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By Frosty Wooldridge
December 12, 2005

This letter, from a regular American citizen, tries to tell Mr. Bush the enormous damage immigration causes the people of Virginia. This letter could be written by an average citizen in every state in the Union.

George W. Bush,
President of the United States
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue,
NW Washington, DC 20500

Re: All Forms Of Immigration Need To Be Stopped Immediately. No New Guest Worker Programs.

Impact: Our Federal, State, and Local Spending is Bankrupting Middle Class America. Legal and Illegal Immigration is Bankrupting our hospitals, jail system, Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. Hospital systems will not pay their nurses.

Dear President Bush:

Homeland Security is our most important issue today. I have put together a case study to define and institute immediate action on your part to stop all forms of immigration into our country immediately. I will pose the same questions to my elected Congressman and Senators and phrase them in this format: Presidential Question (PQ1) and respectfully request an answer to each question. This letter is more than immigration; it involves our budgets at the Federal, State, and Local levels, hospital systems, crime and jail systems, Medicaid, environment, gas prices, and how it impacts the middle class such as me and my family. I will provide statistical analysis for your review and denote the source.


Last spring, Governor Mark Warner (D, VA) made the following comment in a speech to the governors� conference last spring, �By 2010, there are going to be less than 10 percent of the jobs that are no-skill jobs�. (Source: The Examiner, Feb 7, 2005)

The Washington, DC, area has an estimated 400,000 illegal immigrants. A two-year study in Los Angeles by the Day Labor Research Institute found that the typical undocumented worker is male, does not speak English, has little or no formal education and does not own a vehicle.

As many as 60 local governments throughout the nation flaunt federal laws by funding shelters that make the process easier for day laborers to find illegal employment. Arlington built a pavilion and spends $ 160,000 annually to keep day laborers in Shirlington from �swarming� � mobbing prospective employers on street corners. Fairfax County is planning to spend some $ 400,000 to do the same, in effect institutionalizing illegal activity.

Not only does cheap illegal labor depress area wages, it creates an underclass susceptible to the lure of gangs and drugs, which is taking a toll in terms of increased crime.

PQ1. Mr. President, what will the masses of illegal and legal immigrants that do not speak English, and the majority illiterate--do for jobs, today and in the future?

Twenty percent of everyone in jail today is an illegal Hispanic. Thirty percent of all prisons are filled with illegals. (Source: Senator Zell Miller, D, GA)

MS-13, �The Most Dangerous Gang in America�, Newsweek Magazine. A Hispanic nationwide gang organization made up mostly of illegal Hispanic men.

PQ2. Mr. President, my own Congressman Frank Wolf initiated legislation to combat organizations like MS-13 with a cost of millions of dollars. Why do we tolerate illegal Hispanic men terrorizing the United States? Why are they not rounded up, put in jail or deported?


1. Last September Governor Mark R. Warner announced plans to get more children across the state to renew their health insurance coverage (FAMIS which is the state�s portion of Medicaid) with a new bi-language initiative aimed at informing recipients before their coverage expires.

2. Forty-one percent of the children enrolled in FAMIS and FAMIS Plus are (illegal) Hispanic.

3. Medicaid (Welfare) pays for 27,984 thousand children in the second richest county (Fairfax) in the country and 386,000 children in the state of Virginia are on Medicaid.

4. Governor Warner is proud that more than 100,000 have signed up since January 2002, eclipsing a goal Warner had set for himself. (Source: The Examiner, Sept 9, 2004)

5. Our Republican Delegate Gary Reese lost his job on this issue and in Gary�s own words, �Medicaid needed to be reformed and if it was not reformed Virginia will go bankrupt.� (Source: Gary Reese, email to William Longino).

6. Arguably, over 50 percent of everyone in Virginia receiving Medicaid (Welfare) is an illegal or legal immigrant. This is true across the nation.

7. Medicaid is a welfare program, enacted as a safety net for the poor and indigent. But the program has grown to care for over 46 million Americans and now legal and illegal individuals at a cost of $338 billion, for FY 2006. It has surpassed education as the largest part of state budgets in 2003, and growing at an annual rate of 7 to 9 percent. (Source: Heritage Foundation, Apr 12, 2005)

PQ3. The state of Virginia will potentially be bankrupt on the Medicaid issue alone. I ask you, why does the Federal government promote giving welfare to non-United States citizens at the expense of the American middle class at the Federal, State, and Local levels?


Gerry Connolly (D, VA) and other Democratic Fairfax County Leaders asked Virginia�s governor to amend a state bill so that localities would not have to verify that public assistance clients are legal residents. (Source: The Examiner, May 22, 2005)

Immigrant smuggling in Fairfax? Dozens of undocumented aliens were found after police stopped a van. The 11 released passengers were ordered to appear back at U.S. Immigration and Customs offices in D.C. on Thursday, for a final decision that could involve deportation. Mr. President, they did not show up in court; this happens in the majority of ICE cases nationwide. (Source: The Examiner, Apr 13, 2005)

PQ4. Both local and state government elected officials use the Federal government as an excuse not to enforce the law, but will provide welfare payments, and most importantly do not round up illegal aliens, identify illegal aliens, nor put them in jail for breaking the law, allow them to attend school, receive Medicaid, receive food stamps, WIC, etc. Why does the Federal government not take pro-active steps to guard our boarders, refuse welfare payments to non-US citizens and deport existing illegal aliens?


