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By Frosty Wooldridge
April 19, 2010

History will show the late Senator Teddy Kennedy authored the destruction of the United States of America with his 1965 Immigration Reform Act. That single bill, his most famous and just about the only thing he did of merit in his 40 years in Congress—created America’s decline and fall. Whereas George Washington became the “Father of our country,” Teddy Kennedy will be known as the “Father of the destruction of our country.”

Kennedy’s bill started a deluge of humanity from around the world that pours into our civilization at an astounding 1.5 million annually. That single Kennedy bill added 100 million people to the USA within 40 years. That same bill drives America to add another 100 million people within the next 25 years. If allowed to continue unabated, Kennedy’s bill will swamp our civilization with another 300 million people within sixty years.

A personal note: Teddy Kennedy matched Jack Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Elliot Spitzer, Governor Mark Sanford and Tiger Woods any day when it came to cheating, lying and skullduggery.

Teddy’s bill made America the dumping ground for multiple languages, multiple incompatible cultures, incompatible religions and a new sub-class of poverty heretofore unknown within the United States. They pour into this country so fast; their numbers overwhelm our schools, medical systems and prisons. Kennedy’s favorite term, “multiculturalism”, will be defined in the history books, as the mechanism that destroyed and displaced a successful American civilization and left it in ruins. Examples abound: France, United Kingdom, Holland, Sweden, Belgium, Norway and others overrun by immigration.


Examples explode across America: 76 percent dropout rate in Detroit, Michigan high schools. Entrenched poverty. An astounding $35 million in goods shoplifted every day in America, honor killings of women now in America, mosques growing like flies in a barnyard, Muslim shootouts with FBI agents, first call for Sharia Law to be implemented in Detroit, Islamic calls to worship sounding over the once all American city. Another city, Los Angeles slowly returns to Mexican authority, language and culture. Every girl past 15 features a baby and most of those mothers cannot read past the fourth grade or work simple math. The Mexican “18th Street Gang” of 20,000 illegal aliens controls the drug trade in much of LA and police will not venture into their ghettos. MS-13 now in 40 American states. Millions of pounds of trash must be picked up as it is tossed all over LA. Chicago, Miami and Houston feature gangs, drugs and worse—all caused by mass immigration. Phoenix, Arizona features an astounding annual car theft rate of 57,000 vehicles to become the new “Car Theft Capital of the World.” That state also features 460,000 illegal aliens.

In all of this devolving mix lurks two other famous names factoring into this nation’s demise: Sarah Palin and John McCain. Both famous and both out to lunch. Neither has served America with any distinction. Both enjoy notoriety on many fronts. Both feature million dollar bank accounts.

During the ensuing years of the Kennedy bill, neither Kennedy or McCain said a word as million of illegal aliens crossed into U.S. territory. Because of their blind eyes to the problem, McCain and Kennedy in 1986 authored and pushed for the “Total Amnesty Act” that allowed a purported 1.3 illegal aliens complete amnesty. Result: a total of 4.3 million accepted amnesty and their legacy added another 10 million aliens to tap into the U.S. treasure chest of taxpayer amenities.

A short 24 years later, as Kennedy and McCain stood by to let 20 million illegal aliens to take up residence in this country, today, McCain endorses a full amnesty for that 20 million. But, he doesn’t know if it’s 20 million or 25 million and more. Palin, riding a wild horse of ‘stupid Americans’ drunk on her good looks and sassy rhetoric—endorses McCain’s amnesty to give all of them complete citizenship after breaking our laws and destroying jobs for Americans.

Amazingly, and astoundingly, 20 million Americans remain unemployed. Another 35 million subsist on food stamps. Congress, led by McCain, imports another 150,000 to 180,000 legal immigrants every 30 days. But, as Katie Couric said last week, the U.S. generates ONLY 95,000 new jobs per month in this ‘jobless’ recovery.

Hey folks! Do the math! We can never catch up to employing Americans while we import 150,000 plus immigrants every month. And, as McCain and Congress make certain—our borders remain wide open to allow countless tens of thousands of illegal aliens each month.

So, how stupid is Palin? How dumb is McCain? How completely drunk was Kennedy? How dumb are Americans? They keep electing guys like Kennedy and McCain—therefore, pretty dumb!

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Finally, if this amnesty passes, this country will find itself unable to continue as a viable, sustainable and cohesive civilization. If you think ‘gridlock’ in Congress today wrecks any chance of compromise for the betterment of all of us—just wait until enough Muslims and Mexicans and Somalians and Cubans and Brazilians and Palestinians and Chinese and Ethiopians and Iraqis and Sunnis and El Salvadorans and Bangladeshis and Hmongs start demanding their due and their culture and their language and their religion.

To think that it all began with a drunk, lying, cheating and immoral U.S. Senator from Massachusetts named Teddy Kennedy.

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A personal note: Teddy Kennedy matched Jack Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Elliot Spitzer, Governor Mark Sanford and Tiger Woods any day when it came to cheating, lying and skullduggery.