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By Frosty Wooldridge
May 14, 2009

Andrea Billups, reporter for the Washington Times, wrote a story, “36 Chicago students killed sets record,” May 13, 2009. She reported stunning killing figures for high schools in Chicago, Illinois. A horrifying 36 kids suffered death at the hands of classmates and street thugs in the “Windy City” for the past school year.

As reported in June, 2008, NBC’s Brian Williams said, “Chicago high schools suffer 50 percent dropout rates while Detroit shows a 76 percent dropout rate for area high schools.”

What do those cities share in common? Answer: two to three million illegal aliens and their children. Additionally, dozens of languages other than English!

It may be politically incorrect to mention that Chicago area hosts two to three million illegal aliens, mostly from third-world nations such as Mexico and Guatemala. It may be outrageous and unconscionable to mention that the U.S. DOJ-FBI reports that fully ten percent (400,000) of them are seasoned criminals.

Yet, the mayors and governors of those states fail to lift a finger or speak a word about what’s really happening in those areas.

“While busy putting on its best face to garner a 2016 Olympics bid and basking in the afterglow of President Obama's election — Chicago has become the nation's most vioolent city for youths,” said Billups. “With three weeks left before summer break, a record 36 Chicago Public School students have been killed this school year, marking the third straight year that youth homicides have climbed into double digits. Chicago has surpassed New York City and Los Angeles for having the highest youth homicide rate in the nation.”

"I think people in Chicago have almost gotten numb to the statistics," said Dexter Voisin, a researcher at the University of Chicago who studies the impact of violence on adolescents.

Billups continued, “The latest victim in Chicago's long year of student killings is 15-year-old Alex Arellano. On May 1, he was chased, beaten with baseball bats, run over by a car, shot and burned. His body was found days after he disappeared from his family's home on the city's South Side. Police continue to investigate the killing; gang activity has been suggested.”


"The homicide rate is just the tip of the iceberg," Mr. Voisin said. "Those with nonfatal injuries are almost 100 times that of our homicide rates. You think for about every one kid who is murdered, 100 kids witness the murder or are victims of nonfatal injuries, of robberies, muggings and gang-related incidents. A lot of times, this exposure goes undocumented or unreported."

"It's difficult for young people to focus in school if they are traumatized by the stress in these communities," Mr. Voisin said.

The one thing that politically correct papers and their reporters fail to mention stems from the harsh facts that those killings originate in illegal alien ghettoes where poverty, illiteracy, multiple languages and brutality flourish.

"I don't even know where to begin," said Diane Latiker, who runs a program for at-risk youths out of her home in the city's Roseland neighborhood. "There aren't any words for what I feel for what is going on for our youth."

"The A and B students, they have family and community support," she said. "What about the kid who is struggling, hanging out there on the street corner and joining that gang because he feels hopeless? That's what I'm hearing from our youth. They feel they have nothing to live for."

Billups reported, “Last month, police said they also were adding a third Mobile Strike Force company. Its 50 officers and supervisors would allow police to respond rapidly to emergencies in neighborhoods.”

"I'm very troubled that we are not doing everything we possibly can to stop this violence," Ms. Latiker said. "We need to go to our young people and find out what is going on. We need to know why so many feel that they have to have guns to survive. In the civil rights movement, we mobilized to do something nationwide. Why are we not doing the same thing now?"

“Mayor Richard Daley, Mr. Weiss and Mr. Huberman attended a candlelight vigil recently, hosted by Ms. Latiker's group at a vacant lot across the street from her home,” Billups said. “She and members of “Kids Off the Block” are putting up small gravestones to honor each student who has died in Chicago violence.”

Latiker pitched a great question. Why does the violence accelerate? Answer: the United States imports 138,000 new immigrants and their children along with 100,000 illegal aliens every 30 days, month in and month out, year in and year out.

Those immigrants arrive from war torn, poverty stricken, culturally incompatible countries where violence and illiteracy dominate. With dozens of different languages, they cannot ‘melt’ into the American tapestry because of sheer overload.

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With relentless, massive and unending immigration of 2.4 million annually, the United States cannot expect a vibrant future filled with high school graduates. It can expect more violence, hopelessness, confusion and riveting tension affecting every community across our society.

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What do those cities share in common? Answer: two to three million illegal aliens and their children. Additionally, dozens of languages other than English!