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The Plan Is For You To Die Homeless and Hungry








By Andrew C. Wallace
March 31, 2014

[Forward: You must learn why Marxists and their Fellow Travelers have No Standing in our Constitutional Republic- Social Justice and Redistribution are Treason- Citizens are Guaranteed Freedom and Prosperity-Return of Manufacturing with Tariffs-No Income Taxes-Largest Energy Reserves- No Amnesty- Deport Illegals- Land of Fruit and Nuts-High Command as Perfumed Princes-Generals in CFR-Nuremberg- No Balls At All- An Abomination- Obamacare Choices- Abolish Six Unconstitutional Federal Departments-Murder, Pillage, Rape, Starvation, Cannibalism for Cities-Tyrants Shoot First, et al.]

The Mainstream Media is owned by the Marxist Establishment and will mostly report only self serving propaganda contrary to the dictates of our Constitution.

The Constitution is emphatic; there can be no Compromise with Marxists or any similar group of Traitors, such as Establishment Republicans or Democrat Officials and Judges who ignore the Constitution for power and profit or for any reason at the expense of the very lives and sustenance of our people. Our Constitution Demands “Equal Justice” which made our country great. Marxists practice Unconstitutional “Social Justice” which means using their make believe “Faux Government” to take by force from those who produce and give to those who do nothing, while also allowing the looting and killing of our people by thugs and illegal invaders for their own corrupt benefit. Social Justice, related social programs, Crony Capitalism, or any kind of Redistribution, especially at the barrel of a gun are not allowed by our Constitution. This is pure Treason by our Marxist Officials, Judges, and Fellow Travelers usurping our Constitution, they are Dirty Rotten Traitors to our Republic deserving of no understanding, quarter, or pity. These Traitors are allowing murder, rape, pillage and theft of citizens for their own personal power and profit in direct conflict with our Constitution, and that is Treason by any definition. Marxist Traitors have no legal justification, none, for their actions and must expect to suffer severe consequences. Also, Don’t support those who are trying to destroy the Constitution another way by promoting a Constitutional Convention for their own purposes.

Based upon experience, there is a high expectation that the Unconstitutional and deadly practice of Marxism as specified above, will cause the death of practioners in both parties.

As Citizens of our Republic you are Guaranteed, not just promised, or allowed, Unlimited Freedom and Prosperity under our Constitution with Equal Justice. But, I must warn you, Freedom is not Free, there is a price, which may be your life at the hands of Faux Government Marxist Thugs and Invaders/Illegals allowed or directed by corrupt Officials and Judges following Unconstitutional Marxist Dictates for power and money. But, not to worry, as guaranteed, you will enjoy unlimited Freedom and Prosperity after you follow the Constitution and kick out the criminals and Invaders allowing our Republic to return to its rightful Freedom and Prosperity. Almost unlimited energy reserves will guarantee prosperity with return of manufacturing and the end of income taxes.

Your first objective while you have life is to use every lawful means to remove all corrupt and traitorous officials and judges from office regardless of party. Patriots will follow the rule of law until innocent life is taken by Marxist traitors and illegals from both parties.

The Faux Federal Government is now a deadly unlawful cancer having spread to all 50 States and into all parts of our Lives. Every Unconstitutional bit of the Faux Government must be defunded, gutted, terminated and destroyed. In specific terms, your newly, elected Officials must agree:

To Abolish and Defund the Unconstitutional Federal Departments of Education, Agriculture, Labor, Energy, Housing & Urban Development, Health & Human Services, DHS. et al. Then your Representatives must also abolish all other Faux Federal Departments, Programs, Grants, Agencies, Commissions, Bureaus, Administrations, Foundations and Offices not authorized by the Constitution. You must confront your candidates or officials in person and demand these actions.

Officials who vote to fund any of these unconstitutional activities should be impeached and prosecuted for Treason. If you don’t have the courage to demand compliance with the constitution, then you are a Marxist Traitor by virtue of indolence or cowardice.

