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By Frosty Wooldridge
November 8, 2007

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa supports while encouraging over two million illegal aliens in the City of Angels. He�s not too happy, however, about the 20,000 Mexican and Central American gang-bangers wreaking havoc in his streets where cops fear to tread. L.A. jails bursting with convicted alien felons thrills him not one peso! Bankrupting hospitals and failing schools illustrate his incompetence.

In fact, everything in L.A. reflects Mexico City�s culture: crime, drugs, rapes, drunken driving accidents, drive-by shootings, schools in disarray, hospitals collapsing and prisons bursting at the bars.

This week, he proudly announced another first: Latin American scourge turning up in U.S. immigrants. In L.A., the nation's first clinic opens to treat deadly insect-borne Chagas disease. As little as ten years ago, no one ever heard of Chagas disease in the United States.

Los Angeles journalist Mary Engel reported, �A Los Angeles County hospital has opened the first clinic in the country devoted to studying and treating Chagas disease, a deadly parasitic illness that has long been the leading cause of heart failure in Latin America and is now being seen in (illegal) migrant communities in the United States.�

Legal immigrants enjoy health screenings before entering the United States. I wrote about it four years ago as did the late Dr. Madeleine Cosman. As to Chagas, it�s a T-cruzi parasite that infects between 14 and 18 million people in South America. It kills 50,000 annually. (Source: Carlos Bastien, �Kiss of Death�)

�Unless Chagas is treated early, little can be done to halt its advance,� Engle reported. �Yet because 10 to 20 years can pass before heart or gastrointestinal complications develop, many people don't realize they're infected with what has been called a silent killer. Like Lyme disease or malaria, Chagas is a vector-borne illness, meaning that it is transmitted by insects, not person-to-person contact.�

�By the end of October, 253 people in 30 states had tested positive for Chagas,� according to data compiled by the American Association of Blood Banks.

�The prevalence nationwide is estimated to be about 1 in 30,000 donors, and about 1 in 7,000 in Los Angeles,� said Dr. Susan Stramer, executive scientific officer for the American Red Cross.�

What does this report tell you? It means third world diseases spread through America like California wildfires. It means you and your family stand at risk. Regarding illegals, George Bush said, �They do the jobs that American citizens won�t do.� What Bush might instead say, �They bring you the diseases that you wouldn�t die from if I did my job to protect our nation�s borders.�

Tuberculosis kills two million people annually worldwide!

Not to be outdone by illegals working in its city, in Decatur, Georgia--at one chicken plant, 212 workers, all illegal aliens, tested positive for tuberculosis last week.

As reported by Eric Fleischauer in the Decatur Daily, �All of the employees at the Wayne Farms fresh processing plant in Decatur have received tuberculosis skin tests and 212 of them tested positive.�

Scott Jones, state director of public health, said, �All 165 employees with positive TB results in the most recent tests would receive chest X-rays on Thursday. Doctors will evaluate those X-rays early next week to determine if any of them have signs of active TB disease.�

It makes you wonder why Wayne Farms hired so many illegal aliens without a health screening. They place their legal employees at risk as well as the public.

Fleischauer reported, �In addition to testing other employees at the fresh processing plant, health officials said they tested all others known to have had contact with the two men (with active TB). Jones refused to say whether either individual has school-age children.�

"The majority of the folks that we're dealing with in this situation are foreign born," Jones said. "I would expect about 30 percent of them to test positive."

According to the Centers for Disease Control, �Fifteen minutes of close contact with a person who has active TB disease will cause up to 50 percent of people to become infected.�

For anyone who read my column three years ago, it reported that we imported 16,000 new cases of TB from illegals crossing over our borders unscreened for health purposes. Every infected illegal infects between 10 and 50 other Americans depending on public contact. Additionally, their 2.0 million children attend schools where American children become vulnerable to contracting TB.

Most alarming of all, tuberculosis kills nearly two million people worldwide annually. (Source: World Health Organization)

Of less note to Americans, leprosy, now known as Hansen�s disease affected only 900 Americans in the last 40 years. Today, via illegal migrants from India, Brazil and the Caribbean, according to the New York Times report by Sharon Lerner, 7,000 new cases turned up on the East Coast. Leprosy has become endemic to the East Coast for the first time in the history of the United States.

Your tax dollars pay for all treatments and the 11 new clinics set up to deal with that ancient disease now settling into the heart of America.

On top of that, thousands of cases of hepatitis �C� cross over U.S. borders annually in the bodies of illegal aliens. Where do they work? They work in hotels, restaurants, fast food, construction and schools.

It�s a matter of time before someone with Avian flu or some other highly contagious disease steps illegally into the United States. No way to combat that pandemic waiting to happen! Not to be outdone, a person(s) with multiple drug resistant TB could make their way to our shores at any time with our wide open borders.

While our president and Congress remain oblivious and insulated from the killings, robberies, drug trade, bankrupt school systems, hospitals collapsing and overloaded illegal alien prison populations�they cannot, nor will their children, remain immune to the diseases imported by tens of thousands annually.

Instead of Joe Citizen�s kids contracting TB, Chagas, hepatitis and other diseases-- Jenna Bush, Dick Cheney�s daughter or her children, Mayor Villaraigosa�s wife (lovers), Governor Spitzer of New York or Senator John McCain, Teddy Kennedy and the like will not be able to outrun viruses because they travel in the air. It�ll be interesting to see how fast our president and Congress close our borders to stop this massive invasion of our country�that sooner or later�will affect them like it�s already affecting the rest of us.

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The simple reasonable answer to protect our communities� health means we must screen every single individual person entering this country as an immigrant. Legal entry alone assures screenings to protect this nation. Why isn�t the obvious so obvious to Bush and Congress?

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While our president and Congress remain oblivious and insulated from the killings, robberies, drug trade, bankrupt school systems, hospitals collapsing and overloaded illegal alien prison populations�they cannot, nor will their children, remain immune to the diseases imported by tens of thousands annually.