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By Frosty Wooldridge
May 28, 2007

Senate Bill 1348, giving mass amnesty to 20 million illegal aliens, proves a treacherous and outrageous act against our civilization by Congress and President Bush.

�Every aspect of the current immigration bill, and of the arguments made for it, has fraud written all over it,� said Dr. Thomas Sowell, African-American professor at Stanford University and writer for the San Gabriel Valley Tribune.

�What can we do with 12 million people already here illegally?� Sowell asked. �We can stop them from becoming 50 million, the way three million became 12 million from the previous amnesty in 1986.�

Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation said, �This bill will add 103 million people into the United States in 20 years and cost American taxpayers $2.3 trillion.�

Current demographic figures show the United States doubling its population from 300 million to 600 million via immigration. The ramifications of multiplying our current dilemmas double in every aspect of this civilization.

After the 20 million illegals become legalized, Z-visas add 400,000 workers annually forever.

S.B. 1348 presents amnesty for 636,000 deportee convicted criminal absconders �lost� somewhere in America.

The amazing aspect of this bill reverses justice by enforcing amnesty for lawlessness while abdicating the rule of law. For example, over 15,000 MS-13 gang members become eligible for amnesty and eventual citizenship.

This amnesty undermines American citizens and legal immigrants from A to Z. It hijacks our electoral system by giving millions of illegal aliens the ability to vote in our local and national elections. They will vote for everything �Mexico� and against anything �American.� This amnesty shoplifts America�s sovereignty out the door toward Third World Momentum.

Illegal aliens become eligible for college tuition subsidies in the Dream Act. At the same time, your tax dollars fund lawyers for illegal aliens. �Every illegal alien working in the agricultural sector would have access to an immigration attorney to argue his case through the immigration courts and federal courts of appeals�all at taxpayer expense,� said Dr. Mathew Spalding of the Heritage Foundation.

�These Z-visas are nearly as good as non-provisional Z-visas, giving the alien immediate lawful status, protection from deportation, authorization to work, and the ability to exit and enter the country,� said Kris Kobach, professor of law at the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

Bush touts this as a temporary guest worker program. Yes, and he would like to sell you a used car from the �Hood.� But, what�s under the hood? Why after six years in office�after refusing to enforce our immigration laws�does he want to sell you a bogus �comprehensive immigration reform bill�?

John Boehner, former House Majority Leader, said, �I promised the President today that I wouldn�t say anything bad about...this piece of s**t bill.� Mark Twain said, �Suppose you were an idiot; and suppose you were a member of Congress. But I repeat myself.�

Arch conservative Rush Limbaugh screamed that the amnesty bill spells disaster for America. Ann Coulter echoed Limbaugh. Next up, Bush lapdog Sean Hannity lamented that the amnesty bill proved a disaster for all Americans. Pat Buchanan, former U.S. presidential candidate, said, �This bill will be the death of America.�

Other more rational minds, columnist George Will, Congressman Newt Gingrich, Fred Thompson, Tom Tancredo, William F. Buckley and Ed Meese oppose S.B. 1348.

Who supports it? Senator Teddy Kennedy, a man who never stepped foot into America in his life and knows nothing of the cultural carnage he heaped on America with his 1965 Immigration Reform Act and 1986 amnesty. God help America if we allow this village idiot of a man to drive the final nail into the coffin of our civilization in 2007.

Nothing about S.B. 1348 benefits America. It proves treachery against citizenship, the U.S. Constitution, lawful behavior and responsible migration. It transforms all immigration into the USA into a free-for-all.

Congress injects a syringe into America�s aorta and when Bush signs it, he pumps this nation into a future of Balkanization, accelerating imported poverty, displacement of America�s middle class and certain loss of the American Dream.

This bill ensures the end of America�s most cohesive aspect; its English language. Emanuel Kant said, �The two great dividers are religion and language.�

"Under this bill, every immigrant is his own bubble of linguistic entitlement," says Jim Boulet Jr., executive director of English First. Thanks to President Bill Clinton's Executive Order 13166! As Sen. James Inhofe, R-OK, told the Senate, this is "an entitlement for a translator in any language you want other than English."

This bill proves Mark Twain�s lament when he said, �No man�s life, liberty or property is safe while the Congress is in session.� Hard to fathom paying U.S. senators to enact quality bills�but, instead, we receive drivel. Their actions illustrate the �good of the country� comes second to power, greed and money. Nothing in this bill benefits American citizens!

