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Carole "CJ" Williams
April 5, 2010

Those who paid attention in history class will remember learning about Benedict Arnold, who purposefully sought and obtained command of West Point so he could surrender it to the British. When his treasonous intention was discovered, he escaped to England and then led British forces into battle against American soldiers in Virginia and Connecticut.

The 1st Congressional District of Michigan seems to have its own traitorous Benedict Arnold in the form of Rep. Bart Stupak, who at the 11th hour on March 21st voted in favor of government-controlled healthcare.

For months, Benedict Bart basked in the media limelight, leading a small Democrat battalion of Pro-Life supporters against the most unconstitutional and personally intrusive pieces of legislation to ever have passed through the U.S. House of Representatives.

Like Arnold, Benedict Bart sold out to an enemy of We the People. The traitor was bought with $726,409, earmarked for three of many tiny airports in his district. The deal was further sweetened with a worthless Pro-Life Executive Order penned by a Pro-Abortion President, who can rescind it at anytime.

Had he stood firm, Benedict Bart, as well as the handful of other Democrats that supposedly supported his pro-life amendment, could have defeated ObamaCare. Instead, he took to the House microphone and encouraged his cronies to vote ‘aye’ on an insidiously evil piece of legislation that can be manipulated by government-approved ‘panelists’ who will be in charge of our personal healthcare. This includes women’s reproductive health care, which, according to Hillary Clinton, encompasses access to abortion.

That the Pelosi Gang would choose the Sabbath to do the Devil’s work is further testimony to the evilness of ObamaCare. But then perhaps Benedict Bart, who fancies himself one of ‘the Family’s’ chosen and above God’s Law, doesn’t fear Satan or his wicked ways.

The Family,’ you may recall, is a secretive, religious organization that owns the C Street “church” where for a decade Stupak rented a room at a very low price. Though the rent, which includes meals and maid service, is now purported to be $950 per month, it had been only $600 in the past.
That’s a darn good deal for a legislator, even one who pulls in almost $200,000 a year, counting a disability retirement pension along with a government salary. But apparently he moved out shortly after the first of the year due to the negative media attention being given to his living arrangements.

Interestingly, on March 13th Benedict Bart was reported as claiming he’d been threatened with an ethics investigation, presumably because of his insistence that the Stupak Amendment be made a part of the healthcare bill. Do you suppose a House Ethics Committee probe into his ‘C Street’ living arrangements has now been taken off the table? Did the traitor sell his vote for that, too?

If so, he may have escaped scrutiny by his peers, but he’s now looking down the barrel of two requests from the private sector for a federal investigation of the cheap rent deal offered by ‘the Family’. Will the Pelosi Gang be able to sweep this under the rug, too?

It’s also interesting to note that some reporters are now claiming that Benedict Bart still has the support of his constituents and will be a hard man to defeat in November; that his district has always leaned toward Democrats at the voting booth. Let me assure you, this isn’t true.

Actually, the history of Michigan’s 1st Congressional District is a tad odd in that prior to the 1990 census it was located in metropolitan Detroit. What is now the 1st District had been the 11th District, but the state was reconfigured and renumbered as a result of the 1990 census. Stupak’s district became the 1st Congressional District and metro-Detroit became the 14th.

After the 2000 census, the 1st District was configured again to reflect an equal voting population of 662,563 with all other districts in the state. Since then, its boundaries have grown to include all 15 Upper Peninsula counties and much of the north and northeastern part of the Lower Peninsula (15 ½ counties), making it the second-largest congressional district, in terms of land mass, east of the Mississippi. It’s also the home of the second-longest shoreline of any U.S. district, as well as home to most of the state’s valuable underground natural resources, including gas, oil and uranium.

Prior to Benedict Bart swearing an Oath of Office on January 3, 1993, Republicans had since at least 1953 represented the district for all but one two-year term. The sole Democrat to serve as district representative during those forty years was Raymond Clevenger (1965-67). The Republicans elected to represent what is now the 1st Congressional District of Michigan were Victor Knox (1953-65); Phil Ruppe (1967-79); and Bob Davis (1979-1993).

Perhaps the district’s turn-around in 1992 was due in part to the House banking scandal. Though the scandal involved hundreds of representatives who were kiting checks, the House Ethics Committee targeted only twenty-two. Three were Republicans; Bob Davis was one of them.


