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By Frosty Wooldridge
April 16, 2009

Documentary movie review:

Hundreds of responses poured into my computer concerning the movie documentary, BLIND SPOT. It’s amazing how millions can look at a steam locomotive bearing down on them and continue walking on the tracks away from the train so they won’t see it when it runs over them.

And so we find ourselves in our own Blind Spot as a civilization. Since it’s not happening to us right now, such as Hurricane Katrina hasn’t reached shore yet, so we continue building sand castles on the beach.

Again, I urge you to place this DVD video into the hands of our president, governors, senators and House reps of Congress.

In the most important, brilliant and electrifying documentary film of the 21st century, “Blind Spot” by Adolfo Doring, Randal Wallace and David Gill--they conduct interviews with men and women studying human impact on this planet.

“Most assumptions we make to run our society today are false,” said Dr. Bradford, scientist. “The assumption is that we can keep growing. That is irresponsible! But our culture reinforces that we can get more.”

Bill McKibben, author of The End of Nature, said, “It’s easier to lie to people when they welcome the lie of unending cheap oil.”

For me, a world traveler who has seen what’s headed our way, I find it particularly interesting that our whole society continues on a suicidal path when they see dramatic symptoms occurring worldwide in Africa, Asia and South America. The amount of denial at the highest and lowest levels of American society remains breathtaking.

Dr. William Catton said, “We are creating an environment on earth in which we cannot exist. The question remains will we change our population or will nature do it for us. Do we want to preserve our planet that we inherited? If so, we must change our use of energy.”

Dr. Elke Weber, Columbia University, said, “We must change our habits. A blind spot is something we don’t pay attention to because it doesn’t threaten us immediately.”

Most of us know that blind spot while driving our cars in our outside rear view mirror that didn’t catch the car coming up on us and we either hit it as we pulled out to pass or barely escaped an accident by jerking the car back into our lane. That ‘blindspot’ faces us with accelerating speed in the 21st century.

Dr. Wolf, author of Decade of Triumph 1990s, said, “There’s no one driving the train. We don’t even know where the tracks end.”

Dr. Albert Bartlett said, “My trust in the government that it will fix things was misplaced. We need a national dialogue on what our future can be and come down with some policy statements.”

As to energy, no amount of conservation will help us escape our energy crisis. Dr. Joseph Tainter said, “Energy efficiency will not get us past our energy crisis. Jevans Paradox means that when you increase efficiency, you drive more use.”

Richard Heinberg, author of The Party’s Over, said, “Population is the worst problem we have in the world today. As it grows, it wipes out everything we do. The earth is finite.”

Dr. Korton said, “We continue as a dominator hierarchy by violence, extreme violence.”

This profound film propels viewers into the future of what we face as a civilization. It mesmerizes and I found myself unable to stop watching it. I played it a second time and I will watch it again a third time.

We as a civilization think we can ‘get away’ with unending growth, unending oil burning and unending expansion into the natural world and our oceans without pause. We think that the current ‘ecological footprint’ for an American at 12.6 acres destroyed for every person added to support that citizen can continue without end? Can it? No, it cannot!

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I invite you to watch and act on this brilliant documentary. You will be educated, inspired and activated. Send it your friends. In all great social change, it takes citizens to educate others to create a ‘consciousness shift’, which leads to a ‘critical mass shift’ and finally, to a ‘tipping point’ where the civilization moves toward a viable future.

This documentary educates, inspires and activates. You become the linchpin.

Obtain the DVD:

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And so we find ourselves in our own Blind Spot as a civilization. Since it’s not happening to us right now, such as Hurricane Katrina hasn’t reached shore yet, so we continue building sand castles on the beach.