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By Frosty Wooldridge
August 16, 2007

American citizens in their own country suffer more deaths via illegal aliens in the United States annually than combat soldiers in Iraq.

U.S. House Representative Newt Gingrich said, �There is a war here at home, and it is even more deadly than the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Far more Americans are being killed by violent, evil people here in America than in our official military "combat zones" overseas.�

Terry Anderson, Los Angeles radio talk show host,, while speaking on the Peter Boyles Show this week, said, �People here in LA are getting executed because of their race. Where are the black leaders on this? If those black students in Newark were killed by a white man, Sharpton and Jesse Jackson would be marching in the streets. If we don�t put a hold on this invasion, it�s going to get worse and worse. If we don�t get a handle on this, it can and will get worse in Newark because the numbers are driven by illegal immigration�when Hispanics took over in South Central LA, race riots against blacks began. They took over Martin Luther King Day and Black History Month. It�s now 96 percent Hispanics (Mexicans).�

Last week, three college bound students in Newark, New Jersey suffered execution-style killings by two illegal aliens�made possible by the �Sanctuary Policy.�

In 1979, Police Chief Daryl Gates of Los Angeles instituted a �Sanctuary Policy� known as Special Order 40. That decree allowed illegal aliens immunity from law enforcement. No matter how heinous their crimes, their immigration status could not be determined, which meant they could not be deported. It created an avalanche of �protected� and �ignored� crime. It mandated two-tiered justice.

�New Jersey was already in the news for its failure to protect its citizens from illegal aliens when the federal government arrested six would-be terrorists for plotting to kill U.S. soldiers at Fort Dix,� Gingrich said. �We learned that three of them had been illegally in the U.S. for 23 years, during which they had been charged by the local New Jersey police more than 75 times. And still, our intrepid local law-enforcement and justice bureaucrats never discovered they were here illegally.�

As you can see �Sanctuary Policy� denies application of the �rule of law� to illegal aliens. From that policy, aliens now command ID forgery networks that give them new identities, social security cards, green cards, birth certificates, drug smuggling gangs, people smuggling, child sex rings and unlimited drunk driving without driver�s licenses or insurance. Maryland and Oregon hand out driver�s licenses to illegal aliens like cotton candy. Big question: what if those Fort Dix six had succeeded in killing 100 or 500 U.S. soldiers on the base? Who would take responsibility?

In reality, what has sanctuary policy created? Greater than 20 million illegal aliens now operate lawlessly within America.

Today, dozens of cities practice �Sanctuary Policy.� City councils voted that policy into law in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Newark, New York, Miami, Detroit, Denver, Atlanta, Houston and Portland--and dozens more give immunity from prosecution for illegal aliens.

Ed Koch, Rudy Giuliani, Michael Bloomberg of New York City, Chicago�s Daley, Denver�s Hickenlooper and Webb--and most big city mayors endorse the policy. Bush I, Clinton and Bush II support sanctuary with non-enforcement of our borders.

Result? Thousands of Americans have died since 1979 via the policy. Illegal aliens bombed the WTC in 1993. More illegal aliens and visa over-stayers drove planes into the World Trade Center killing 3,000 Americans. Again, aided by George W. Bush for not enforcing our laws (some speculate he knew about it like FDR knew about Pearl Harbor). Illegal Melvo shot 10 Americans from the trunk of his car in the DC area in 2002. Illegals shot to death Denver officer Don Young and Dallas officer Brian Jackson in 2005.

Last week, illegal Jose Carranza and his side-kick MS-13 gangbanger Rodolfo Godinez executed three black students in a parking lot. How could they do it? They enjoyed �Sanctuary Policy� while both sported rap sheets as long as a football field. Those criminals benefited from protection against deportation.

In Los Angeles, Mexican gang members declared �ethnic cleansing zones� in specific parts of the city where they dominate. Last year, a 14 year old black girl wandered into one of those zones. They killed her.

When illegal alien criminals commit horrendous murders that demand lawful detention and trial, they finally go to prison. Result? Illegal alien convicts make up 29 percent of our prison population at $1.6 billion annually. Folks, that�s over 500,000 illegal alien prisoners!

That means at least 500,000 Americans suffered rapes, killings, drug deaths, drunken driving deaths, theft and worse from the illegals.

Does any U.S. Senator with a three digit IQ understand that our citizens suffer, endure and die at the hands of the �Sanctuary Policy�? Why would city councils across the nation enact it? Why would Governor Baldacci of Maine and Oregon�s governor promote sanctuary?

For readers that might want to take action, go to Michelle Malkin�s web site: and John Vizzi�s and

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What becomes of a father and his family if he won�t stand up for his kids when a bully beats them up continuously? What becomes of a nation whose governors, mayors and city councils neglect glaring inequities that lead to murders of their countrymen? Do they support the slaughter of thousands of their fellow citizens? Apparently, they do!

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Does any U.S. Senator with a three digit IQ understand that our citizens suffer, endure and die at the hands of the �Sanctuary Policy�? Why would city councils across the nation enact it? Why would Governor Baldacci of Maine and Oregon�s governor promote sanctuary?