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By Frosty Wooldridge
January 29, 2005

With 80 percent of the American public screaming for our president and Congress to secure our borders and stop illegal migration, why do you think President Bush and this Congress aren�t listening?

Short answer: They promote a different agenda against the wishes of American citizens. Since we voted the SAME Congress and president back into office, they carry out their mission: destruction of our Constitution by arrangement.

In an interview with U.S. citizen James Youngblood, this journalist detected frightening realities manifesting across this nation.

Youngblood said, "Aside from all of the obvious problems, what bothers me the most about the immigration question is the huge gap between what the great majority of people in this country appear to think should be done and the almost polar opposite stance that is taken by the government. This gap -- or disconnect -- between popular sentiment and official policy is so large that you have to question what, exactly, is really going on. That is, it's very hard to attribute this huge difference just to institutional ignorance and the normal level of bureaucratic stupidity. There's got to be more to it than that."

"From my own experience," Youngblood said, "when you see something that is this far out of kilter, it's a good idea to look for some kind of unstated agenda or overall design. Otherwise, you'll go crazy chasing down the same old rabbit trail without finding out why the trail was there in the first place. After working various tours of duty in state and local government as a planner/resource manager and having a good bit of hands-on involvement in local politics, I've learned to do this if you want to be very effective. From the academic side, you learn how to model various situations and to logically separate what are merely residual effects from real causes."

"On this basis, I personally conclude that things are as they are in this country because powerful people and institutions want them to be that way," Youngblood said. "What we observe in the United States -- including the general dumbing down of the population and the substitution of partisan name calling for reasoned debate -- is part of an agenda, and is NOT simply due to ignorance or an inability to think clearly about the issues confronting us."

"Illegal immigration, moreover, is not an exceptional case, but a powerful proof that the usually accepted 'model' of how our government works has been supplanted by something else entirely," Youngblood said. " Most Americans, as supported by both the anecdotal evidence of popular opinion outlets such as talk radio, the Internet, etc., and by legitimate, scientific polling data, overwhelmingly support stopping illegal migration. Yet, when you talk to almost any elected official of either party at any level of government, there is a total disconnect between what they say and do, and what their constituents want them to do. Their polite response, of course, is that immigration, illegal or otherwise, is good for the country."

"Why," Youngblood asked, "would they possibly say this?"

"Again, if the logic of limiting immigration into this country is so overwhelmingly on our side, and in the clear best interest of most Americans," Youngblood continued, "why, then, do almost none of our elected officials take any action to do anything about it?"

While conducting the interview, I sensed a desperation I�ve seen in other Americans I�ve interviewed who �realize� how fast this country is being taken over by outside interests via internal elected leaders. It�s quickening by the day. It�s being aided and abetted at the highest levels. Yet, most Americans are too trusting to realize their own elected officials all the way to the White House work against them.

"The only honest answer, supported by all the available data that I can ascertain, is that there is an enormous hidden agenda that is being followed," Youngblood said. "Moreover, it is understood to be of such importance that it dwarfs any concern for public opinion or even the legal provisions of the Constitution itself. Again, observe what the Bush Administration and 'our' Congress sanction regarding the immigration issue, and tell me -- honestly -- if you believe that they are in any way acting in our national interest or according to the Laws of the Land?"

In this country today, there are two kinds of people who are on 'the right side' of this issue, but they differ in the level of their understanding and effectiveness. Folks in the first group clearly see and understand the problem, but they still cling to the belief that 'the system' -- once it is made aware of the problem -- is capable of taking rational, effective action to fix it.

Youngblood said, "These are good people, but they remind me of the story of the naive Russian peasant woman who believed that the problems on her collective farm could all be solved -- if only the right people were aware that they existed. 'Surely,' she lamented, 'dear Comrade Stalin would never allow such things to happen to us if he knew!' Well, Uncle Joe DID know, and his forced collectivization policies and purges out-killed Hitler by a four to one margin!"

"In our case, 'Comrade' Bush -- and Congress -- DO know exactly what is going on with respect to the immigration issue, and that the American people are not very happy about it," Youngblood said. "As in Communist Russia of the 1920s and 30s, however, the issue is NOT about what the American people want, but, rather, what geopolitical agenda (globalism) is being advanced at all costs."

