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By Frosty Wooldridge
December 30, 2005

When the rate of immigration exceeds the rate of assimilation as it is in the United States today, our civilization stands in the cross-hairs of deadly consequences. Paris, France illustrates a clue to our own future. Sydney, Australia brings it home like gang busters. Holland�s Theo Van Gogh suffered death by a Third World immigrant angry about a movie. Muslim men raping Swedish women reached epidemic proportions in 2005. By importing massive numbers of Third World immigrants, both countries find themselves suffering from violent social upheaval. Nothing good will come of it.

Who suffers? The politicians who brought the mess into being in those countries? Hardly! Who then? The simple answer is: the citizens of those societies.

Closer to home, Mexico suffers a corrupt government. It�s led by President Vicente Fox and his band of cronies. Mexico�s corruption is imbedded into every aspect of its society. The same holds true for many Third World nations. Corruption becomes a mechanism by which those societies operate.

That corruption spreads into the United States in the form of MS-13 gangs passing through Mexico from El Salvador now operating in 33 states with over 11,000 members. Drugs, killings, sex for sale and extortion make up their modus operandi. Corruption imbeds itself in Los Angeles, California with the 20,000 member �18th Street Gang� that facilitates drive-by shootings, drug distribution and extortion of businesses. Fox and Mexico facilitate $128 billion annually in drugs being shipped into America.

This kind of crime stands as a systemic breakdown of the rule of law in America. It�s so bad, police in Los Angeles and other cities�can�t stop it.

In a �60 Minutes� special, Steve Kroft presented another aspect of crime spreading across America. Ten million illegal Mexicans use America for their base of operations. They defraud our tax system, welfare, schools and hospitals. Untold numbers of illegals from South America facilitate a $10 billion annual shoplifting crime wave.

Over 2,500 members, all illegal aliens, participate in highly-skilled, well-organized groups that steal clothes, jewelry and cargo from anywhere in the United States. They fence stolen goods on web sites, underground discount stores in the US and through shipments back to their countries.

Craig Matsamato, head of loss prevention at Reebok said. �You�re finding them throughout California, Maryland, Chicago, Miami and New York.�

New York Police Department�s Organized Theft Task Force Sgt. Scott Guginski said, �They�re professional at what they do. They make special �booster bags� lined with foil to smuggle merchandise out of the store without being detected.�

If arrested, they know their �rights�, especially in the dozens of �Sanctuary Cities� across America. A sanctuary city is one designated by mayors or city councils to protect illegals from being detected as to their immigration status. They cannot be arrested for being inside the United States illegally. It gives illegals carte blanc for their illegal activities. Sanctuary policies in Denver and Boulder have gotten three Americans killed in the past year.

�Last year, the South American gangs were responsible for 195 jewelry robberies, stealing an estimated $75 million in merchandise,� Rich Loebl, vice-president of Le Vian Jewelers in New York.

Miami�s example of a �Sanctuary City� last week showed how Reynaldo Rapalo, an illegal alien from Honduras, raped seven women from 11 year old girls all the way up to 79 year old ladies. He enjoyed his rape spree at the hands of public officials who voted for the sanctuary policy.

Remember what President George Bush says, �They do the work that American citizens won�t do.�

�These groups pre-determine and have plans if somebody is arrested,� Sgt. Guginski said. �If a team of eight goes out and two of them are arrested, it�s the responsibility of the other six to get the money together to bail them out and get them back on the street. Teams consist of men and women. Their precision exceeds most law enforcement officers� imaginations.�

Since George Bush and Congress won�t secure America�s borders, criminals from China, Russia, Mexico and South America stroll across at will. They�re so many of them today in the United States; they think it�s normal to carry on their lawless behavior.

Who pays? You and I do! American taxpayers pay $1.6 billion annually to imprison the illegals that are convicted of felony crimes. Do you want to know the numbers that involves? With two million felons in federal and state prisons, illegal alien criminals make up 29 percent of the prison population. That equals in excess of 550,000 illegal alien criminals that enjoy three squares daily, a bed and TV after they have killed us, raped our loved ones, robbed us or stolen from stores via shoplifting to the tune of $10 billion annually. As Bush said, �They do the jobs Americans won�t do.�

While President Bush and Congress walk around unaffected by this massive illegal invasion of our country, U.S. citizens suffer rapes, killings, drunken driving deaths, tax fraud, drug distribution, extortion and this massive shoplifting phenomenon.

Americans find themselves living in what once was a Constitutional Republic, but is now a corporate controlled and bought off Congress with a complicit president. It�s not that Bush can�t do his job to secure our borders; George Bush won�t do his job. He betrays his oath of office. He places all of us at risk. He won�t honor Article IV Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution. He�s not alone. Congress plays along in this deadly game by its own �silent-assertion� which is the shabbiest of all lies.

When you add up the other �activities� being promoted by this president and Congress, it�s little wonder 30,000 General Motors workers in Detroit are being laid off in the next two years. It�s no wonder that outsourcing, insourcing and offshoring steal jobs from American citizens. How about the $56 billion in cash transfers being sent to home countries by legal immigrants and illegal aliens annually? That�s your Congress and president helping them drain our money from our country. No wonder we�re $7.9 trillion in debt! Do you think the illegals pay the interest on the debt? No, you do! What about our English language being overwhelmed by immigrants who have no regard or respect for our country?

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The kind of disrespect and corruption imbedding itself in America is a direct result of non-enforcement of our immigration laws. Our troops guard South Korea, Bosnia, Iraq and dozens of other countries, but our president won�t guard over our own borders with Mexico. Bush won�t enforce immigration laws because his corporate friends make a lot of money with illegal alien labor. Never mind that he undermines America�s working poor and middle class. He�s selling out our sovereignty, our culture, our laws, our language and our Constitution.

Presidents Fox and Bush: two of a kind and dangerous to America.

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While President Bush and Congress walk around unaffected by this massive illegal invasion of our country, U.S. citizens suffer rapes, killings, drunken driving deaths, tax fraud, drug distribution, extortion and this massive shoplifting phenomenon.