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By Frosty Wooldridge
July 20, 2006


Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana

You ever see a city die? Miles down the road toward Indianapolis, Indiana; I couldn�t tear my mind from what I saw in Detroit, Michigan. In the morning, we had biked into the heart of the Motor City, where today, no one produces cars. The last automobile plant in Detroit closed many years ago. Henry Ford�s city dies by the hands of the men in Washington, DC. Michigan loses 1,000 manufacturing jobs weekly from out-sourcing, in-sourcing and off-shoring. While Michigan�s license plate says, �Motor Capitol of the World�, its current reality resembles a leper colony of former auto workers.

Not only that, Middle Eastern legal immigrants numbering hundreds of thousands build mosques with Saudi money as they colonize the city into a replica of their nations in the sands of Arabia. They bow and scrape to Mecca with horns sounding over parts of the city five times a day. If you�re there, you�ll see Muslims kneeling all over the place. They�re creating a country within our country. It is weird seeing turbans, body covering shawls and foreigners pretending to be Americans. They do not assimilate as they dominate sectors of our nation like Detroit, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami and Houston. While industry flees Michigan, immigrants cascade into the state. This year, Ford and General Motors announced 60,000 layoffs in the next two years. Bush thinks out-sourcing benefits America. God help me where he came up with that idea.

Let me guess! He�s never worked a middle class job in his life which means he has no idea what he�s doing to average citizens.

What are the results? As we biked along Telegraph Road and Grand River, we traveled along a lot of pavement including Five Mile Road. We traveled where big signs announced warehouses: �For Sale or Lease 100,000 square feet� mile after mile. Michigan�s manufacturing base vanishes as quickly as autumn leaves in October. However, they don�t return in spring.

Out-sourcing, in-sourcing, off-shoring flat-out kills America�s manufacturing base. We suffer $700 billion annual trade deficit. We borrow $2 billion daily from foreign investors to float our debt. We pay $400 million daily to pay interest on our $8 trillion national debt. While Bush and Congress write more H-1B, H-2B, L-1 and other visas to flood our work force with foreigners, they don�t take into account the millions of American families tragically affected. Why? Easy! It�s not politicians� jobs being given away and not their paychecks vanishing. I think we need to vote them out of office so they can compete with the illegal aliens who do the jobs Americans won�t do.

We cruised into the capitol building in Indianapolis where Natisha of I-Fire gave us a great reception. We gave our speeches, interviews to the press and rolled out of town like the Indy 500. However, as we departed the race car city, we saw many used car lots and other Mexican establishments flying their Mexican flags. No American flags! Just Mexican! Nothing irks me worse than my fellow Americans standing around picking their noses and scratching their butts while people from other countries, illegally in our country, parade their illegality and their flags right in front our noses�AND SAY NOTHING and DO NOTHING. No wonder we�re losing our country piece meal. This apathy of my fellow citizens in every city across our nation makes me sick to my stomach.

As we throttled into the wind, Hoosier country and people couldn�t be friendlier. They greeted us along the highway with enthusiasm, thumbs up and cheers from most cars that passed us.

What�s it like on this 48 state ride across America? I share with you that my fellow riders show a great deal of grit and determination. They ride long hours in hot weather as high as 112 degrees. They have endured rain, storms, snow and hail. They�ve been cheered, thanked and appreciated. They�ve also been cursed, spit at and screamed at. They stand resolute in their mission.

Don, a 68 year old grandfather, understands his grandkids� dilemma if we allow this country to become a bilingual, low wage and fractured country. As a physicist, he understands the dynamics of carrying capacity which is overwhelmed by overpopulation pressures. He�d like to change our immigration course to a more reasonable 100,000 per year which would allow a sustainable future for all future Americans. Don said, �We can�t keep adding people from a line that grows by 80 million annually�we can�t save them all, but we can destroy our country.�

Cindy, riding that big Harley, presents audiences with sobering aspects of illegal aliens� impact on our hospitals. As an ICU nurse, she tells folks she treated a 20 year old illegal in her care who suffered from AIDS and tuberculosis. She tells folks that no one is safe from the unending onslaught of illegals rupturing our health care systems across our country. She�s been steady and true on this ride. Never complains and rides hard! I ride behind her.

Micha, riding another Harley, speaks to crowds about her honoring this country as a new immigrant. She took six years to learn our language, culture and geography. She�s the mother of four children and a small business owner. She works hard, plays hard and loves motorcycles. She�s got spirit and great passion for America. She and her husband support this ride with their family and friends.

Rick, at 68, enjoys ten grandkids and wants to give them a future. He knows how much of a crisis this nation faces with this immigration invasion. It�s not a funny prospect that faces his grandchildren. Rick�s humor keeps all of us laughing. His closing speech at the rallies inspires me each time. Rick leads our group most days. It�s comforting knowing he�s up ahead. He and all these riders stay safe and protect one another. I�m honored to ride with them. We take care of each other.

