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By Andrew C. Wallace
February 13, 2008

Most people are just like those in Nazi Germany under Hitler, some see the evil affecting others, but will ignore it until it's too late, but a majority of Americans are as uninformed as a box of rocks because they rely on the controlled media propaganda for information. Our media is really amazing, run by Liberals who do not have a clue that their liberal leaders are communists and their corporate employers are Fascists, with no loyalty to any country. The constitutional right of a free press was to insure Americans the information they must have to remain free, but our media is nothing more than the propaganda arms of owners in the �Chain of Command for Treason� who are in the process of enslaving us and taking our sovereignty. Two of our primary defenses against usurpation are the Right to Keep and Bear Arms and the Right to Freedom of Speech. Both of these rights are under serious attack right now and could be instantly denied by traitors in government using existing unconstitutional policy.

Your Enemy is the �Chain of Command for Treason�-CCT, consisting of Elites and their Foundations, who control the Corporations and Media, who in turn control our Government with the direction of their think tank and shadow government, The Council on Foreign Relations, CFR et al. Elites are mostly the progeny of wealth, a few have earned or stolen their own money, many of the forebears were ruthless and very active supporters of Fascism and Communism as are the leaders of both parties today. These statements are not subject to question, there is just too much documented evidence to support them. Today�s leaders of the CCT and their supporters have been taught from birth that they are superior to average Americans who are only ignorant and common people born to be their slaves. No Question, we will be their slaves if they take away our Sovereignty. The ultimate objective of the CCT leadership is Power, Wealth and a One World Government with them as the unelected despots.

The CCT, unlike average Americans, is well organized and directed by the Council on Foreign Relations, their think tank and shadow government. As of June 30, 2007 the CFR had annual operating income of $39,441,800 and net assets of $336,638,800. As one example, the �Security and Prosperity Plan for North America� SPP, that President Bush signed to give away our Sovereignty and combine America with Canada and Mexico was published by the arrogant CFR. Follow the money.

When I was in the military we would have said that the CCT was awarding Americans the �Royal Order of the Purple Shaft with Barbed Wire Clusters,� younger people would refer to this as getting the �Finger,� which I did not think was adequate to describe the complete and total destruction and enslavement of a proud nation and its people.

The CCT is absolutely ruthless by allowing millions of Americans to be Murdered, Killed, Raped, Robbed, and Molested by millions of illegal invaders so they could make Billions in Blood Money by exploiting illegals and paying slave wages. Politicians at all levels of government as part of the CCT are guilty of Treason for refusing to obey the constitution and laws of the United States to protect Americans. The blood of our people is on the hands of most politicians, and especially President Bush, Bush the elder, Bill Clinton and presidential candidates McCain, Obama and Clinton. The only difference between both political parties is the name, they are both part of the CCT, hold Americans in contempt, and are up to their necks in the blood of innocent Americans for their profit and power. Because of government failure to obey our Constitution, lawlessness is so severe, especially in sanctuary cities, that every citizen who can, should obtain and exercise a Right to Carry Permit. Anyone who does not accept this fact is an uninformed future victim, soon to be added to the growing list.

We are still not totally dominated, so we are being allowed to participate in a Sham Election because the CCT fears �We the People� as we are the most heavily armed population in the world, and have the internet to inform people at no cost. The media as part of the CCT is as effective at propaganda as Hitler ever was. This Election is so important, and flawed in so many ways that you should read the following experts on the subject: Devvy Kidd, Frosty Wooldridge, Alan Stang, and Dave Daubenmire in NewsWithViews, dated 2-7-08. The CCT owned media does not perform the constitutional function of a free press and is losing consumers to the internet. Because of this, the internet as we know it is not likely to survive as reported by Brent Jessop in �Pentagon: The internet needs to be dealt with as if it were an enemy �weapons system� in �Global Research, 2-2-08� Jessop reviews a Department of Defense document released by freedom of information act titled: �Information Operation Roadmap Part 3, 30 Oct 2003�in which they propose to destroy the internet as we know it, DOD� is blunt about the fact that an internet, with the potential for free speech, is in direct opposition to their goals.� If you can�t believe Jessop, read the damn government document yourself. In simple terms we must take back our country using the rule of law before they take away the internet and our guns, or as God is my witness, we will all die homeless hungry and in pain as slaves.

Lynn Stuter said in News With Views on 2-5-08: �The United States Congress, at the request of the Bush Administration, has passed laws revoking habeas corpus, Posse Comitatus, and the 4th Amendment to the Bill of Rights prohibiting illegal search and seizure.------ the United States Congress passed a law that defines anyone speaking out against the criminal acts of the United States government as a �domestic terrorist.� Congress also passed a law prohibiting anyone considered to have a mental illness from owning a gun, including men coming home from war. Through the New Freedom Commission on Mental Health, established by Bush, the push has been to label every American as mentally defective, ----- This labeling of every American as somehow mentally defective is no different than the tactic used in the U.S.S.R. to label dissidents who refused to conform to the social psychology of oppression practiced by the communists to control the masses; the same social psychology now being forced on the American people.� End of quote.

