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By Frosty Wooldridge
March 1, 2010

Part 4: Colorado Governor Lamm said that few multi-ethnic and multi-lingual countries know any peace among their citizens—United Kingdom, France, Holland, Cyprus, Lebanon

Every year, 400,000 pregnant women enter the United States illegally to birth their babies on American soil. Their children become instant citizens and their mothers become instant wards of the American taxpayer. They enjoy taxpayer paid deliveries in our hospitals, unlimited medical health, K-12 educations, ‘free’ breakfasts and lunches, ‘free’ English as a second language classes and assisted housing, food stamps and social security benefits.

What makes me pull my hair out remains this daunting predicament: why would our Congress fail to take action to stop this phenomenon? Why would our Congress force us to keep paying $346 billion annually to keep this ‘thing’ going for the past 20 years and into the foreseeable future? Why do pro-illegal and legal immigration groups not understand their own kids will be paying for generations of entrenched poverty erupting out of the wombs of these mothers birthing anchor babies?

In continuing this interview with Mark Cromer,, senior writing fellow, titled: “American Jackpot: Remaking America by Birthright Citizenship,” he explains phenomenon occurring only in the United States:

“Unrestrained mass immigration—with one million legal immigrants and at least three times as many illegal immigrants entering the nation each year—and the elevated birth rates among those immigrants has, in just a quarter of a century, set the stage to remake the ethnic, cultural and political dynamic of the United States,” said Cromer. “A study conducted by the Center for Immigration Studies in 2005 determined that immigrant women’s birthrates actually increase in the United States over the fertility rates in their home countries.

“Mexican women in the U.S. in 2002 were averaging 3.5 children per woman, verses 2.4 children in Mexico. When adjusting for legal status, the same study concluded that illegal immigrants have a birthrate that is, on average, 50 percent higher in the U.S. than the birthrate for American women. The impact of these prolonged trends is now coming into focus. Recent census data reveal that one quarter of all kindergartners in the United States are now Latino and, if the present dynamic continues, white school children will be the minority across the nation in less than 15 years. In the American southwest the racial and cultural impacts of mass immigration from Mexico and Latin America is inescapable, with Latinos now the majority of all K-12 students in California, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona.”


“Alarm bells in various quarters have actually been sounding over this issue for years and have drawn support at times from such a diverse array of quarters that it lays bare the lie that opposition to exploding immigration rates is confined to the social conservative wing of the Republican Party,” said Cromer. “In 1993, Senator Harry Reid proposed limiting citizenship to the children of women who were either citizens or in the U.S. legally. Reid in fact was a one-time opponent of illegal immigration who has long since abandoned his stance as illegal immigrants poured into Nevada to be used by business interests to replace citizen employees and workers at booming construction sites and casinos. Less than a decade after his signature legislation triggered a tidal wave of illegal immigration, Senator Alan Simpson, co-sponsor of the Simpson-Mazzoli Act in 1986, also voiced support for restricting birthright citizenship.


“In 2005, Georgia Congressman Nathan Deal introduced his Citizenship Reform Act, which garnered 70 cosponsors and made its debut in a Republican-controlled House. Yet the GOP leadership refused to let the legislation limiting birthright citizenship come to a vote. Deal tried again in 2007 with the Birthright Citizenship Act, which met the same fate. Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee waded briefly into the issue early in his 2008 presidential bid, telling a prominent anti-illegal immigration activist that had endorsed his candidacy that he would support a constitutional amendment to end the practice of granting birthright citizenship and also stated his support for a test case that would force the Supreme Court to take up the issue.

“But Huckabee quickly backpedalled as media outlets picked up the story, demonstrating a flair for splitting the difference by saying he did not support a constitutional amendment that would restrict birthright citizenship yet not disavowing an effort to force a test case before the Supreme Court. And constitutional literalist Ron Paul, the Texas congressman whose Quixotic run for the GOP nomination built a massive national grassroots campaign among disaffected liberals, disgusted independents and young conservatives, came out early and staunchly against birthright citizenship and announced his support for ending the practice. Unlike Huckabee, he didn’t hedge after he started taking fire from pro-immigration groups.”


Despite significant support from a fairly diverse range of ideological quarters, the opposition to any effort to change the policy of birthright citizenship can draw upon a powerful consortium of ethnic and business special interests, including the Hispanic Congressional Caucus and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and effectively ensure that bills such as Deal’s are killed in committee.

“In the 2008 elections, central Virginia Congressman Virgil Goode made his opposition to birthright citizenship a centerpiece of his popular position against illegal immigration,” said Cromer. “But Goode lost an extremely close race to Democrat Tom Perriello, who openly mocked Goode’s support for legislation that would end birthright citizenship during a debate, noting the bill was unable to garner the backing of the Republican leadership in the House. Perriello went on to dismiss continuing efforts at ending the practice as being legislative still births: dead on delivery.”

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Great Amendment, Terrible Policy

What astounds me throughout this entire anchor baby and immigration debate, or lack of debate—stems from the growing reality that America transforms itself into a giant welfare state, overruns itself with entrenched poverty and propels itself into an unsustainable future. It’s nuts and it’s going to get much nuttier!

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Despite significant support from a fairly diverse range of ideological quarters, the opposition to any effort to change the policy of birthright citizenship can draw upon a powerful consortium of ethnic and business special interests...