Howard, my brother, my best friend and our trail boss, keeps us on time and moving down the road. He faxes, calls, emails press releases and alerts the media. He speaks in front of the cameras and gives radio interviews going down the road. He keeps us informed and when he wants us moving, he says, �Wheels up in 10 minutes.� I�m proud of him as he�s ridden his horse across America coast to coast and wrote a book about it: �Misty�s Long Ride: Across America on Horseback.� He�s a man of true grit. I�m honored to be Howard�s brother on this long ride across America on iron horses.

We cruised beside crop fields from the northern end of Indiana to the southern tip. It�s the state where French Lick produced Larry Bird and the movie �Hoosiers�. Along with racing cars and basketball, Indiana�s richness lies in its farmland. That�s what puts food on the table.

Soon, we crossed into the rolling Kentucky hills. Beautiful horse ranches and farms stretched through verdant valleys. We reached Frankfort, Kentucky for a rally on the capitol steps. We met a lot of fine people. Brett and Vicki, along with Jeff, Allen and Curtis accompanied us to their house where we sat down for a fine meal. Later, Jeff and Curtis brought out their guitars and we sang and played into the night. The next day, they led us to Jeff�s ranch where he kept horses and motorcycles. We rolled through the Kentucky hills until we reached Maker�s Mark which is a bourbon distillery in business since 1805. Thank you Brett, Vicki, Allen, Curtis and Jeff for some of the best times on the ride.

In Nashville, Tennessee, Rolling Thunder 1 met us for the best motorcycle cavalcade into their capitol that we have encountered. Thank you to Sid, Bob, Gabby and Theresa for your excellent organization. They blocked off intersections as a line of bikes vanished in my rear views mirrors. We enjoyed a great rally. Nothing beats Rolling Thunder!

I admit that I�ve loved Elvis Presley�s music all my life. I danced to his tunes with a lot of pretty women over the years, too! It saddened me in 1977 when he died. In Memphis, Tennessee, I stopped at Graceland to see his final resting place. Along with Billy the Kid, Elvis lived more life in his 42 years than most live in 75. The tour of his mansion and awards is well worth four hours of your time.

We rode hard in 102 degrees heat toward Little Rock, Arkansas. The rally did not live up to our expectations. It astounds me that 10,000 illegal aliens marched in Chicago this week demanding they not be deported because they possess �immigrant rights� but our Paul Revere Riders couldn�t muster 10 people for a rally to stop illegals from entering our country let alone one single news source to report our efforts. And, that�s after all media outlets had been faxed, phone and emailed press releases of our stand at the capitol. It�s as if this nation�s media, governors, Congress and president methodically dismantle our nation by design. Worse, the American people stand by watching it happen.

Heading into Louisiana, we witnessed depressing poverty in city after city along rural highways. You have to see people walking around piles of trash while doing nothing about it. Entire families live in shacks. Why do people live in such abject poverty inside the most prosperous nation on earth? Why would they walk around the trash instead of picking it up to make their neighborhoods look nicer? Answer: lack of personal pride or hope.

As I rode down the highway, I wondered why we�re building Iraq�s society at $300 billion while we allow many parts of our country to rot. Look at our ghettoes in most of our large cities. Why do we allow them, but spend billions on other countries? We take care of them but don�t take care of our citizens.

As to this invasion, we�re educating millions of kids from foreign countries here illegally while our own kids suffer with multiple languages and diseases in our schools. We offer 20 million illegal aliens free hospital care while 40 million of our own citizens lack medical insurance�so they can�t get medical service. Twenty-five Americans suffer death by illegal aliens from murders to drunken drivers every day in this country, but we�ve got a president who invites more illegals by the thousands daily. We suffer a Congress that won�t get its head out of its proverbial behind. All the while, illegals grow in their arrogance and demands.

All these thoughts revolve in my mind as I watch our nation plunge into its greatest crisis since the Civil War. Most Americans not affected by it simply ignore it. Millions affected by this invasion haven�t reached the �tipping point� of critical mass to take action instead of complain or snooze in front of their TVs, but I pray to God they become involved sooner rather than later. At some point, it WILL be too late. Ask those French in Paris, France or the Dutch from Holland or the British in London with their fractured British society.

At the state capitol in Baton Rouge, I asked several women at the front desk why their governor wouldn�t speak out against all the illegals taking jobs away from U.S. citizens after Katrina created a bonanza of clean-up jobs. They said, �Politicians don�t do anything unless it involves money or votes�much of New Orleans was on welfare but now they�re moving to Baton Rouge�our social services are being deluged with the victims of Katrina�but they were already on so much welfare, they get enough in aid to dependent children, food stamps, assisted housing�so they won�t work.�

At the same time, those who employ illegal aliens don�t mind cheating, risking prison for hiring illegals, lying, filling out false documents, paying under the table, not paying taxes and undermining our country and Constitution�for the love of ill-gotten money. Makes you sick doesn�t it?

I can�t help lament the majority of non-active Americans watching but doing nothing. It�s like, what are you waiting for? If not now, when? If not you, who? Results? Aren�t Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, much of New York and many more cities enough of a hint?

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At the state capitol in Baton Rouge, I asked several women at the front desk why their governor wouldn�t speak out against all the illegals taking jobs away from U.S. citizens after Katrina created a bonanza of clean-up jobs. They said, �Politicians don�t do anything unless it involves money or votes....