President Bush flip flopped, and now supports Government control of fire arms in case before Supreme court. It should give you little confidence to know that all nine justices have degrees from Ivy League Schools and eight are from Harvard. Too many judges do not follow the constitution in their rulings. As an example, according to our Constitution, Jurors have absolute power in deciding validity of the law in a trial, and guilt or innocence of the accused, but most judges will not allow the jury to be told this important fact because it reduces their power.

The CCT has destroyed the lives of millions of Americans by exporting two out of every three well paid manufacturing jobs which increased corporate profits but forced Americans to live in poverty. Thirty six percent of our jobs used to be in better paid manufacturing, now it is only 12%. Both political parties were responsible for the trade agreements (NAFTA, CAFTA et al) that did this and they are continuing to do it. Our very survival requires that we repudiate all trade agreements and treaties because they benefit only the CCT, take our sovereignty and prosperity et al. Thank Bush, McCain, Clinton & Obama.

The CCT cost millions of Americans their jobs in the service industry. This is because each of the better paid manufacturing jobs that we lost support 4 to 7 service jobs. We lost about 1,500,000 service jobs last year because we lost 269,000 manufacturing jobs that supported them. The more comprehensive way to describe job loss is to refer to insourcing, outsourcing and offshoring. Microsoft saved $12,000 a year for each worker on a visa. We have had a Tsunami of job losses and none of them were a benefit to the American people or to many living in other countries like Mexico, only the CCT and associated corporations benefited. For every foreign born/illegal worker there is an unemployed American. Details at Thank Bush, McCain, Clinton & Obama.

If you are an unemployed Black man, you should know that according to a prestigious NBER study 40% of Black male unemployment is due to illegals/foreign born. Worse yet, your politicians know how strongly you object and how you are harmed, but they still support amnesty and benefits for illegals in return for support from corporations and the CCT. It makes my blood boil to know that our politicians support illegals taking our jobs while many Americans live in poverty. Maybe you can tell me the difference between these greedy lying politicians who are paid by CCT to support illegals at our expense, and those who sold their own people into slavery in the first place? Obviously, poor white people suffer too, but I did not have a study to prove the numbers. The U.S. Senate defeated amnesty last year because a few Senators were patriots and the rest were in fear of the people for their very lives. If you continue to vote for those who take the food out of your mouth to give illegals, and you know the truth, then you deserve to starve. Thank Bush, McCain, Clinton & Obama.

Catholic Bishops support illegals in spite of the harm to their members so illegals can replace those who quit the church because of massive child molestation cover-ups. I have been assured that there is nothing in the Bible to support church actions. Leadership of both political parties want illegals for votes and cheap labor for corporations.

The CCT has followed a policy of inflation and deflation since they established a private bank called the Federal Reserve in 1913 which is not owned by government. This private bank creates money with no backing by book keeping entries alone. Since our money has no backing they can increase the supply of money at any time which causes inflation and reduces value of the dollar which in turn increases prices of everything reducing your standard of living. Value of the dollar has lost 50% just since Bush has been in office and overseas retirees have already lost 50% of their purchasing power. Except for hyper inflation, It takes a little longer to feel the effects in the country of origin. Since I left the service a car costs 16 times as much and wives must now work. That is a serious reduction in standard of living. Since 1913 the value of the dollar has declined 97%. But the real disaster is the ongoing and expanding mortgage and credit scandal where Federal Reserve Bank has reduced interest rates and poured hundreds of Billions of so called dollars into the system to bail out banks and financial institutions. This action was inflationary and reduced value of the dollar which increased your cost for gas, food and everything else. It also reduced the value of your pensions and all financial assets except gold. In simple terms these actions by CCT transferred much of their losses to the American people. Our dollar is in free fall. Our government is bankrupt and therefore so will be the rest of the world. I can�t forecast when the bottom is to drop out, no one can, I can only tell you it can happen in a day, any day. Thank Bush, McCain, Clinton & Obama for a good part of this disaster.

Our upcoming Economic Meltdown, like the Great Depression of the thirties will cause massive unemployment, hunger, depravation, crime and the transfer of remaining assets to the wealthy in the CCT by inflation and deflation. But this disaster, unlike the great depression will also result in the loss of our sovereignty and our country as we are combined with Mexico and Canada into the North American Union as agreed to by President Bush in writing; our currency will have no value; there will be no Social Security, Medicare, Veterans or any other benefits. Many unions will continue to support illegals rather than Americans for the few remaining jobs. During great depression unions fought to protect American workers. Unlike the thirties, almost no one has relatives with a farm to feed them. There will be some satisfaction in knowing that those communist professors and government bureaucrats, who are now paid more than comparable jobs in private sector, and promoted this mess, will be unemployed without a pension or anything else just like the rest of us. This is the CCT at work. and you can thank Bush, McCain, Clinton, Obama and their ilk.

Some do not understand the �Sovereign Wealth Funds� owned by foreign governments that are buying stock in so called American companies. President Bush and the CCT have no objection because their plan is a One World Government dictatorship that would control everything and everybody. Destruction of our currency would also expedite this plan.

