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Patrick Wood
October 27, 2006

Under the auspices of the Department of Commerce, the Security and Prosperity Partnership rolls on toward creating a North American Union virtually untouched, but not without at least a few thorns in their side.

A new web site,, was created specifically to release all the documents to the public and in particular, to other researchers and writers who are currently investigating the Security and Prosperity Partnership and the proposed North American Union.

The site is developed and maintained by the Minuteman Project, whose founder, Jim Gilchrist, is co-author with Corsi of Minutemen: The Battle to Secure America's Borders.

Of the 87 SPP documents posted, most are dated from 2005 and thus not particularly timely to current SPP activities, which have been progressing with breakneck intensity.

Some corporate representation on various released lists include UPS, FedEx, Ford, Johnson Controls, Merck & Co., DaimlerChrysler and other. Trade association representation includes the U.S. Chamber of Commerce (Thomas Donahue, President) and the National Association of Manufacturers (John Engler, President and CEO.)

In spite of a comprehensive and legally presented FOIA request, the Department of Commerce failed to release many more critical documents: Meeting schedules and minutes, budgeting documents, initiatives, agreements, letters of intent and memoranda of understanding. The fact that these documents have not been released within the required time deadline clearly puts the Department of Commerce in direct and willful violation of federal law.

Upon even cursory observation of the released documents, one observation is clear: The Security and Prosperity Partnership is a massive undertaking that involves many hundreds of high-level individuals within government and global corporations. As would be expected, these include as many in the private sector as in government.

One thing is plainly evident about the SPP, that is, it isn't just some innocuous, do-gooder discussion group as suggested by the SPP itself.

For all the elected national legislators who have previously feigned ignorance or apathy about SPP, the release of these documents should be a loud wake-up call that their previous foolishness will not be accepted any longer.

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Our only remaining question at this point is why it takes someone like a Dr. Jerome Corsi to dig this out instead of any number of the tens of thousands of investigative journalists and researchers employed by news services, newspapers, TV networks, etc., around the globe.

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Patrick M. Wood is editor of The August Review, which builds on his original research with the late Dr. Antony C. Sutton, who was formerly a Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution for War, Peace and Revolution at Stanford University. Their 1977-1982 newsletter, Trilateral Observer, was the original authoritative critique on the New International Economic Order spearheaded by members of the Trilateral Commission.

Their highly regarded two-volume book, Trilaterals Over Washington, became a standard reference on global elitism. Wood's ongoing work is to build a knowledge center that provides a comprehensive and scholarly source of information on globalism in all its related forms: political, economic and religious.


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Our only remaining question at this point is why it takes someone like a Dr. Jerome Corsi to dig this out instead of any number of the tens of thousands of investigative journalists...