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By Frosty Wooldridge
May 9, 2005

Iraq is an unprovoked war. Saddam was not connected to 9/11 as proven by the 9/11 Commission Report. Iraq housed no weapons of mass destruction. Iraq did not attack America nor was it attacking anyone the moment it was bombed.

This war is like a world heavy weight boxing champion rumbling down to kindergarten and beating up on the class bully. It�s like a shark eating a guppy. It�s like an elephant stepping on a fly. However, in this case, it�s like a man swallowing a scorpion. The scorpion will keep stinging from the inside until it kills the man.

Notice each week more civilian contractors killed, U.S. soldiers dying from roadside bombs and suicide bombers blowing up people. The same thing happened in Vietnam. They didn�t give up for 10 years of being killed by the millions. They wouldn�t have given up for 100 years. The Iraqi insurgents are no less than Iraqi citizens who do not want nor will they ever give up to the American military.

Iraq is an illegal war. It violates international law. It�s a war based on lies. It�s being waged by the United States, which was founded on the principles of honor, integrity and honesty. The president, his advisors and Congress violated all three qualities inherent in the Constitution of the United States.

Worse, 1,800 American young men and women have died from it with more to come. Over 15,000 U.S. troops have suffered mangled bodies. Dozens of civilians sustained beheadings. Over 50,000 Iraqi fathers, mothers and children suffered death. More deaths and destruction will follow. Iraq smells like another Vietnam.

This is an example of a volunteer army and a disinterested American public.

But what is being accomplished? For one thing, Halliburton and other mega-corporations make billions while young men die. Old men get rich while young men zip into body bags for eternity. American families visit fresh cemetery graves weekly. They keep trusting the words of old men in Congress. They just served up another $81 billion for the war. The problem is, 'they' is you and me and our wallets and our kids' lives being snuffed out.

The Federal debt spirals past $7.4 trillion with another $500 billion debt in 2004. America borrows $2 billion per day from foreign investors to keep the economy afloat. Bush just bumped the debt ceiling up another $800 billion. We borrow $1.6 billion daily to keep our economy afloat. Instead of stopping terror, this war inflames the Muslim world and provokes more terror. You can bet another Beslan, Russia, Balli, or Madrid train bombing will happen in America. Terrorists invade our southern borders as easily as a crow flies. The guppy is giving the shark an abscessed tooth. The scorpion grows in venomous power. Jihad is being injected into America by our own president.

Joe McCutchen said, �The Iraqi war was built on lies at the behest of Israel and oil, and anticipated further aggression toward Iran and Syria. Bush has committed 160,000 American troops that are under girded by 20,000 European mercenaries in Iraq. No exit in sight. Bush violates of the Geneva Accords by torturing, condoned by Director of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff (dual Israeli citizenship) and Attorney General Alberto Gonzales (hero of La Raza). Bush�s treasonous refusal to secure our borders, exemplified by removal of two contingents of U.S. Border Patrols sent to Iraq to train Iraqis in border security, while 10,000 illegals invade our country daily. Bear-Sterns investment broker estimated 20 million illegals presently in the U.S. The illegal Mexican welfare magnet grows daily due to Governor Huckabee�s policies and statements. Bush�s most damning assault on the Constitution are the Patriot Acts, compliments of the complicit Congress, resulting in the suspension of Habeas Corpus, Posse Comitatus, secret searches and arrests without warrants.�

McCutchen continued, �Coupled with the aforementioned debauchery, exportation of our manufacturing base, $700 billion yearly trade deficit, $7.5 trillion national debt, welfare growing 2.5 percent annually. CAFTA and FTAA are in the wings dissolving our borders and Bush pushing Social Security privatization for his Wall Street pals. Look for the return of the Draft probably in May, and the Iran invasion in June�you can kiss this once free Republic goodbye. The price of putting Party over Principle�Bush should be impeached today. Citizens� support for the insidious acts of the President and Congress will result in leg irons. Nine signed Executive Orders, accompanied by heavily armed government agencies are ready to destroy American independence.�

Why did we go to war? Mr. Bush and his advisors forced us into war. They decided to stop Saddam by making up lies. However, they would have to stop another dozen in the world that make Saddam look more like Dennis the Menace than a world conquering man of mayhem.

Why didn�t Bush train his guns on a greater threat that really does own weapons of mass destruction? Korea�s Kim Jong II owns nuclear weapons and the ability to deliver them. He starves millions of his citizens and represses his people more than any other dictator in the world. He runs prison slave camps for 150,000 Koreans. He�s rated as the world�s worse dictator.

China�s Hu Jintao, 61, of China is the world�s third worst dictator. According to Parade Magazine�s reporter David Wallechinsky, Jintao executes 4,000 people annually without blinking an eye. More than 300,000 Chinese are serving �re-education sentences� in labor camps. He makes Machiavelli look like a kindergarten teacher.

Crown Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, 80, rules his country with an iron fist. It�s forbidden for people of the opposite sex to appear in public unless they�re family. So much for women�s rights. He engages in arbitrary arrests and torture of his people. He has those who oppose him�flogged.

Than Shwe of Burma, 71, has more children in his army than any other nation. Mugabe of Zimbabwe, 80, has killed or tortured 70,000 innocent people. Omar Al-Bashir of Sudan, 59, is responsible for the deaths of two million people. His army bombs civilians and massacres non-Muslims. He provides sanctuary for terrorists.

If Bush and Congress were going to save the world from brutal dictators like Saddam, they would have to go on a war rampage starting with Iran, Saudi Arabia and many other Middle Eastern countries and end up attacking China.

If you look back into history, what did the Korean War accomplish? Try 33,000 dead Americans! Nothing changed. North Korea is just as dangerous today. What did Vietnam prove? Try 58,000 dead and 350,000 wounded. It�s still one Vietnam with no ability to affect America�s safety. What did Desert Storm prove? It showed we allowed that war to start--thank you Bush I. What will the Iraq war accomplish?

Depending on how many years it lasts, thousands of US troops will die. The US plunges into horrific financial debt. Our own country polarizes into two factions with Mexico colonizing us from the south and Islam impregnating itself into us in the Midwest. Our greatest national crisis, illegal alien migration, will explode in every city of America as our own country begins breaking apart.

After the last American leaves, Iraq will turn into a conflagration of warring religious factions of Sunnis, Kerds and Shiites. They�ll behead each other, kill, bomb and snipe until another Saddam arises out of the ashes like the Phoenix. He will conquer by brutal force. Democracy has about as much chance in a volatile Muslim nation as a guppy has against a shark.

We will bury our dead, honor our living and old men will think up new wars where corporations will make billions and young men will give their lives in the name of God, country, honor and integrity.

It�s too bad President Bush and Congress lack those qualities.

� 2005 Frosty Wooldridge - All Rights Reserved

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After the last American leaves, Iraq will turn into a conflagration of warring religious factions of Sunnis, Kerds and Shiites. They�ll behead each other, kill, bomb and snipe until another Saddam arises out of the ashes like the Phoenix.