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By Frosty Wooldridge
June 12, 2008

As gasoline continues rising toward its inevitable $5.00 and even $6.00 a gallon by October, and California’s drought worsens with strict water rationing becoming law—Americans, FINALLY, begin to understand their limits to growth and consumption!

In the movie “Dirty Harry”, Clint Eastwood said, “A man’s got to know his limitations…did he fire six shots or only five…well punk, which is it…do you know your limitations?”

While I hammer away at the immigration crisis facing America year after year, our Congress pours more human gasoline on the fire of our consequences by adding 182,000 immigrants every 30 days, month in and month out, year in and year out. Today, those consequences grow gargantuan beyond solving.

As you read in my last column, California faces a horrific human flood of 1,600 people added daily to that state. They cannot solve anything while everything goes to hell in a hand basket!

Rancher Gaylan Stewart of Spanish Fork, Utah wrote a letter on ‘carrying capacity’:

“I grew up on a ranch and so I know full well what you mean when you speak of "carrying capacity,” Stewart said. “If we over-grazed, we paid for it later, but this didn't stop some of our neighbors. In fact, after they had overgrazed, they allowed their animals to push our fences until they were down and then their animals would move in and graze our pastures as well. Is there an analogy here? We put them back in and fix the fence, but before long grazed in our pastures again. So, instead of putting them back we started putting the "strays" out on the railroad tracks and roadways where they were scattered far and wide. Of course this angered the neighbor, but he got the message.

“As for California, they need to drink their own toilet water until they get the message. I live in Utah and we have always had a water shortage. Droughts come and go and some are real disasters, but if you have not been pushing the "carrying capacity" it is easier to survive. California and the rest of the Southwest have increased the population beyond the water capacity, and we are only one severe drought away from disaster, where we all may be drinking our own toilet water.”

Gentle reader, as you can see, we’re piling up irreversible consequences with unsolvable problems. Yet, not one presidential candidate addresses it and you, the American public, remain silent as a church mouse. Who will speak out if not you?

”As for the overpopulation, you are right, it is caused by our immigration problem, both legal and illegal,” Stewart said. “We as a nation are in an economic mindset that traps us into ever increasing population growth, with no one looking at the end game. You and I won't see it, but there is a possibility of a billion Americans by the end of the century, yuck! However, this is really not likely to happen, because some really bad things will happen first: war, pestilence, famine and such.

”The desire for cheap, imported, unskilled labor would appear to be the main driving force, but I believe there is another force just as powerful: a capitalist desire for an expanding number of consumers to sell all of the junk and services to. All of our business models require an increase in number of customers of one sort or another. Sometimes one business can steal customers from another, but there would be far fewer "successful" businesses if there were not an increase in customer numbers. The housing industry is a perfect example of this. The faster the population growth the more wealth to be made! In order to maintain this, population must continually grow faster and faster each year.

”Of course you and I know that this cannot go on forever, and things will have to get worse before we will be able to break the cycle and see that we must get out of it, that we are fouling our own nests. As you know the birthrate of Native Americans has dropped to near the 2.1 per family replacement rate. If immigration, legal and illegal were stopped prosperity would be limited. However, if California finds itself in a disastrous drought and the country slips into a serious recession, the people are not going to want to pay the fare for illegal immigrants that are also unable to find jobs and will force the government to deal with it.

”These things can change very quickly. For example yesterday the Bush Administration decided to use E-verify to ferret out illegal aliens working on government projects. They are not doing this because it is the right thing to do, they are doing it because illegal aliens are causing the jobless rate to increase. Illegal aliens are not listed in the jobless rate, because they can't apply for unemployment benefits and support from Workforce Services in finding a job. Therefore, if they lose their job and it goes to a legal worker, it doesn't add to the jobless rate and it then appears that the jobless rate isn't increasing as rapidly, which is bad for all politicians. I think this is only the first step, and as the economy worsens we will see more and more resistance to illegal immigration.

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”By the way I don't think the ethnic side of the issue is anywhere near being a major part of the problem. If the people begin to see that illegal aliens are taking their jobs and using the taxpayer services at their expense while they suffer economically, the illegal aliens will be gone. Greed has brought them here and our economic self-interest will force them out, without having to round them up I might add.

”Pessimistic, yes; but like they say challenges that don't kill us, actually make us better and stronger.”

To take action:

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While I hammer away at the immigration crisis facing America year after year, our Congress pours more human gasoline on the fire of our consequences by adding 182,000 immigrants every 30 days, month in and month out, year in and year out.