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By Frosty Wooldridge
December 11, 2004

You�ve watched violence consume countries around the globe. You�ve seen the unending nightmare of Israel and Palestine. You�ve seen violence of divisive ethnic factions in Bosnia. You�ve watched the Sunnis and Kurds slice each other up in Iraq. You�ve seen it in the Balkans. You saw it last month when an Islamic man stabbed the great grandson of Vincent Van Gogh as he rode his bicycle in a city in Holland. It is a pernicious, long-term inability to find common ground or compatibility between antagonistic groups of people.

Don�t tip back too far into your rocking chair with any sense of safety because Balkanization pours into America at over 5,000 to as high as 10,000 illegal aliens per night. Even more ironic, legal immigrants grow into enclaves that foster more of their former societies than absorbing into our culture. Not all come to assimilate. Not all come to speak English. Millions have no intention of becoming Americans. They are often illiterate, have no investment or loyalty toward our country, and even if educated�they possess another agenda.

As if insanity took the front row seat in President Bush�s mind and likewise Congress, our leaders 'conduct' this quickening orchestration of a cancer growing inside America.

Three years after 9/11, Bush fails to protect and secure our borders. Bush, behind his Oval Office door, strips main components from H.R. 10 that would stop illegal aliens from gaining driver�s licenses and legal access to our services. Bush stands in direct defiance of our FBI�s recommendations as well as the 9/11 Commission. Karl Rove, his trusted side kick, is dumber than Festus on "Gunsmoke." Let me correct that--Festus had more common sense than Karl Rove.

Bush spits in the faces of the families who lost loved ones in 9/11. Why? His actions provoke a sure-fire recipe for another 9/11. But the coming 9/11 has to do with Balkanizing this country into internal violence more deadly than external terrorists.

On November 1, 2004, at San Francisco State University, Muslim Arab students charged a Republican student voter table screaming, "You and the Jews want to kill all Muslims!" A large mob of American-Arab students threatened American students. The very fact that we�re hyphenating our citizens today shows a growing split among ourselves. We used to be Americans, period!

One Republican student asked if the woman hated America so much, why didn�t she leave? "I have some pride!" she yelled. "I would strap a bomb on myself and blow myself up as a suicide bomber rather than call myself an American."

She referred to terrorists as, "Freedom fighters!" Apparently, she does not understand the right to vote peaceably for change. So much for her peaceful assimilation into American society!

In Germany, immigrant Muslims imams were secretly filmed in a mosque preaching, "Those Germans, those atheists, they don�t shave their armpits. Their sweat spreads evil smells. They stink. What good do they do us? Since they are unbelievers, in the afterlife, they can only burn in hell." This did not go down well when the German public that saw and heard it. (Source: Washington Times 11/20/04)

How about our own growing five million Muslim population in America? What are they saying? Are they assimilating? Certainly not at San Francisco State University! Similar problems arose in Detroit this year as Muslims forced their five calls to Mecca over the city via loudspeakers through gaining a majority on the Hamtramck city council. Citizens of that city quietly flee that Islamic enclave. In England, Islam demands that women swim at different times in the public swimming pools. Instead of emerging from the Dark Ages in a First World country, they prefer to force the Dark Ages back on England. Will they demand the same of us? If we allow their numbers to grow in America, count on it.

In Colorado four years ago, so many Somalian Muslim immigrants committed the barbaric practice of �female genital mutilation� on their female babies that a law was passed prohibiting the Dark Ages practice with prison terms. However, in the past two years, 24,000 Somalian immigrants imported into America thanks to na�ve church groups. When told the practice was against our laws, the immigrants cut their daughters before coming to America.

Last week in a Los Angeles high school with 90 percent illegal aliens, American blacks suffered displacement. What were once nice neighborhoods have now turned yards into growing corn and laundry hanging in front with vehicles parked on the grass while goats and chickens roam the streets.

Last month, a riot erupted between Mexicans and American blacks. Today, cops stand guard on campus. How long can we Americans tolerate violent diversity and multiculturalism that does not assimilate? (Source: LA Times 11/22/04)

The most deadly aspect of Balkanization and certain to happen more often in the future took place in Wisconsin last week. Hmong immigrant, Chai Vang, 36, now part of 75,000 flown into our country from Third World Laos, instead of bagging a deer during hunting season�trained his semi-automatic rifle on eight unarmed Americans who asked him to leave their private land. He was trespassing and he knew it as the land was amply posted. Instead of leaving, he killed Americans by shooting them in the back.

"Killed were Robert Crotteau, 42; his son Joey Crotteau, 20; Al Laski, 43; Mark Roidt, 28; Terry Willers� daughter Jessica 27; and Dennis Drew 55 all from Rice Lake." (Source: Associated Press�Robert Imrie) Over 100 years ago, Teddy Roosevelt said, "The one absolutely certain way of bringing this nation to ruin, or preventing all possibility of its continuing as a nation at all, would be to permit it to become a tangle of squabbling nationalities." [And multiple languages]

Yet this president and Congress refuse to fulfill their oaths of office. They swore to protect us from enemies both foreign and domestic. They have done neither before 9/11 nor after. To whom do they abdicate their sworn oath of office and why? Our country is in grave danger illustrated by a book written by Jean Raspail, "The Camp of the Saints."

A man stands on the deck of a ship as his band of ragged refugees sails toward another country after they turned their own into a filthy quagmire. Look at Mexico City and now, Los Angeles for modern day examples! Look at Nigeria and southern France for more indications of this human dilemma! He said, "You don�t know my people�the squalor, superstitions, the fatalistic sloth that they�ve wallowed in for generations. You don�t know what you�re in for if that fleet of brutes ever lands in your lap! Everything will change in this country of yours. They will swallow you up."

As I said, don�t tip too far back in your easy chair with any sense of safety. That fleet of brutes crosses over our borders at 4,000 per night in the Arizona sector alone. Three million in 2004 according to Time Magazine! They�re expanding into every sector of our society with no end in sight�thanks to our president and Congress sitting on their hands�much like they were previous to 9/11.

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Yet this president and Congress refuse to fulfill their oaths of office. They swore to protect us from enemies both foreign and domestic. They have done neither before 9/11 nor after.