This country prospered rapidly with normal economic fluctuations from its founding until 1913 without an income tax when the Marxists in government changed everything. Direct election of Senators, a PRIVATE Federal Reserve Bank, Income Taxes, and Tax Free Foundations were instituted allowing the government access to unlimited funding for wars and for looting the public. The Federal Reserve Chairman admitted to causing the Great Depression. Our money also lost 98% of its value since 1913.

The Marxists (Progressives, Socialists, Communists, Fascists, Establishment Republicans and Democrats), who now run our Faux Government are also very corrupt, ruthless and greedy Traitors. They are quite proficient at looting our country and killing people here, or anywhere for profit. All of this is directed by the Establishment/ Families who control the Faux Government, both Political Parties, Officials, Judges, large Corporations, Media, Tax Free Foundations, Unions and leading Universities.

Large Corporations wanted to move American manufacturing to other countries so they could profit from cheap foreign labor and sell the products here, so they removed tariffs on imported products and moved the plants to other countries resulting in massive unemployment here.

The solution now must be, a return to Tariffs similar to those of 1913, which will force manufacturing back to this country and fund the government. We then abolish the PRIVATE Federal Reserve Bank, and end the Income Tax or any other federal taxes.

How well could you live with the return of high paying manufacturing jobs and NO INCOME TAXES ? Remember, this is how our country prospered before the Marxists got into our government and took over both political parties.

The agricultural, hospitality, construction, and meat packing industries et al , wanted the same cheap labor as manufacturers, so now the Traitors in congress are trying to pass Amnesty for illegal Invaders when 70% of the voters, with high unemployment are strongly opposed.

The solution in simple terms is to close the borders using deadly force and deport all illegals as has been done in the past.

The Blood of about 4,380 Americans murdered every year by illegals is on the hands of our Executive, Judicial and Legislative branches of government including our Media, who allowed the killings in return for money and power.

These illegals also include an estimated 240,000 sex offenders and 2,900 child molesters allowed to rape, and molest our women and children while our Faux Government only works to give them Amnesty. Victims of these horrible crimes will hold the government and the illegal perpetrators equally at fault, and in the absence of law, and if Amnesty is given, retribution can be expected.

The total cost of illegals is $ 338.3 Billion a year as estimated by By the way 30% of federal inmates are illegals. Contrary to media propaganda, most minorities want the illegals deported. There are plenty of additional statistics from top scholars to prove that illegal’s with low levels of education will be a huge drag on our economy until they die, there is NO UPSIDE TO ILLEGALS, NONE, EVER.

There is another much greater labor shortage in this country, but it is for mostly English speaking citizens for entry level or low level employment.

This shortage consists of people constituting mostly the Democrat parties’ voter base and can’t be hired because the government already pays them about twice what they would get paid in benefits to be dependant Democrat voters and not work. Most of these benefits originate with the Federal Government and must soon be terminated as they are funded by the Unconstitutional use of theft by force from those who work and pay income taxes. Maybe some of the states will allow such theft after demise of the income tax, but I doubt that reality will allow it.

States don’t have the ability to create money unless it is gold and silver so the Unconstitutional Marxist theft and redistribution for Social Justice programs will perish.

Out west, in what used to be called the land of “Fruits and Nuts”, the illegals are so numerous they are even exacerbating a severe water shortage into economic disaster. In truthfulness, the illegals did not do it alone, they had decades of help from a stupid bankrupt government made up of Sodomites, ignorant dependant green voters and Marxists from both parties. Now everyone’s food prices will increase even more, as their income declines. At some point the brutal attempts at Ethnic Cleansing and lawlessness in Los Angeles by the Hispanic gangs will ultimately result in their demise and deportation by military force.

Our proud and courageous Armed Forces are being decimated by appointed civilian and military leadership devoid of honor, loyalty, patriotism, or courage. When Leaders at the very top of the Military Chain of Command are unable, or unwilling to protect their subordinates, and our Constitutional Republic; by at least protesting, if not refusing Unconstitutional, Stupid, Self Serving and Evil orders given by traitors in government, then they too become traitors. There is now really no expectation that Flag Officers will fall on their swords to protect their subordinates, and neither will they honor their oaths as indicated by just a few examples:

Christian and Jewish worship has been restricted while Muslim faith is promoted.

