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By Frosty Wooldridge
August 17, 2006

Ladies and gentlemen, fellow Americans and dear citizens: Senate Bill 2611 passed by 62 irrelevant U.S. senators elected by you to represent the United States Constitution and your wishes on illegal immigration--stands as an earthquake below the surface of our civilization in 2006. It creates a human tsunami guaranteed to fracture our nation within 20 years. Once it hits, once it crashes over 100 million people onto our shores in the next 34 years�we�re finished as a culture, language and cohesive society and our educational and medical systems implode via sheer numbers.

We�re finished as a single people and as a viable, sustainable nation. Everything we�ve built for 230 years dies an ugly death by population overload. We will be displaced out of our communities, language, schools and culture. We�ll lose states such as California, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona to an unending flood of humanity. However, all states shall suffer this human tsunami. Once it manifests, no one will escape its consequences. Once these immigrants transplant themselves into our nation, we can�t sustain our society.

I urge you to make a stand knowing what S.B. 2611 portends for your children. What it does:

(a) gives citizenship amnesty to nearly 12 million illegal aliens and to as high as 20 million

(b) doubles permanent importation of foreign workers and dependents from 1 million to 2 million a year

(c) makes moderate improvements in enforcement against future illegal aliens, i.e., like 1986 amnesty, it equals token enforcement

(d) in sum, allows 66 million more permanent immigrants over the next 20 years, 100 million over 35 years

OR: You can work for �Attrition through Enforcement�. A Reduction of Illegal Alien Population Through True Enforcement (H.R. 4437)

(a) provides NO amnesty to illegal aliens and NO increases in permanent immigration

(b) builds walls on the hardest to defend parts of the Mexican border and increases Border Patrol

(c) adds several strong provisions to stop businesses from employing illegal aliens

(d) bars illegal aliens from more tax-funded benefits

(e) in sum, makes life much more difficult for illegal aliens, causing them to go back home over time

Across America, fellow citizens from 80 to 90 percent of us demand H.R. 4437. However, we suffer the best Senate corporate America can buy. If you remain silent, if you do nothing, if you stand by, if you hope it will go away on its own, future generations will be swimming for their lives in the aftermath of 100 to 200 million people from poverty stricken Third World countries from around the world�landing full force on American society.

A fellow American wrote this letter to Senator Frist:

Dear Senator Frist:

It's just a thing about the wording but, I believe that many illegal aliens do want citizenship in the USA simply because it grants them better access to the benefits that they so covet. One example is so many women coming here to deliver their anchor babies.

What they don't want is to become "Americans" i.e., good US citizens loyal to this nation, absorbed into our culture, part of our society, etc. They are here to take, get, and if possible, conquer.

The problem I see with the wording that they 'do not want citizenship' is two fold.

First, slippery little congressmen will then tell us that since they don't want it that it is OK to give it to the few who do want it. Of course there would be no numerical limitations on how many could apply and receive citizenship. Furthermore, it discriminates against all those who wish to immigrate to America legally. Additionally, it makes the patriots and activists passive on that issue since after seeing the statement too many times they start to think that it is a front which doesn't need their attention. After all, if the illegal aliens don't want it, why bother defending it. And naturally, those wily congressmen, especially our Senators, would like to see us asleep on the watch.

Second; I do not care what the illegal aliens want. I want them to go home or be sent home. It is my country, your country, our country, but, it is not their country. I, like many patriots, and probably yourself, do not want the illegal aliens to get citizenship. Not today, not tomorrow, just plain never.

Thank you,

Walter W. Haessner

Ladies and gentlemen, fellow Americans: I don�t care how you cut S.B 2611, it�s a human tsunami crashing into our nation and our children�s lives with all the destructive force of the �ocean� tsunami that hit Sri Lanka last year. It�ll prove worse than 10 Katrina hurricanes that hit New Orleans.

I invite you out of your chair, away from your TV, out of your lethargy and toward your phone, fax, email and snail mail for a noble purpose. Call or write Lou Dobbs, Bill O�Reilly, Larry King, Brit Hume, Wolf Blitzer, Tucker Carlson, Katie Couric, Harry Smith, Diane Sawyer and everyone one at the top to voice your anger, demands and solutions. Demand they interview speakers like Chris Simcox, Tom Tancredo, Congressman Steve King, J.D. Hayworth, Russell Pearce, Jim Gilchrist, Terry Anderson, Ezola Foster, Andy Ramirez, Lupe Moreno and yours truly to stop this invasion. Call every senator and tell him your demands. Call every radio station with your demands. Write every day your letters to the editor to stop this invasion. Join every immigration group. Maintain relentless enthusiasm for your country and your children�s future.

This nation and your kids need you to take action at every level to stop S.B. 2611 from being passed in its present form. We cannot afford 100 to 200 million more people in our country. It�s that simple; it�s that deadly; it�s that real; it�s the death of our nation.

What we need is H.R. 4437 which promotes �attrition through enforcement� of our laws. We must reduce legal immigration to less than 100,000 per year after a five to ten year moratorium. Passing H.R. 4437 means illegal foreigners receive a first class ticket home to work on their own societies, their own countries and their own governments�instead of destroying ours.

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This nation and your kids need you to take action at every level to stop S.B. 2611 from being passed in its present form. We cannot afford 100 to 200 million more people in our country. It�s that simple; it�s that deadly; it�s that real; it�s the death of our nation.