Youngblood continued, "A smaller group of us have come to realize that we are in a political 'war' with 'our' own government, and that appealing to authority -- unless it is done with overwhelming public support and with full media coverage -- is a waste of our time. Have you tried getting a straight answer on immigration from any of your elected officials lately? Makes your head hurt, doesn't it?"

One thing for sure, don't have any illusions that the existing 'system' in Washington wants to or will fix the illegal migration problem -- unless we as citizens force them to do it. Millions of Americans must rise up in collective protest to stop this invasion that is being aided and abetted by our own leaders.

"Also, as many people are coming to recognize, despite its great military might, we may be looking at the end of America's accustomed dominance as an economic superpower and even its existence as an independent, sovereign nation," Youngblood said. "It happened to Rome. Whatever the role of illegal migration is meant to play in the Globalists' agenda for America, it is apparently of such critical importance to their plans for this nation that nothing short of a 'popular revolution' by the public can possibly blunt its planned impact."

"The question before us," Youngblood said, "is HOW to turn this anti-illegal immigration movement into a popular -- should we say Populist? -- political uprising to reclaim our traditional system of government. In the plainest possible language--through uncontrolled illegal immigration, we are literally under attack in terms of the planned destruction of our resource base and the deliberate eradication of our traditional American culture."

Youngblood said, "Most of 'our' elected representatives either (1) don't get it (2) don't care, or -- worst of all -- (3) act as though they are themselves part of a conspiracy to destroy this country. The FACT is -- the majority of the Senate and House of Representatives are complicit in this drama either by doing nothing or by actively aiding this nation-destroying agenda. Maybe it's time that we forcibly remind them that this approach won't work any more."

After interviewing Youngblood, I felt a sickening dread in the pit of my stomach. It occurred to me that we are in a race against our own president and Congress as they force our nation into an open border quagmire. That�s why they dumb down our school system so we won�t have enough people thinking and responding to this nightmare. Notice the NFL, NBA and MLB receive more attendance than our voting booths. That�s why they force multiple languages on our country without end to disrupt our ability to communicate among ourselves. It causes confusion, conflict and violence that in the end, breaks down Constitutional Law in our functioning society.

That�s why they, our leaders, bankrupt our finances at $7.4 trillion in debt so we�re dependent on foreign investors who buy up land and move in like a locust plague. How about the IRS reporting the loss of $311 to $400 billion annually from employers not paying income taxes on employed illegal aliens? Notice Detroit becoming a Middle Eastern stronghold and Vancouver, Canada now suffering a Chinese beachhead of immigrants. Los Angeles is no longer an American city. For proof, all those signs in the backs of car windows driven by illegals state the obvious, "F*** YOU! THIS IS MEXICO."

Bush, Congress, corporations and the elite have moved our manufacturing base out of America in the last 20 years by outsourcing, insourcing, offshoring and breaking all our federal laws by encouraging 15-20 million illegal aliens to work at penury wages. In the process, they demolish our functioning Middle Class. Recall that Third World countries feature a high class and a low class. NO MIDDLE CLASS!

How do we stop it? We stop them. We vote the bastards out of office in 2006, which will be a resurgence of citizen protests to stop our free society from becoming a clone of India, China, Mexico, South America and Africa. I urge you to support Linda Muller and Bay Buchanan at who intend to elect American citizens to displace the Teddy Kennedy�s, John McCain�s, Jim Kyl�s, Kolbe�s, Mark Udall�s, Chris Cannon�s, Nancy Pelosi�s, Diana Degette�s, Orrin Hatch�s, David Dreier�s and most other scoundrels from continuing the destruction of our precious country. We need the Robinson�s of North Carolina, Throckmorton�s in Utah, Graf�s of Arizona, Norwood and Deal from Georgia and Tancredo of Colorado to stand up all over the country. If not, we won�t have a country much longer.

This national nightmare is deadly serious fellow Americans and moving faster than you can imagine. Write for my 28-point action letter that will empower you with actions you can take to save your country. For you West Coast night owls, every Thursday you can catch yours truly in Las Vegas, Nevada on Mark Edwards� "Wake Up America" talk show on 50,000 watt KDWN-Am-720 10:00 PM to midnight PT, or on the worldwide internet at Five nights a week,, Edwards engages patriots from across the nation to bring you the latest on this nation-destroying invasion�and what you can do about it.

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After interviewing Youngblood, I felt a sickening dread in the pit of my stomach. It occurred to me that we are in a race against our own president and Congress as they force our nation into an open border quagmire.