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By Frosty Wooldridge
July 31, 2006

Thousands of readers of this column chastise me for not addressing what�s really happening to America. They accuse me of dancing around the elephant in the kitchen. They want me to spell it out, to expose it, to say it like it really is. Okay, here is what is happening to our country.

We�re being flooded with millions of Third World immigrants both legal and illegal. How many? Since 1965, 106 million people added to our nation, mostly by immigration from overloaded countries like China, India, Mexico and Africa. In effect, we�re paying for their mistakes. Worse, we did it to ourselves. Or, should I say, men like Teddy Kennedy with his 1965 Immigration Reform Act and other lawmakers doomed our country. We aided and abetted the destruction of our country by standing quietly on the sidelines doing nothing.

Today, we add millions from countries like Mexico and the Middle East with incoming immigrants that don�t like us. Why? Because the capitalistic engine requires unending growth, production of goods, endless markets and massive consumption! For what? Profits! Today, corporations led by money-men like former Ken Lay, now deceased, of Enron require riches beyond yours and my imagination. Did Lay show any regard for his employees? He screwed thousands of them out of millions. He and thousands of CEOs and company presidents crave money, which gives them power, which gives them prestige. Someone always guns for the crown of richest man in the world. How does he get there? He needs millions of consumers to spend their money on his products! Population growth creates wealth for a few at the top.

Back to basics: if not for Senator Teddy Kennedy and if we had kept our borders secure and immigration to a stable 175,000 annually, we would have leveled out at a reasonable 255 million people today, but instead, we�ll exceed 300 million this year. By 2040, at current immigration rates, we�ll exceed 400 million. By 2065, 550 million on our way to a billion! All the while, the Third World grows by 80 million annually, so no matter how many we immigrate to save their lives, we end up destroying our own country.

The United States of America, after 230 successful years is being methodically dismantled by men creating a New World Order. The Middle Class of America must be brought down to the level of the poor classes around the world to make it possible. This plan downgrades every American�s standard of living and ability to work a job with a living wage. While we suffer 14 million unemployed Americans, we�re being flooded by massive, unrelenting immigration. All the while, those immigrants do not understand nor do they have any comprehension of what it takes to maintain the most delicate form of government: a constitutional republic.

George W. Bush, not a student of history and a poor student to boot, but a man of the wealthy class--lacks the education and intellect to understand the consequences of his globalist agenda for the United States. Since he�s not the victim of what he perpetrates on us, he charges ahead with his Security and Prosperity Partnership. This agreement cannot succeed unless he diminishes our Middle Class by overwhelming America with Mexico�s poorest, most dependent, most illiterate and least able to stand for their rights. That�s exactly what happened in Mexico. President Fox kept his poorest even poorer, and desperate. Then, he sent them to colonize America.

As Bush degrades our Middle Class, he enlarges a new American poor class. His SPP depends on degrading our borders to allow even more millions of Mexicans, Central and South Americans to cross unimpeded. As the flood of poor descends on America to do the jobs that Americans won�t do, these �workers� rev the consumption engine by sheer human numbers. As you can see, there is no end to the numbers of people Bush will allow across our borders. Therefore, no border; no order!

In the end, we will all be equally poor, very uneducated and fighting among ourselves as Mexicans do not and will not assimilate into becoming Americans. They create an antagonistic subclass that soon will outnumber Americans in the four Border States. But, they�re not stopping there as they expand into every state. Thus, they create the same kind of violence and tension experienced in the Paris, France riots. Remember, France�s violence occurred from legal immigrants. If you don�t think we�re headed for the same consequences, check out that, with 10 million illegal alien Mexicans in our country, a full 29 percent, or 630,000 convicted illegal aliens reside in our state and federal prisons. In addition, over 11,000 MS-13 gang members from El Salvador operate in our country where they distribute $100 billion in drugs annually. Corruption becomes a mechanism by which Third World societies operate. That means their people bring that kind of corruption into our country as they grow in numbers.

Mind you, this snapshot of our dilemma doesn�t address the loss our language, our hospitals, schools, overpopulation, air pollution and illegal alien ethnic tension growing in our communities.

Has the United Nations solved the world�s problems or stopped wars and world starvation? Will a One World Order solve humanities propensities for conflict? One look at Darfur, Lebanon, Paris, France and dozens of wars around the world suggest not.

The United States Constitution proves this nation�s success for 230 years, but Bush drives us toward no border, no order, no nation.

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You�re watching a dramatic human social experiment, and for the most part, the majority of Americans sit on their couches watching the destruction of their own country by their own leaders. They flip channels while their leaders flippantly disregard the U.S. Constitution. They whine like a dog chained in the backyard, but lick their frustrations without taking action. Americans watch this New World Order spread like California wildfires, but won�t step outside their doors to vote to throw out the politicians pushing it onto this country. As a nation, we�ve become fat, lazy, uninvolved and take everything we enjoy for granted. As we do nothing, we lose everything that defines America. We become a cog in the New World Order. We lose our borders. We lose order. We lose America. George Bush drives our nation to its end and he enjoys 30 more months to finish America.

If you�ll notice the 62 senators that voted for Senate Bill 2611 that floods us with 100 million more people in 34 years, you notice he�s got plenty of help in destroying the United States of America.

No border, no order, no nation.

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We�re being flooded with millions of Third World immigrants both legal and illegal. How many? Since 1965, 106 million people added to our nation, mostly by immigration from overloaded countries like China, India, Mexico and Africa.