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By Marsha West

December 1, 2006

Associated Press (AP) published an article, �Teen�s tongue piercing causes �suicide disease.�� According to the article, teens that pierced their tongues are suffering from stabbing pains that feel like electrical shocks. The pain lasts up to 30 seconds and occurred 20 to 30 times a day. The diagnosis is �trigeminal neuralgia, a nerve disorder sometimes called �suicide disease� because of the excruciating and dispiriting pain it causes.� Painkillers had no affect. Stefania Fraccalvieri was one of those teens. When she removed the metal barbell from her tongue the pain disappeared.

According to Dr. Marcelo Galarza, a neurosurgeon at Villa Maria Cecilia Hospital in Ravenna, Italy, "The tongue is �a particularly dangerous place to pierce� because it is rich in blood vessels that can spread infection to major organs and because it is near important nerves and the upper airway."

Fraccalvieri gave this warning to potential pierces, �Don�t do that. My experience was so bad. I was so sick and now I feel much better.�

Most young people will disregard Fraccalvieri�s warning. They�ll convince themselves that what happened to her will never happen to them. And tongue piercing will continue until the fad fades away.

Kudos to the AP for reporting the risks of tongue piercing. It is to their shame that we the people rarely hear about the dangers inherent in oral and anal sex. It�s something else young people are doing these days that medical professionals regard as particularly dangerous.

In government schools young people are taught that Mother Earth is the giver and sustainer of life. Woe to those who teach that God is the life-giver. Teachers are drilling into the malleable minds of students the �fact� that our earth is facing a climate crisis. Woe to those who have a �diverse� view on Global Warming. Students are taught that Earth is in great peril (caused by evil humanoids), but they�re not told in sex-ed classes that if they engage in sodomy they�re in peril of contracting a whole host of vile diseases and may not be around to see who wins the Global Warming debate. Kids have a right to know that there are inherent risks in anal intercourse that cannot be made safe.

Granted, precautions can be taken to make some sexual practices safer, but not completely safe. Many teens don�t bother with safety measures, which leads to disastrous consequences. And let�s get real. Your average teenager has no desire to learn about �anal health.� They have bigger fish to fry. This is where parents and teachers come in. Parents should be fully informed about risky sex. Hard as it is, they MUST talk to their kids about it. Teachers have the responsibility to teach the whole truth to their students, even if the �gay� activist groups ridicule and threaten them. Just suck it up � and do the right thing.

I find it odd that radical �gay�activist groups like Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network (GLSEN) will berate anyone who dares to speak out against sodomy when they know perfectly well that it�s unhealthy. Especially for teens who aren�t aware of the ends and outs of anal sex.

GLSEN shouts from the roof tops that it�s OK to be �gay.� Fine. But as a notable �education� network, the moral thing, the noble thing, for GLSEN to do is to educate teens that risk of trauma, blood infection, and viruses like hepatitis C are inherent to sodomy.

GLSEN wants �gay� and lesbian students protected from harassment and demand that government school employees enroll in �sensitivity training.� (Sensitivity training aims to intimidate and silence anyone who disagrees with a homosexual�s choices.) GLSEN is also pushing for �anti-gay harassment� classes in middle school and high school.

GLSEN has one thing right. Harassment of anyone for any reason is wrong. It�s also wrong to deliberately withhold vital information from the public. Yet �gay� activist groups avoid giving in-depth explanations of diseases that teens will be exposed to. Hence, teens are playing Russisn Roulette with their lives. Why not lay out the truth and leave it up to the individual to decide if the �gay� lifestyle is all it�s cracked up to be? If that�s the road a person chooses to go down, he or she will walk it with their eyes wide open.

It�s far from politically correct to say anything against the homosexual lifestyle. But guess what? The data proves that many homosexuals like living on the edge! According to a 2005 study conducted by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) on HIV-related high risk behavior,

�At the end of 2004, approximately 500,000 persons were living with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) or acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) in the 35 U.S. areas with confidential name-based HIV infection reporting since 2000. Certain behaviors (e.g., unprotected sexual intercourse and injection-drug use) are associated with high risk for HIV transmission. Through 2004, of all cases of HIV infection in the United States reported to CDC, 34% were attributed to male-male sexual contact, 14% to injection-drug use, and 20% to heterosexual contact.�[2]

Sadly, HIV infection among men who have sex with men is rising in the U.S and Canada. It�s also rising in the UK. �Last year there were more new diagnoses among gay men than ever before. While that may be partly due to more men coming forward for testing, it is feared that the gay community is indulging in high-risk sexual behavior and failing to use condoms. Other sexually transmitted diseases, such as syphilis and gonorrhea, are also on the increase among men who have sex with men. Gonorrhea is rising even though the number of people infected in the heterosexual population is falling. Worryingly, there has been a dramatic rise in the numbers of cases where ciprofloxacin - the antibiotic used to treat it - has not worked, because the microbe has become resistant to it.�[3]

There�s a code of ethics that says, �I can do what I want as long as I'm not hurting anyone else.� The CDC�s report makes it clear that those who �do what they want� during sexual encounters often hurt unsuspecting, innocent people, sometimes putting a death nail in their coffins. This way of thinking is unconscionable. It�s nothing short of criminal.

