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By Frosty Wooldridge
July 3, 2008

On July 1, 2008, in Denver, Colorado, Mayor John Hickenlooper stood for the singing of the “Star Spangled Banner” at his State of the City address.

A local singer, Rene Marie, contracted to sing the national anthem, instead, shocked the audience with the “Black National Anthem.”

Everyone in the audience gasped or swallowed hard! Rene Marie sat down with a sense of arrogant satisfaction as if she just put one over on her audience. She did!

Ms. Marie smugly disrespected America!

Denver Councilman Charlie Brown took to local talk radio later to blast the lack of the nation's anthem at the proceedings. "There's no replacement for the national anthem. They should have sung it. She sung the black national anthem to advance her career, but maybe her career is not worth advancing."

A quick 1,000 miles away in Chicago, Barack Obama’s minister, Pastor Jeremiah Wright spoke eloquently to condemn America with “Not God Bless America, but God D*** America for her sins against blacks and other minorities of the world.”

Gross disrespect for America!

Of all the countries on this planet, no other nation offers more opportunities to become educated, expand, succeed and thrive for all its citizens of every color. Every child enjoys free education to the 12th grade and, for those who excel, scholarships offer minorities infinite possibilities.

Mexican illegals, across the nation in the past two years, dragged our nation’s flag, “Old Glory,” through the mud and across the concrete in their marches for their ‘rights’ to break our laws.

Ugly disrespect for America!

Last Tuesday night, I attended a speech by Los Angeles radio talk show host Terry Anderson, in Thornton, Colorado. He explained how illegal aliens overwhelm LA with gangs and how they kill blacks as a matter of standard operating procedure.

Illegals’ killing Americans depicts lack of respect for America!

“Do you notice how our politicians go after the Hispanic vote, the African-American vote, but never talk about the American vote,” Anderson said. “We are losing what it means to be an American.”

This week, I walked into my Wells-Fargo bank in Denver to see directions in Spanish everywhere I looked.

Disrespect for English, our national language, by our own banks!

In order to become a citizen in this country, you must learn how to speak our language, but our own institutions, in pursuit of money, pander to those who reside here while violating our laws. Wells-Fargo supports breaking of our legal directives.

Disrespect for America’s laws!

In his new book, THE NEW CASE AGAINST IMMIGRATION: BOTH LEGAL AND ILLEGAL, Mark Krikorian said, “America is losing its national identity through mass immigration creating ‘transnationals’ that never fully assimilate into our American society.

“The combination of these two modern traits—transnationalism and multiculturalism—means that mass immigration today is much less likely to result in the kind of deep assimilation of the vast majority of immigrants and their children that is necessary for immigration to be successful.”


Loss of respect for what it means to be an American!

In other words, the dangerous Balkanizing process, or creating separate and disparate ethnic communities away and against the mainstream of America—accelerates the disintegration of America as a viable and cohesive civilization.

By following through with this process over time, we find examples in separate societies in modern-day London, England; Paris, France; Amsterdam, Holland and many cities in Spain, Germany and Italy. Not only do those countries grow separated, they grow contentious against each other.

If you look at present day Miami, two separate cultures exist. Racism explodes! Chicago illustrates this growing dilemma: two million illegal aliens. American blacks and the rest of Americans make up the rest of the folks in the Windy City. Los Angeles provides a violent example of disrespect for America as thousands of cars sport bumper stickers: “F*** you! This is Mexico”.

Another aspect of ‘transnationalism’ finds new legal and illegal immigrants able to step into American society enjoying all its benefits, but maintain duel citizenship and connection via the Internet and inexpensive phone connections—to their old countries. Thus, the adoption of the ‘consciousness of an American’ falls into the gutter while a confused sense of entitlement for one’s former country engenders further separation. That phenomenon results in the new hyphenated-American as well as a growing separation of ourselves against ourselves.

Total disrespect for America!

As a nation, we cannot survive these uninvolved, un-assimilated, un-invested pseudo-Americans.

As syndicated columnist Michelle Malkin said, “When it comes to our immigration mess, no one has a deeper understanding of the facts than Mark Krikorian. Pay attention: America’s future is at stake.” U.S. Congressman Tom Tancredo said, “The survival of Western culture stands at a crossroads.”

For average citizens that call themselves “Americans,” the very foundation of America rots underneath them while their own PC leaders engage ‘multiculturalism and diversity’ as a politically correct term for national suicide. Multiculturalism stops American leaders in their tracks. Multiculturalism counters against everything ‘American’.

The irony of this phenomenon stems from the fact that American culture allows the most people, the most security, the most opportunity, the most quality of life and the most enjoyable life experience. Do you see millions of people charging off for a better life in Zimbabwe, Sudan, China, Mexico, Bangladesh or India?

Multiculturalism disrespects the foundation of America by destroying the foundation of our language, our culture and our ethos as a civilization. In the end, we slit our collective throats with ‘multiculturalism’.

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Multiculturalism: disrespect for America and being American!

“The one absolutely certain way of bringing this nation to ruin, or preventing all possibility of its continuing to be a nation at all, would be to permit it to become a tangle of squabbling nationalities.” President Teddy Roosevelt

If we might save our civilization as Mark Krikorian said, “We must stop legal and illegal immigration.”

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Mexican illegals, across the nation in the past two years, dragged our nation’s flag, “Old Glory,” through the mud and across the concrete in their marches for their ‘rights’ to break our laws.