I don�t think there is anything that can be done to stop this economic meltdown, it has gone too far because CCT controlled media has kept most people in the dark, Hitler would be proud, He took over Germany the same way. If we elect officials at all levels who support �We the People�, we can destroy the CCT and prosecute them for Treason and other crimes. There is no question, none at all, that top elected officials are guilty of treason, but of course, their employees, the prosecutors refuse to charge them. Honest officials can prosecute them and impeach judges at all levels who refuse to obey our constitution. We can end the privately owned Federal Reserve and establish a constitutional currency. We must deport the illegals for the same reasons that Presidents Hoover and Eisenhower did it, and use whatever military force is required to keep them out. There is nothing racist about telling the truth, Illegals are profitable slaves for corporations, but the most deadly and costly enemy �We the people� have ever faced in loss of life, pain, suffering, property, living standards and almost everything else of value. The terrorists are a second class enemy when compared to illegals and the CTT who are destroying our country. Subsidizing illegals for benefit of the CCT is costing us Hundreds of Billions of dollars a year and seriously reducing our standard of living to pay for their Welfare, Food Stamps, School Lunches, Medicaid, Education, 27% of convicts are illegals, Suppressed Wages, Lost Jobs, Drugs, Crime, Billions sent out of country, additional cost of insurance. Money we spend on illegals is reducing promised benefits to our own poor, elderly, veterans. The damn government is even giving illegals our Social Security.

What can individuals do to protect themselves and their families during the meltdown? Having lived during the Great Depression, I think it is almost impossible for those who have not lived thru something like that to even accept the possibility of it. There is a strong consensus on the following minimum courses of action for survival: Obtain legal firearms (pistol and rifle) with plenty of ammunition . Keep cash on hand with minimum in bank. Buy newly minted U.S. gold coins. Try to reduce debt. Have food on hand to last a year if possible. Have a supply of medications and other necessities. Expect failure of just about everything you now take for granted. Try to partner with likeminded neighbors.

The �Chain of Command for Treason,� CCT has created the conditions that will organize and unleash the forces of their own destruction. These people in the arrogance of their ignorance have not learned that Americans will only tolerate so much before they react in a fury. They are such students of Hitler they do not realize people today have access to information not available in Nazi Germany. But they should have known that like a cornered animal, when people have nothing to lose they will fight with determination and ruthlessness for survival. Of course there will be some PC fools and wimps who do nothing, waiting for others to defend them, which will not happen since it will be survival of the fittest.

My prayer, and efforts are directed at reducing this catastrophe the only possible way I know by electing patriotic government officials at all levels dedicated to our constitution and serving� We the People� while dismantling �Chain of Command for Treason� and prosecuting every last one of the scumbags. I think the Presidential Election is a lost cause and we should concentrate on electing people to congress of both parties who owe their allegiance to �We the People� and will impeach executive and judicial officers as required. We must terminate the private Federal Reserve and attempt recovery of the stolen Trillions of Dollars. If we defeat the CCT with the rule of law before too many Americans had suffered badly we could hope to rebuild our country within the lifetimes of our great great grandchildren, otherwise, after a protracted struggle we would have a pyrrhic victory with much bloodshed like the French Revolution and we might never recover. Our argument is not with our constitutional form of government, it is with the traitors within it who are attempting to usurp and overthrow it with a coup d�etat. Our Declaration of Independence and Constitution are the greatest documents ever written, second only to the Holy Bible.

What is outlined in this article is only a small part of a complex Treason. If you find my writing difficult to accept based on media propaganda, then you should read some of the other expert writers on the subject with I highly recommend these writers and fighters: Chuck Baldwin, Dennis Cuddy, Devvy Kidd, Frosty Wooldridge, Jerome Corsi, Jim Schwiesow, Greg Evensen, Michael Cutler, David Stoddard, Mary Starrett, Jon Ryter, Deanna Spingola, Edwin Vieira, Jim Kouri, Laurie Roth, Lynn Stuter, John Slagle, Patrick Wood, Alan Stang, Dave Daubenmire, and Dan Howard.

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The messenger with bad news gets no kudos. But, you should expect the premature demise of some of the many writers and fighters for America who are successful, because of proven ruthlessness of the �Chain of Command for Treason,� and the Trillions of Dollars they will lose if we prevail in our fight for America. We would not be the first nor the last.

� 2008 Andrew Wallace - All Rights Reserved

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Andrew C. Wallace is a former Kentucky State Trooper, Kentucky Native, Korean War Veteran, Commercial Pilot in Alaska, University of Kentucky Undergraduate in Business, Four years of Graduate School in Economics and Marketing at University of Kentucky and University of Iowa., Assistant Professor, Thirty years as Director of Marketing Firm developing and implementing national Marketing programs for manufacturers and now retired doing research and writing.











If you are an unemployed Black man, you should know that according to a prestigious NBER study 40% of Black male unemployment is due to illegals/foreign born.