No doubt Stupak’s pro-life, pro-gun stance during the 1992 election campaign also caused some district Republicans to view him as a ‘Democrat in name only’ (DINO) and they voted accordingly. We’ve since learned, however, that the faux DINO votes with the Pelosi Gang about 97% of the time and, though he’s purportedly pro-life, he’s also pro-Planned Parenthood, which offers abortion referral services or performs abortions in their own health center clinics. Were he truly pro-life, Stupak would have voted for the Pence Amendment, not against it, as the amendment would have prevented federal funding for abortion.

To the best of my knowledge, Benedict Bart has never had to run in a Democrat primary other than when he first ran for Congress in 1992. Had there not been three running then, he might not even have won that race. He may not be so fortunate this time around, however, as he appears to have blown it in the ‘trust department’ and some Democrats are throwing their support behind another candidate for his seat.

On the 1st District of Michigan Republican side of the fence, there are, as of this writing, four contenders. Of them all, Dr. Daniel Benishek of Crystal Falls seems to have taken the country by storm.

Within a week’s time after Benedict Bart’s March 21st betrayal, Dr. Dan had gained well over 21,000 new ‘friends’ on his campaign Face Book friend’s page. That page has since evolved into hundreds of messages urging him to unseat the man who caved in to the Obama-Pelosi cartel.

To show their support, a great many ‘friends’ from within the district and all over America have contributed what they can to help Dr. Dan reach his goal of $1,000 for each of the 219 votes that were cast in favor of ObamaCare. He’s likely to do that and then some, but with Benedict Bart being gifted with PAC money, the Benishek campaign is going to need all the financial help it can muster.

I recently had the honor of personally meeting Dr. and Mrs. Benishek at an Upper Peninsula of Michigan Round-up of GOP candidates running for state and federal office. His friendly and sincere manner was a welcome change from the pontificating of polished politicians like Stupak, who spout one thing to their constituents during townhall meetings and then go to DC and do Pelosi’s bidding.

During many radio interviews, Benishek has assured listeners that he feels his first duty should be to represent his constituents and We the People, not the Republican Party bosses. How refreshing to know that there are still some who aren’t willing to negotiate our freedoms for the sake of bipartisanship.

Dr. Dan, who was born in 1952 in Iron River, is a native “Yooper” (U.Per), as those who live above the mighty Mackinac Bridge are known. We’re a hardy lot, used to adversity and tough times, particularly since Michigan’s economy tanked long before the rest of the nation started to feel the pinch. Dan Benishek, however, learned how to deal with adversity at age five when his father was killed in an iron mine accident.

Raised by his mother and grandmother, he grew up helping out with their family business, the Iron River Hotel, where among other things he says he made beds and emptied spittoons.

He was able to put himself through college and downstate Michigan med school by making good use of scholarships and loans. After years of keeping his nose to the grindstone, he became a general surgeon and returned to the U.P. where he began a 27-year career at the Dickinson County Memorial Hospital. For the past twenty years, Dr. Dan has also attended to veterans at the Oscar G. Johnson VA Medical Center in Iron Mountain, which serves over 33,000 military vets from the U.P. and northeastern Wisconsin.

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Dr. Dan Benishek and his pretty wife Judy, who is a registered nurse, share five children and two grandchildren. Those who would like to learn more about the man who hopes to unseat Benedict Bart can read about his stand on some of the issues here.

Clearly, America is oozing its life-blood from a thousand wounds, many of them inflicted since the 2008 presidential election. Perhaps the best prescription for the 1st District and the nation is to put a Michigan doctor in the House.

� 2010 Carole "C.J." Williams - All Rights Reserved

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C. J. (Carole) Williams lives in Michigan's beautiful Upper Peninsula. She writes a weekly newspaper column, "On Target with C. J. Williams", for Ontonagon's Lake Superior Voice ( and is also a guest writer for the Women Hunters Club (, an online organization dedicated to the encouragement, education, and promotion of women in the hunting traditions.

For the past several years, C. J. has been monitoring the eco-environmental movement and the UN's Agenda 21 in her state, as well as America, which she strongly believes has done more to destroy our nation than to make it as strong and prosperous as it could and should be.











The proof that my congressman, Bart Stupak, has crawled into bed with the socialists who are implementing Agenda 21 lies in his co-sponsorship of Nancy Pelosi’s March 29, 1993 legislation, HJ RES 166.