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By Frosty Wooldridge
November 19, 2004

If you read a recent Newsweek Magazine, it featured a front-page picture, "CALIFORNIA IN CRISIS." Last summer, Time Magazine ran, "THE USA IS RUNNING OUT OF ENERGY." Outside Magazine featured, "WE'RE RUNNING OUT OF WATER."

This year, I traveled from northern California to San Francisco. What started out as a pleasant drive became a nightmare of grid locked traffic, sprawl, foreign languages I couldn't understand in my own country, polluted water, $2.59 a gallon gas and filthy air.

California is the �canary in the mine� state indicating ominous foreboding in this country. America stands at a critical crossroads of a dilemma that, once it has grown past our ability to manage it, citizens will suffer an irreversible crisis. U.S. population explodes beyond 'carrying capacity' with each added individual now totaling 293 million in America. Via legal and illegal immigration, the United States grows by four million annually, or, 10,958 per day. Another million U.S. citizen births create a net gain of five million annually added to U.S. soil. That human surge will add in excess of 250 million more Americans soon after mid century. It�s called "population momentum."

Its end result is "overpopulation." Around the world and in America, overpopulation will become the "Plague of the 21st Century."

Since American females stand at 2.03 fertility, they maintain a stable population. However, at the current rate of immigrant newcomers fleeing their own overpopulated countries such as China, Mexico and India, U.S. growth leaps forward at five million people added annually. For harsh examples, one need only look at Bangladesh, China and India as they ignored their accelerating populations 50 years ago. Today, they can't 'fix' their problems. Their citizens suffer horrific consequences in every aspect of their daily lives.

Let's examine Newsweek's "California In Crisis" and see how it applies to every state. California suffers 36 million people on its way to 56 million in 30 years. It adds 600 cars daily to its already clogged highways. No one drinks tap water safely. Two million of its students study in trailers because they don't have enough classrooms. California must build ONE new school per day to keep up with the influx of between 1,500 and 2,000 newcomers and their kids added every 24 hours. California must staff those schools with teachers who can speak 60 languages. They are failing as the worst school system in America when they were once the best. What is happening in California will avalanche into every state in the nation.

As THE harbinger state of overpopulation, California is 38 billion dollars in debt with no solutions with a tax base destroyed by millions working under the table but still using its services.

In one of my op-eds published by the Denver Post, May 8, 2003, "TOO MANY PEOPLE, TOO FEW SOLUTIONS," I quoted four million people added to Colorado in 50 years to give us eight million. A 59 year old man in California responded, "You are wrong, sir. I am among two million babyboomers who will retire within 10 years. We will flee the population cesspool that California has become and move to Colorado's Western slope. You can expect six million people in your state."

Colorado already exceeds its 'carrying capacity' and water is that limiting reality. It already suffers enough gridlock and dirty air in Denver to make even the most ardent �pro-growth� developer pause as he idles in traffic. Anyone driving into the mountains for a weekend of skiing or camping must contend with bumper to bumper traffic up and standstill traffic coming back through the Eisenhower Tunnel. Soon, Coloradans will have to leave on Thursday night to arrive on Saturday morning and leave that afternoon to return in time for work on Monday. Won�t that be a lot of fun skiing or camping! What's that old song, "See the USA in your Chevrolet...."

Chicago grinds to a halt on Monday morning. New York is a total nightmare. Boston? Forget it. Atlanta moves like a turtle in quicksand. Try getting out of San Francisco after five o�clock. Take a joy ride in your Corvette in Los Angeles. You�ll most likely be in bumper to bumper traffic.

To experience it in its worst manifestation, visit Caracas, Venezuela. It will take you four hours to travel ten miles across the city. With 25 million people in Mexico City, you can�t breathe. In Tokyo, Japan, trying taking a Sunday drive if you live in the middle of the city. It will take you most of the day to get out of town. Truth is, you never quite get out of town! China, at 1.3 billion, suffers insufferable uncertainty with forced one-child per family, subsistence level living and no way out.

It�s called Third World Momentum. What is that? It�s how the Third World, even Japan, ignores a problem until it becomes unmanageable. From there on, citizens suffer. It�s grown in America for the past 30 years since our brilliant Congress flung open the doors to massive immigration in 1965. Have we helped any of those countries? No, the line grows as humans add 80 million annually. You see, we can�t save the world, but we can destroy our country. Contrary to popular thought, we can't fix the Third World.

Consequently, the U.S. surges into an unsolvable crisis if our population fails to stabilize.

Ironically, it�s not about race, creed or color. It's about 'carrying capacity' and limitations massive numbers create. If you don't see this monster growing, you haven't been paying attention. You might ask yourself, do you want another 200 or 300 million people added to America?

Another five to 10 million in your state? Would you like your city to become much like Los Angeles or Houston or Chicago or Detroit? If not, you may want to take action. None of your children, native born or immigrant alike, will enjoy the American Dream if you fail or refuse to take action on population stabilization.

You can do something now or it will be done to your children later. The more extreme out numbers the more extreme our children�s consequences.

� 2004 Frosty Wooldridge - All Rights Reserved

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Let's examine Newsweek's "California In Crisis" and see how it applies to every state. California suffers 36 million people on its way to 56 million in 30 years. It adds 600 cars daily to its already clogged highways. No one drinks tap water safely.