Women with half the upper body strength of men are being forced into ground combat which increases the body count of both men and women.

Sodomites have been forced openly into the Armed Forces. From experience in the military I know that if a young man is awakened by a Sodomite out to molest, that the normal man will have an instant primal response to kill that Sodomite. TO HELL WITH THE POLITICAL CORRECTNESS OF COWARDS, THE TRUTH MUST PREVAIL. Normal young men and women, who volunteer to serve, represent more than 98% of the population, and their parents have every right to demand that the military keep the Sodomites and their filthy dangerous lifestyles away from our children.

It is a predictable disgrace that rapes and molestations of both men and women are skyrocketing in the military since Sodomites were forced on our innocent service members; 13,900 men and 12,100 women were molested in a recent report. See It is a terrible shame that our ranking Generals and Admirals do not honor their oath to the Constitution by protecting their Subordinates and our Constitution; they would rather embrace Sodomites and increase the body count of young men and women for better relations with the White House.

Every Soldier knows they must obey lawful orders, and every soldier has the right to expect valid legal orders from superiors. At least half the country knew that Obama was an imposter, without any question, so orders from Obama would be invalid. A very brave man LTC Terrance Lakin, MD, questioned his redeployment orders. The Pentagon refused to look into the matter, court marshaled LTC Lakin and sent him to Fort Leavenworth without due process as an example to others, and there were others. What, not a single Flag Officer would at least see that LTC Lakin received due process and was not framed for doing what the brass should have done on his behalf.?

Where were the military’s “Constitutional” orders to bomb Libya? That is what is known as Treason when you don’t question unlawful orders, remember Nuremberg?

I can understand why the White House would want to refer to the shooting death of 13 people and the wounding of 30 others by Major Nidal Malik Hasan at Fort Hood as “work place violence” while shouting Allauh akbar. But, I can’t understand why the military refuses to call it a “terrorist attack” so the victims can get proper benefits, unless they are afraid to confront Obama’s political need to conceal a terrorist attack similar to the Benghazi cover up.

The Military better keep some of the people they are kicking out, because this writer and many of my readers will object to any family member signing up to be a victim of such disloyalty and abuse.

I can believe that some of the Pentagon’s Top Officers were effective in combat at one time; but now when it comes to standing up to the corrupt politicians on behalf of the Constitution and their subordinates, well they have NO BALLS AT ALL: Rules of Engagement, Commissaries, Tri Care, Pensions, Housing, Reduction in Force, et al.” Proposed new budget would cost Military Families $5,000 for food, housing and health care,”

Col. David H. Hackworth was the most decorated soldier and. effective combat leader in the Viet Nam War. He was a strong critic of the careerism and incompetence in the Military High Command, referring to them as ticket punching generals and perfumed princes who did not care about the troops. Generals even belong to the Council on Foreign Relations which is not a Patriotic organization.

An Abomination Second Only to Judas Iscariot, Matt. 26:24, Mark. 14:21

If books, and countless testaments, without number, or contradiction, are to be believed, total evil was ordered by the Imposter in our highest office, who was never qualified for the office, nor questioned by any government official, judge, media representative or political party concerning his lack of Constitutional Qualifications for Office, nor called to the dock since, for his countless acts of High Treason against our Constitutional Republic.

In truth, he has publically held this country in contempt, and his life would be described as an Abomination in the Bible for all manner of sins, including living a life on the Down Low which explains support for Sodomites and contempt for women; while professing to be a Christian and proclaiming the lies of Social Justice with Mass Redemption. On the international stage our enemies mock, and our friends despair his continuous failures. His Negro race in the Marxist cities was mostly dependant, crime ridden, and destitute, as planned, giving him more than 90% of their votes, twice, and nothing changed. The teachings of God can save those in the inner cities, Marxism will not. Even his vacations show contempt for America.

The untold looting, suffering, death and destruction caused by this Traitor is shared by all of the Officials, Judges and Media who ignored, promoted, or covered up his crimes. Their actions will destroy existing Marxist Democrat and Republican parties along with the governing Establishment Families. The Treason and Crimes against Humanity committed by this Imposter and his Criminal Associates are second only to those of Judas Iscariot, and regardless of what we may do here to redress this evil; it will be properly judged by GOD.

