fellow legislators, wrote and passed, S.B. 1070, the strongest anti-illegal alien legislation in the United States. Ironically, it follows federal laws to a T. It creates states rights to enforce federal law because the U.S. Congress refuses to enforce its own laws. Thus, over 20 million illegal aliens remain within the United States—protected by the very lawmakers elected to maintain laws.

Arizona Senators Jon Kyle and John McCain continue standing by with their hands in their back pockets as the invasion overwhelms Arizona. Both face being oustered by new candidates. While McCain just endorsed SB 1070, and encouraged Governor Janet Brewer to sign the bill, he faces candidate J.D. Hayworth in the November runoff. After a lifetime of doing nothing to protect Arizona from illegal immigration, McCain proves old, worn out and ineffective. J.D. Hayworth presents the future of Arizona. The National Border Patrol Council 2544 endorsed Hayworth for election to the U.S. Senate.

State Senator Russell Pearce said, “Arizona will do away with sanctuary policy at the state level and at the city level. We want to let law enforcement officers to do their jobs. States have the inherent right to enforce the laws of our country. Arizona will set the pace. We will lead the charge in Arizona to defend the U.S. Constitution.”

Screaming illegal advocates in Phoenix

Hundreds of illegal aliens marched on the capital in Phoenix this week. They know this law will ‘sour the milk’ for their continued presence. They know their days of lawlessness, free medical, free food, free schooling, assisted housing, untaxed work and pay under the table, and freewheeling--approach an abrupt ending.

“We hope other states will follow our lead,” said Pearce. “We cannot continue with weak kneed politicians.”

After the Krentz murder, Governor Jan Brewer expects to sign the bill into law.

After the bill becomes law, 460,000 illegal alien will find themselves in a precarious position. Additionally, employers will face felony crimes, heavy fines and jail time. The law will create an exodus from Arizona which will open up job at a living wage for Americans and reduce educational, medical and prison costs as illegals vacate Arizona.

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Subsequently, the illegals may return to Mexico, or they may hit other states. One way or the other, it will create a new dynamic, which will force neighboring states to also vote for laws that stop continued illegal alien lawlessness.

For more information: to download SB 1070. Also, call Arizona Governor Jan Brewer in support of the bill: Ph. 602 542 4331

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First of all, former Governor Janet Napolitano failed to enforce immigration laws and would not station National Guard troops on the border. Phoenix Mayor Gordon maintains a ‘Sanctuary Policy” that gives immunity from arrest, prosecution and deportation of illegal aliens.