Teenage boys who believe they are �gay� or bisexual practice male-male sex. No surprise there. Here�s the shocker. A number of heterosexual teens engage in anal sex to avoid becoming pregnant! Some teens think that having anal sex allows the girl to maintain her virginity.

Many schools teach safe sex, but one of the most important aspects is left out, namely the dangers related to sodomy! Kids should understand all the risks, not just the risks associated with HIV! All the really scary stuff should be drummed into their heads!

Fact check. Those who practice anal sex are far and away more likely to contract anal cancer, as well as hepatitis B and C, than those who practice sex the normal way. In other words, the way God intended. No illustration is necessary, as we all know how the human body functions. It�s obvious (to most of us) where the entrances and exits are.

Fact check. Those who practice anal and oral sex are also more likely to end up with esophageal or stomach cancer and hepatitis A.

Fact check. Oral and anal sex may result in the transmission of STDs such as Chlamydia and gonorrhea. These diseases will not be detected in urine tests.

Not a pretty picture, is it?

So, why are young people engaging in risky sex? Because many of them don�t consider oral or anal sex �real sex.� We have Bill Clinton to thank for our younger generation�s twisted outlook on sex.

But there�s good news on the horizon! �The number of teens ever having had sexual intercourse decreased from 54.1 to 46.8 percent; the prevalence of multiple (four or more) sex partners decreased from 18.7 to 14.3 percent; the prevalence of current sexual activity (within the past three months) decreased from 37.4 percent to 33.9 percent; and the prevalence of condom use increased from 46.2 percent to 62.8 percent.[4]

And there�s bad news, too. In 2003, the CDC estimated that 40% of all reported cases of syphilis in the U.S. involved male-male sex. In other words, anal sex.

There�s even more bad news from the CDC,

Unprotected anal intercourse was reported by 58% with a main male partner (someone with whom the participant had sex and to whom he felt most committed [e.g., a boyfriend--significant other, or life partner]) and by 34% with a casual male partner (someone with whom the participant had sex but who was not considered a main partner). A substantial proportion (80%) of participants had received free condoms during the preceding 12 months, but fewer had participated in individual-or group-level HIV prevention programs.[5]

The above statistics are from the CDC�s website. The CDC has no ax to grind. Their job is to report the cold hard facts. The truth of the matter is that sodomy is devastating to the human body.

Americans remind me of the proverbial frog being boiled to death in a slowly heated pan of water. The creature doesn�t have a sense of the rising heat; therefore it just sits in the pan, and ends up frog soup.

Where oh where are the Hollywood elite's on what are certainly life and death issues. They�re on the side of death! All one has to do is take a look at some of the raunchy programming to figure out where they stand. Writers and producers know all to well about risky sexual behavior. Will these folks ever develop a conscience and produce a network show that broaches the subject of �abstinence� for the sake of the younger generation? Don�t hold your breath. Hellywood liberals encourage moral depravity. And the secular progressives use young TV viewers and movie-goers to spread their agenda.

There�s a well-planned, deliberate dumbing down of the American mind. Americans are inclined to believe every lie the so-called �experts� tell us. These �experts� want us to believe that homosexuality is normal and natural. Common sense dictates that sodomy is unnatural. It�s perverted. Webster�s Dictionary describes perversion thus:

1. An aberrant sexual practice that is preferred to normal intercourse.
2. The action of perverting something (turning it to a wrong use); "it was a perversion of justice."

Instead of being outraged that all sorts of sexual perversions are being foisted on youngsters, parents �tolerate� it! Why? Since when does being tolerant mean that you should be open to everything?

An ex-homosexual who spent over 20 years living as a �gay� man told Culture & Family Report, �There is a recklessness that is endemic to the gay male population. There is a portion of the community that likes to flirt with death. They get off on taking chances. It�s an erotic high for them.�

Parents, is this the kind of life you want for your kids?

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Going back to Stefania Fraccalvieri�s pain form the metal barbell in her tongue. As soon as Stefania removed the barbell the pain disappeared. Stefania warned others who might consider tongue piercing. �Don�t do that. My experience was so bad.�

The same could be said about sodomy. Don�t do that! Your experience could cost you dearly.


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According to Dr. Marcelo Galarza, a neurosurgeon at Villa Maria Cecilia Hospital in Ravenna, Italy, "The tongue is �a particularly dangerous place to pierce� because it is rich in blood vessels that can spread infection to major organs and because it is near important nerves and the upper airway."