But who become the biggest fools of all? Who will bequeath to their children a whirlwind of consequences as they uttered not one word while they did nothing to stop their country being ripped out from under them?

The great American �Silent Majority�! It�s the same majority that twiddled its thumbs while the Vietnam War slaughtered 58,000 of its sons and wounded 350,000 into lives of legless and armless despair. They watched while three million Vietnamese suffered horrible deaths from napalm, bombs and Agent Orange. What a horrific tragedy for humanity! All of it based on the lie of the �Gulf of Tonkin Resolution� by Lyndon Baines Johnson!

That same �Silent Majority� sits by while George Bush slaughters 3,440, and counting, U.S. combat soldiers and 24,000 wounded young American men and women in Iraq pretending to pursue a �War on Terror� while he leaves our borders stark raving open to any terrorist crossing in the dead of night. Bush killed, according to the Johns Hopkins Report, 655,000 Iraqi civilians. He�s dropped depleted uranium bombs that cause birth defects in Iraqis for generations while poisoning our own soldiers. He based his war on the bald faced lie of �Weapons of Mass Destruction.�

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If the �Silent Majority� sits idly by on this S.B 1348, neither the United States of America nor the �American Dream� will survive the sheer population numbers of adding 100 million people, let alone the Balkanization, conflicting languages, diseases, crime and poverty of this advancing �Human Katrina.�

What you can do for a better future for your country:

A republican form of government is not a spectator sport. It means you must jump in, roll up you sleeves and take personal and collective action. Of course, you could let a dictator take over and do everything for you, but that path would give you Cuba, China, North Korea and other unsavory examples.

To stop Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid from giving an amnesty, take action. Call for a full 10 year moratorium.

Washington, DC - (202) 225-4965
San Francisco, CA - (415) 556-4862



Senator Harry Reid
202-224-3121 in Washington DC
775-686-5750 in Reno, NV

George Bush
1600 Pennsylvania Ave, NW
Washington, DC 20500
Comments: 202-456-1111
Switchboard for live listener: 202 456 1414
Fax: 202-456-2461

We must 'sour the milk.� Bring out your points in the call:

1, America cannot support another 100 million people added to our country in 34 years, i.e., water crisis, resource depletion, air pollution, gridlock, loss of quality of life, etc.
2, America cannot support lawbreakers being given citizenship.
3, America must maintain our English language.
4, America wants only legal immigrants who play by the rules and speak English.
5, America's working poor deserve a chance at jobs taken by illegals
6, America already has too many people and I support a 10 year moratorium on all immigration.
7, Americans must maintain our schools for our children.
8, We can no longer tolerate 350,000 birthright citizens (anchor babies) annually that subtract from our own citizens.
9, Attrition through enforcement by stopping their ability to wire money home, obtain rental housing and jobs.
10, An amnesty failed in 1986, and it will only be worse today. We're being displaced out of our jobs and out of our own country. Call with relentless and never-give-up passion.

To stop illegal aliens in your community, you may follow the course of action by Mayor Louis Barletta of Hazelton, PA. He offers a bomb proof ordinance that takes business licenses away from those who hire illegals. He legally halts landlords from renting to illegals. Without work and without housing, illegals cannot stay in your community. Check out his web site for instructions:

Visit D.A. King at the to see how Georgia created the best laws to stop illegals at the state level.

Please check out William Gheen at He�s a mover and shaker. He will direct you to specific actions that make you more powerful and impactful.

To stop this invasion locally and nationally: join for free and you can join and

Wooldridge presents a 45 minute program to colleges, high schools, civic clubs, church groups and political clubs across America titled: �COMING POPULATION CRISIS IN AMERICA: WHAT YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT.� Go to his website for further information on booking the program.

Would you like to support the PRR? Send donations to: 21st Century Paul Revere Ride at POB 207, Louisville, CO 80027.;;; Also, check out at 1 866 329 3999;;;;;;;;;;; My book: �IMMIGRATION�S UNARMED INVASION: DEADLY CONSEQUENCES� Call: 1 888 280 7715.;;;;

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That same �Silent Majority� sits by while George Bush slaughters 3,440, and counting, U.S. combat soldiers and 24,000 wounded young American men and women in Iraq pretending to pursue a �War on Terror� while he leaves our borders stark raving open to any terrorist crossing in the dead of night.