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By Andrew C. Wallace
October 28, 2007

It is imperative for our survival that Americans know that Elites control most everything and everybody and are responsible for damn near every bad thing happening in the United States. Elites control everything using the �Chain of Command for Treason� consisting of Elites and their Foundations who rule Corporations which in turn control Government Officials in all three Branches. Many Elites are also government officials and consider it to be the family business just like royalty. Americans must know identity of these Elites, how they are responsible for invaders killing, raping, robbing, and molesting millions of Americans every year. Americans must also know how Elites are at war with average Americans in every possible way, they are systematically looting us and our country, converting us into an impoverished nation of slaves, and stealing our sovereignty. Elites are the leaders of both political parties, there is no difference between the parties, they are partners in everything. Government Officials are ignoring their Solemn Oath of Office by refusing to obey the Constitution and Laws of the United States. Elites cause far more death and destruction than terrorists. Our Constitution in simple unambiguous language calls this Treason, and so should you.

Let me give you another current example of how every American is being robbed and forced to pay more for everything they need which benefits Elites. Recently American banking and financial institutions controlled by Elites, gambled and lost big time in the sub-prime real estate market causing great losses and a shortage of liquidity. The Federal Reserve choose to bail out the banking and finance corporations by having average Americans pay more for everything they buy. This was done by putting Billions of dollars into the banking system and lowering interest rates that banks pay. This resulted in a decline in value of the dollar to an all time low forcing all Americans to pay more for everything they need to bail out the corporations. Every dollar you have in savings or pensions has lost value to save Elites from loss and this is part of an ongoing operation. As a bonus this also resulted in corporations making more money in dollars from overseas investments. Any first year Economics student could have predicted this result with certainty.

Inflation, and theft like the preceding has been going on since the Federal Reserve was founded in 1913. Our Constitution calls for our currency to be in gold and silver or backed by it. If that was still true it would reduce government flexibility and the recent debacle and ongoing scams would have been impossible. Any currency without substantial backing in gold is subject to manipulation, theft and ultimately economic destruction. History without exception substantiates this fact. Continuing decline of dollar relative to gold and other currencies will steal everything you have and leave you to die homeless, hungry and in pain as a slave of Elites, I guarantee it. This is how Hitler came to power in Germany. When I left service after the Korean War wives did not have to work and a new car cost me about $2,000. Now it takes two or more to support a family and that car costs 15 times as much. Anyone who does not see this as a reduction in your standard of living is just a plain idiot. This is an example of the redistribution of wealth from the bottom up.

If you read the Oct. 2, 2007 article by Richard C. Cook you will learn that our dollar has declined by 95% with the Federal Reserve Note. Dr. Cook said that �a monetary system based on lending must result in the migration of all a nations wealth into hands of lenders. The Federal Reserve mainly assures as its first priority that the wealth held by banks will not be diminished. Since the recession of 1979-83, the concentration of wealth in the hands of the nations upper income groups, i.e. those with money to lend or invest has been increasing. We have had inflation for 38 years. The U.S. is teetering on the edge of a major financial collapse right now. In fact, those with money are quietly trying to secure their wealth while the unfortunate ones who are heavily mortgaged or locked into inflexible retirement accounts may be left holding the bag�. Iglitzin and Hill wrote on 7-1-07 that a 2005 study by the Federal Reserve found the top 10% of income earners own 70% of wealth, top 1% own more than the bottom 95%. These are examples of the �Chain of Command for Treason� at work.

The average American must be told in simple blunt terms that Elites and their Foundations are mostly anti-American and socialist. They control our Banking, Finance, Media, and Business Corporations along with many teachers at all levels who have no loyalty to this country or to its citizens either. Americans must be told that Government officials in all three branches who fail to obey their oath of office, our Constitution and Laws are guilty of Treason.