1. My wife is a nurse at a major hospital. Approximately a year ago they changed the way they evaluate the total paid time off (PTO) for nurses, they took part of it away because they are not making any money. They have too many patients that don�t pay their bills. Recently before a 12-hour shift she received a call from the hospital that she did not need to come to work today because they did not have enough patients. My wife is an employee, not a PRN. (on call nurse who could be cancelled)

Let me tell you why the hospital does not make any money:

a. Last fall Fairfax County Police brought in an illegal Hispanic gang member into the ICU because he was going through alcohol withdrawal. They picked him up because he did not go to his court appearance. I ask you the following, who is going to pay his bill? Why did our county ever let him out of jail? Why was he not turned over to the ICE for deportation?

b. Last summer, an Indian man (India) living in this country legally brought his mother over on a tourist visa and dropped his mother off at the hospital. The woman had cancer and he brought her in as a self-pay patient, which means NO PAY PATIENT! She was treated with chemotherapy and radiation and her son threatened to sue the hospital if they did not give her experimental drugs he found on the Internet. She eventually died after three weeks in the ICU. Who is going to pay this bill? It was probably into the hundreds of thousands of dollars and at the same time the hospital has to be concerned they may be sued by someone here illegally!

c. Last year an elderly Korean man was admitted to the ICU, thank GOD this was not my wife�s patient. The man had TB and ended up dying from it a couple of days later. Didn�t we eradicate TB 40 years ago? Would you want your wife exposed to TB? [As a note from this journalist--illegal alien migration has brought 16,000 new cases of tuberculosis into this country in the past five years and it is spreading because illegals work in fast-food, construction and they stand in line at the movies, grocery and retail stores. Their kids go to your kids� schools. Thus, you and your family are at risk everywhere you go. The average illegal alien will infect from 10 to 50 Americans with TB depending on public contact.]

A couple of years ago when the state was going through the budget crisis, the hospital management sent out letters to their employees asking them to contact their state representatives to make sure the state funds the MEDICAID (Welfare) portion of the total bill. If my wife used her hospital�s health care plan it would be so expensive she would not have any take home money, it would all go to pay the health care insurance, but it is fine for her hospital to tell her to have the state pay for someone else�s health care and at the same time raise her taxes and not want to pay her for her services as a nurse.

PQ5. (a) Do you think nurses play a vital role in our hospital system? (b) Do you think they should be paid? Do you think hospitals should continue to be looked upon as a non-profit organization in the way current management treats professional employees? (c) Hospitals located in the second richest county in America are going broke because of our immigration problem. (d) Why do we allow non-United States citizens to receive Medicare? (e) Why do we allow immigrants to come into the country with TB?

2. I work with an individual that provides contracting IT support to our organization. He is a legal immigrant from Guatemala. He has a sister that lives in Herndon that has three illegitimate children from three different men. His sister in law has five illegitimate children and a grand child.

3. I have a neighbor that employs a legal Hispanic woman to clean her house. She has even offered to help her become a citizen of the United States. She recently told my neighbor she has helped two of her daughters illegally enter the country and helped to enroll two of her grandchildren into the Alexandra school system. She also told her one of the daughters just recently got a job at International Pancakes. My neighbor asked surprisingly, she is illegal, how did she get the kids in school and get a job? She was told it was simple, she used her relative�s social security number and the school system does not check.

4. I work with an individual that just enrolled his son into Wakefield High School in Arlington County. He overheard the school nurse talking to a recent Pakistani immigrant and the topic of his status was mentioned. The nurse told him don�t worry about it, I will help you do the paperwork to get Medicaid.

In closing, Mr. President if we are really interested in Homeland Security, all forms of immigration need to be stopped immediately. Our current strategy will eventually implode all facets of our government at the Federal, State, and Local Levels. Most importantly it is the Federal Government�s job and responsibility to secure our borders and uphold the Constitution of the United States. I do not understand why our Federal government does not �preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.� Article IV, Section 4 of the Constitution reads, �The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against invasion.� Work with Congress to immediately stop all immigration into our country. I look forward to your detailed answers to my five questions.

William S. Longino

This letter may disturb all Americans because it shows the underbelly of immigration. It spotlights the corruption and wide-scale fraud. Last week, Jim Gilchrist, running for Congress to stop illegal immigration, suffered defeat in California, a state where corruption and Third World Momentum strangles its ability to function. California is $38 billion in debt with three million illegals.

Nonetheless, folks voted an incompetent, party-line, sycophant named John Campbell into office. Thus, we can expect more of the same. It makes me wonder why anyone would take a knife and slit their own throat as California voters did. Expect more of the same consequences reported by William S. Longino�who tells it like it is, but Americans keep running for the edge of the cliff by voting into office the same tired, old, vote-the-party-line Republicans. Or, they vote the same old Teddy Kennedy�s into office; it makes little difference.

It�s an amazing �thing� watching your own country commit national suicide.

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Our Federal, State, and Local Spending is Bankrupting Middle Class America. Legal and Illegal Immigration is Bankrupting our hospitals, jail system, Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security.