Obamacare Choices: Abolish it, or Eat Dirt and Die, or Cannibalism and Civil War

Obamacare is guaranteed to fail and in the process to destroy our economy and existing system of medical care giving government dictatorial control of our people and everything else in our Republic.

Obamacare is a master copy of Hitler’s operation to take over Germany complete with Death Panels , which were followed by gun control. Government must be taken completely out of health care. We all know what happened to Germany. Establishment Republicans did not vote for Obamacare for political reasons , but as Marxist supporters of the Democrats, they will not allow it to die until the country is bankrupt, unemployed, dependant, and properly looted by both parties. Obamacare must be defunded and abolished as an unworkable and Unconstitutional Marxist attempt to destroy the Republic. If you fail to abolish Obamacare you will surely Eat Dirt and Die or participate in Civil War and Cannibalism.

There is No Such Thing as a Viable Service Based Economy, You Must Lead with Tariff Protected Manufacturing and No Income Taxes.

At some point our currency will have no value which will bring down all currencies, gold and silver would retain some value. All government Operations, Welfare, Social Security and Medicare payments, et al., will stop. People living in hard core Communist cities like New York and Chicago will suffer pillage, rape, murder, looting, starvation and cannibalism. Overt failure of the currency will happen overnight, but government attempts to forestall the end could go on for a protracted period, and is already evident. You need only look at the Bailouts, the $55 Billion a month invested by the Private Federal Reserve Bank to support the stock market, or the continuous manipulation of the gold market to maintain the dollar’s value, et al. …………THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A VIABLE SERVICE BASED ECONOMY, YOU MUST LEAD WITH TARIFF PROTECTED MANUFACTURING AND NO INCOME TAXES.

What you must understand is that until we return manufacturing to this country with tariffs and no income taxes, we are screwed. Politicians who tell you otherwise are Damn Liars……. and Traitors.

Know This, You Communist Traitors, We Refuse to Fire the First Shots Regardless of Your Provocations.

You should be warned that Government Agencies, including the Post Office are buying large quantities of arms and ammunition without obvious cause. The Marxists in Connecticut passed a law to abolish/register certain semi automatic firearms and clips. Failure to comply is a felony that the State Police will enforce. There is a high probability that this is a test for the Democrats on a national basis for gun control. It is estimated that over 100,000 Ct. Gun owners will not comply which will result in deadly confrontations unless the law is repealed.

As painful as it could be we must allow the tyrants to shoot first, but only once.

Mike Vanderboegh had this advice for Connecticut Patriots: “When the tyrants have taken the first shots they have relieved you of the moral responsibility for their deaths in legitimate self defense, using 4th Generation Warfare Tactics according to Three Percent Rules—targeting war makers and decision makers only, no OKC, no terroristic or collateral damage”

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My objective was to give you the minimum details required for you to see the Big Picture which must be the destruction of the Unconstitutional Faux Government in accordance with the Rule of Law. This will result in unlimited freedom and prosperity. There will be a very rough period during transition when the traitors in Government terminate payments to Welfare, Social Security, Medicare, et al., for their own purposes, out of stupidity or incompetence. In this article I have refused to use Political Correctness and Racism, with my only standard being the TRUTH. If you attack this paper without finding any factual errors, or because of my faith, you are probably a sorry Marxist.

� 2013 Andrew Wallace - All Rights Reserved

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Andrew C. Wallace is a former Kentucky State Trooper, Kentucky Native, Korean War Veteran, Commercial Pilot in Alaska, University of Kentucky Undergraduate in Business, Four years of Graduate School in Economics and Marketing at University of Kentucky and University of Iowa., Assistant Professor, Thirty years as Director of Marketing Firm developing and implementing national Marketing programs for manufacturers and now retired doing research and writing.




The Mainstream Media is owned by the Marxist Establishment and will mostly report only self serving propaganda contrary to the dictates of our Constitution.