The �Chain of Command for Treason� is really simple: Elites and Foundations control Corporations which in turn control Government Officials. We must fight these people and show them our rage and contempt. You must fight them in every possible way. As consumers you control 75% of economy so stop buying from those who tell you to press one for English or offer you cheap and dangerous imports. Tell all of them in a point blank and angry way how and why you hold them in contempt. Be especially plain spoken with government officials who have sold you out, they are not entitled to any respect. Do not buy anything from companies who outsource. Bank of America is guilty of treason for profit by assisting invaders to remain in this country and no one should do business with them. When you see a business with obvious illegal employees ask the owner and tell him you are reporting him to ICE. When Verizon installed their fiber optic cable in Tampa recently there was not a single worker who spoke English, I informed Verizon and ICE. Remember that corporations and their masters have no loyalty to anything but power and money. Even the AFL-CIO are greedy whores by supporting illegal invaders who are replacing American workers and lowering wages. In other words you must be loud and obnoxious, but legal with enemies of the people. You have been told that a service based economy is viable, that is a damn lie. You must have manufacturing. Every job in manufacturing supports 5-7 service jobs.

Millions of illegals have been induced and allowed to invade our country and remain for cheap wages and government benefits by those in the �Chain of Command for Treason�. This Treason has resulted in cheap wages and excess profits of Blood Money for employers of invaders. It is Blood Money because millions of Americans were allowed to be killed, raped, robbed or molested for profit every year. Any government benefits given to illegals reduces your standard of living, value of the dollar and enriches traitors in the �Chain of Command for Treason.�

American taxpayers are subsidizing the illegal workers because government is paying for medical care, incarceration, education and social programs. Corporations have done everything possible to reduce wages and eliminate jobs of Americans by moving manufacturing to other countries or by importing. Even service jobs are outsourced. Bill

Gates of Microsoft, an Elitist, wanted unlimited visas so he could hire foreign workers at a savings of $12,000 a year per worker. When he did not get it he said he would go to Canada. As the richest Elitist in the world he is no patriot, he just wants more money and to hell with Americans. Gates is no different than the other greedy power mad Elites.

It should be clear that most of the Elites and Foundations are socialists and communists who hate our Constitution and Republican form of government, they believe in a worldwide totalitarian and Godless dictatorship run by and for the Elites These traitors emulate the actions of Hitler in so many ways.. The former President Bush promoted this New World Order numerous times in speeches as did his son.

Mostly Foundations were formed to evade taxes and allow wealthy families to maintain control of their corporations and support things that they otherwise could not. Some Foundations started with worthy goals that did not last. These foundations support among other things: same sex marriage, incest, Mideast extremist groups, multiculturalism, multilingualism, uncontrolled illegal immigration, one world government, loss of our borders, loss of our sovereignty and loss of our freedom and rights as Americans. Foundations have a fantastic $500 Billion in assets to spend tax free with no control. This is where La Raza and the other anti-American and open borders groups get their money. Some of the more infamous foundations are the Ford, Rockefeller, Pew, Carnegie, and of course the Soros. You remember George Soros who Said �The main obstacle to a stable and just world is the United States�. Moveon.Org is an example of his money at work.

�Historian Oswald Spengler foresaw what many American liberals cannot or don�t want to see: A huge segment of the political left has come to be manipulated if not controlled by its supposed enemy----the super�rich. Author Hilaire Belloc in The Servile State predicted that monopoly capitalism and socialism would basically, down the road, join hands to establish a new �servile civilization�. Both of these quotes and much of my information on Foundations came from the great scholarship of Phil Kent in his new book �Foundations of Betrayal-How the Liberal Super-Rich Undermine America�. You will find many of our Enemy Elites and their suck-ups are members of one or more of these groups: the Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, and the Bilderberg Group.

Most Americans do not know what the hell is going on because the Corporate Owned Media run by their Liberal Slaves refuses to Inform them. These media liberals will be responsible for the death and enslavement of Americans and are effectively bringing about the same end result as those who led their own people into Nazi gas chambers. The big difference is that our liberals sold us out for money, ignorance and cowardice, while the others did it to live one more day. Some say that Americans will just beg like whipped dogs when faced with this reality, and some might, but millions of Americans will go into a killing rage. We must defeat the Elites before it gets this far or it will be a pyrrhic victory with few Elites remaining.

