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By Frosty Wooldridge
February 28, 2008

On November 4, 2008, Americans step into voting booths with two choices: Barack Obama will take us out of the Iraq War, but he will give amnesty to 20-30 million illegal aliens. In other words, he will legalize and give voting rights to an invading armada of people from a foreign country. Additionally, he will continue chain migration, 400,000 anchor babies and their mothers annually, diversity visas and double legal immigration from one to two million annually. That means America�s borders will suffer relentless immigration for another four years. Why? He already voted for exactly those items with S.B. 1639 in June of 2007.

John McCain promises to continue the Iraq War forever and he will give amnesty to 20-30 million illegal aliens. Additionally, he will continue chain migration, 400,000 anchor babies and their mothers annually, diversity visas and double legal immigration from one to two million annually. Again, that means America�s borders will be overrun for another four years. Why? He already voted for S.B. 1639 in June of 2007.

The PEW Report last week showed that immigration will grow the U.S. population by 138 million people in 40 years. Because of immigration, in forty years, 1 in 5 Americans will be foreign born. The Mexican population will triple�which means they will become the dominant ethnic group in America. Immigration displaces the American people right out of their own country.

Within 40 years, we shall have run out of our ability to provide water, energy and resources to an added 138 million people.

Bottom line: we are a country in search of a leader, but we won�t elect one that will address America�s most ominous dilemma: unrelenting, massive and unending immigration. Either man will accelerate it!

�What frustrates me more than anything is that people like you write all kinds of protests and people like me read and applaud your work...but yanno, it�s all just TALK!� said Barbara L., a frustrated reader of my columns.

When are we going to do something to stop it?

�It�s time to circle the wagons!� Barbara said. �Why isn�t anyone putting out the call to organize? There are hundreds of conservative groups out there, but they all seem independent of one another.

�When Paul Revere did his ride, people RESPONDED! It�s Revolution time! Ron Paul isn't giving up, God bless him, but how are we going to get him elected? I just hear/read a lot of rhetoric but no one seems to be doing anything!

�After a quick review or Orwell's '1984' last night... it all seems to be happening right under our noses, while we yip & yipe, but still go back to sleep! This is NOT the America of 1776! We have all become so fat, sassy & lazy, that we have no drive to survive!

�All I want to see is a PLAN. Come up with something we can DO. How do we stop this runaway train without bloodshed? I'm tired of all the whining.�

To Barbara and every frustrated American watching the disintegration of our nation, take heart! Patriots of the 21st century add their names daily to our cause.

You take action by joining these organizations below:

1. Join with Roy Beck, Ann Manetes, Rosemary Jenks and their dedicated staff. At 550,000 members, this organization leads with millions of faxes and phone calls that have defeated the last 10 amnesty bills and more since 1999. It�s bi-partisan, informative, educational and powerful. I invite you to become the 1 millionth member, then, the 2 millionth member or 10 million member. The more that join magnifies our power in the halls of Congress. NumbersUSA became the principle player in the defeat of S.B. 1639 amnesty last June. Additionally, they defeated the Dream Act as well as the Ags Bill amnesty. Therefore, tell ten of your friends who tell ten of their friends to make the most powerful citizen advocate group on immigration. Send out Roy Beck�s �Bubble Gum Balls� 14 minute video demonstration to all your friends and their friends to educate them. The video graphically illustrates our population dilemma if we allow ourselves to add 100 million people via immigration.

2. Join with Dan Stein for much of the same action.

3. Join with Dr. Diana Hull for powerful action, faxes, directions and �how to� phone calls.

4. Join with Jason Mrochek for powerful action against employers of illegals, community action and more. helps you report illegals working.

5. Join with William Gheen for powerful action on several fronts on illegal immigration. with Xelan Bonn will bring you added impact and information. with Steve Elliot

6. Join and with David Durham to show you what we face as to sheer population dilemmas.

How do we move toward THE plan?

1. We must stop massive, relentless and unending legal and illegal immigration into the United States before it turns us into an overpopulated quagmire.

2. We must push top TV media to interview national leaders like Governor Richard D. Lamm, Tom Tancredo, Dr. Albert Bartlett, Roy Beck, Terry Anderson, William Gheen, Jason Mrochek, David Durham, Dr. Diana Hull, Rosemary Jenks, Fred Elbel, Mike McGarry, Russell Pearce, Don Collins, David Pimental and others to speak on what we face.

3. We must create �critical mass� of millions of active Americans involved at the local level in such numbers that we overcome the corporate elites plan to flood this country with unending immigration.

4. Call the candidates:
Ph. 703 469 2008
Ph. 703 418 2008
Ph. 866 675 2008

Next column: U.S. National Vision and Strategic Plan

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John McCain promises to continue the Iraq War forever and he will give amnesty to 20-30 million illegal aliens.