Defeating these traitors is simple, but not easy. We must defeat any politician regardless of party who refuses to end all immigration of any kind for 10 years, deport all illegals, terminate anchor baby citizenships as illegal, terminate NAFTA, all trade agreements and treaties, defeat UN Law of the Sea Treaty, use whatever force is required to close borders and protect Americans, no language but English, prosecute employers of illegals, accept nothing from anyone, limit individual campaign contributions to $100 per candidate per election, obey Constitution and laws, impeach and/or prosecute any judge or official who fails to follow our laws and constitution to the letter.

In the meantime we attack Elites by getting legislation to end the scam of tax free foundations. We encourage Americans to take legal action against employers of illegals who harmed them and all government officials, especially those in sanctuary cities, who contrary to the law did not do everything possible to keep illegals out of the country or to deport them. Lawyers can get rich on contingency contracts by representing the Millions of Americans who have been harmed by illegal invaders who were encouraged and protected contrary to the constitution and laws of the United States. The following hints will help your lawyer. Anyone who, under color of law, deprives any citizen of rights, privileges, or immunities secured by United States Constitution is subject to civil and/ or criminal penalties pursuant to Title 42 United States Code, section 1983, 1985, 1986 and/or Title 18 United States Code section 241 and 242.

Our poor people were the first to lose employment to illegals, and no one noticed or cared. Then our middle class lost many of their jobs and nothing was done. Dr. Dennis Cuddy reported in News With Views that we lost 3 million manufacturing jobs just since Bush became President. This results in the loss of 15-21 million service jobs. Now jobs that require college education are being replaced by foreign workers here and overseas and government is trying to bring in even more foreign replacements. The college educated and professional workers better join this fight while they have the chance before they too are impoverished. Socialist professors and teachers promoted this treason and it is poetic justice that they too will be impoverished by it because there will be no students nor money to fund their employment or benefits. Dr. Alan Blinder reported that 30-40 million more U.S. jobs are at risk from free trade. Again this reminds me of the mindset of people in Nazi Germany.

Our low unemployment rate is a perfect example of how figures don�t lie but the people using them sure do by excluding from the count everyone who is unemployed and has given up hope of getting a job. This number almost equals the number of employed foreign born. For details go to and

Now the �Chain of Command for Treason� with leaders of both political parties is trying to sell us out again by passing the UN Law of the Sea Treaty .Cliff Kincaid in News With Views reported on 10-5-07 that this Treaty supported by presidents Carter, Clinton, both Bushes and leaders of both political parties will subvert U.S. Sovereignty in favor of the UN. During the hearings in Congress State Department Officials were caught in bald faced lies by Senator Vitter. It is imperative that you call your Senators to defeat this treaty unless you want UN Bureaucrats telling us what we can and can�t do.

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I have given you only an introduction to this �Chain of Command for Treason� it is much more complex, pervasive and ruthless than you can imagine. It can, and must be defeated by informing the American people by word of mouth, internet and talk radio. Our Founding Fathers did not write our great constitution so that the American people would serve and protect a self selected greedy and ruthless class of people and their parasitic offspring like royalty for perpetuity. Our Constitution and Laws have been violated and ignored by those sworn to uphold them for profit and power. These Elites have almost destroyed our country and are responsible for the killing, raping, robbing and molesting of millions of Americans while they amass great fortunes by theft and trickery of all Americans. We will end their reign of terror and redress their wrongs. Elites cause far more death and destruction than terrorists.

� 2007 Andrew Wallace - All Rights Reserved

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Andrew C. Wallace is a former Kentucky State Trooper, Kentucky Native, Korean War Veteran, Commercial Pilot in Alaska, University of Kentucky Undergraduate in Business, Four years of Graduate School in Economics and Marketing at University of Kentucky and University of Iowa., Assistant Professor, Thirty years as Director of Marketing Firm developing and implementing national Marketing programs for manufacturers and now retired doing research and writing.










Our low unemployment rate is a perfect example of how figures don�t lie but the people using them sure do by excluding from the count everyone who is unemployed and has given up hope of getting a job.