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By Andrew C. Wallace
March 11, 2010

The super rich Elites and their Forbearers have controlled the corporations, media, and our government officials for more than 100 years allowing them, with the help of foundations to ignore the Constitution, resulting in looting, tyranny, treason and death. These Occupation Forces are greedy, power mad Marxist Progressive enemies of the people, but you must rejoice because for the first time in history our people know they are being unconstitutionally screwed.

The Marxist Progressive Officials and Judges are OCCUPATION FORCES and TRAITORS with no authority for their unconstitutional actions.

I have a message for the people in Washington -- in both parties -- The American People are coming, and they're coming for you,” Pat Caddell, a noted democrat, gave this warning on Fox News

Political Correctness is the Marxist Progressive’s Judas Goat, a virtual fifth column for Treason. This article is not PC and was written to connect the dots and give you the big picture in outline format based on major verifiable facts which you are encouraged to check.

All three branches of government are controlled by Marxist Progressive Traitors and Cowards from both parties, who are too ignorant to understand that the only legitimate power is from the constitution which they have repudiated, making them rogues, usurpers and enemies of the people with no legitimate power, an untenable position to be in during any confrontation with the people who have learned the truth and are coming for them.

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable”, President John F. Kennedy in 1962. The American people are in the process of removing these criminals from office using the rule of law, and then prosecuting them for their treason. But, our corrupt officials will determine if they are to be removed by the rule of law, or the barrel of a gun, their choice. If the rogues in government use unconstitutional actions to remain in office the people will respond appropriately. Active and retired military and police members of the “Oath Keepers” have pledged to honor their oath to the Constitution and will refuse to obey unlawful orders to deprive citizens of their rights. The millions who subscribe to the “Three Percenters” code will not initiate a confrontation with the Progressive Marxist traitors, but they will retaliate in kind to any unlawful actions such as the attacks by union thugs on citizens at town hall meetings last year.

Marxist progressives must know that their unconstitutional actions as usurpers of our republic are without any legitimate power or authority; and defines them as traitors and enemies of the people. They should allow their removal from government by rule of law in their own best interests. The alternative is for their continued use of union thug violence, corrupt judiciary decisions, and all manner of unconstitutional actions, assuming that the public will continue to tolerate the abuse, which they will not.

“[U]sing force upon the people without authority, and contrary to the trust put in him that does so, is a state of war with the people…[and] the people have a right to remove [such a force] by force. The use of force without authority, always puts him that uses it into a state of war, as the aggressor, and renders him liable to be treated accordingly.” Timothy Baldwin quote from, John Locke and C. B. Macpherson, ed., Second Treatise of Government, (Indianapolis: Hackett Publishing Company, Inc., 1980), 80-81

Economics and our Constitution stipulate from actual experience that most hardworking Americans should now have a comfortable level of wealth based upon their savings and those earned by their forbearers. But, much of that wealth was stolen using unconstitutional laws, Private Federal Reserve Bank, Income Tax, Fiat Money, and Tax Free Foundations, et al, all of which will be ended by the people. A CNN poll reported on 2-26-10, that 56% of Americans think that the federal government is a threat to the rights and freedoms of ordinary citizens.


Millions of Americans are suffering and unemployed for no legitimate reason except for the desire of Progressive Marxist Traitors in government and business from both parties for power and wealth at the direction of the super rich, who also seek to replace our republic with a one world dictatorship.

WITHOUT MANUFACTURING JOBS THERE CAN BE NO PROSPERITY, BECAUSE THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A SERVICE BASED ECONOMY. Your wealth and mine has been stolen for more than 100 years. Now you will see how they really got greedy and gave our manufacturing and low skilled jobs to exploited foreign workers.

Passed NAFTA, CAFTA, GATT and other Free Trade Laws allowing manufacturers to exploit foreign workers in other countries while firing Americans and making larger profits due to lower labor costs..

"Illegals allowed to replace American laborers at slave wages in jobs that cannot be exported, while taxpayers pay for their medical bills and other benefits. Taxpayer subsidies and slave wages allow the corporations to make excess profits. Millions of Americans have also been either murdered, killed, raped, robbed or molested by Illegal aliens."

Foreign workers brought in on visas while millions of Americans are unemployed.

Contrary to the lies of government and corporate supported racist advocacy groups, a majority of Black, Hispanic and Asian voters don’t support illegals. Steven A. Camarota of CIS, in reporting latest poll results said “What the poll does show is that, like most Americans, Hispanic, Asian, and black voters want the law enforced and illegal immigrants to go home”

THE INCOME TAX CAN BE REPLACED WITH NOTHING. You simply put protective tariffs on all imports of manufactured goods, as in the past, which will support the government at a reduced level, and allows the rehiring of American workers. Then, we follow the law and stop legal and illegal immigration while deporting all illegals on sight. This will end unemployment for most Americans and jump start manufacturing which will take us to a period of unheard of prosperity. Of course we will empty a lot of government buildings when we also starve and restrict government to its constitutional functions, cut out all perks, benefits and union membership for government employees and officials.

Now a word to those ignorant followers of the Marxist Progressives in both parties who say that we can’t return to an unlimited manufacturing based prosperity when we also have the largest protected free market in the world to absorb the production, and the government has been taken off our backs. Of course this is the guaranteed, and proven result of a Constitutional Free Enterprise System, read your history.

Our traitors in government proudly confess to being Progressives, another word for Marxists which is an unconstitutional form of dictatorship that has always resulted in economic failure and the deaths of millions of innocents. Do you remember the Marxist Progressive slaughter at Waco and Ruby Ridge; or the framing of Border Patrol Agents Ramos and Compean et al so the flow of drugs and cheap labor could continue unimpeded?


Our Economy and Republic cannot survive unless we reverse the unconstitutional theft of trillions of dollars, the unconstitutional theft of private property, the unconstitutional indoctrination of our children and the unconstitutional growth of government. At any time, from a day, to several years, the resulting deflation/hyper inflation will destroy the government’s ability to meet its obligations to Social Security, Medicare, or anything else and all normal commerce will end leaving the people destitute. This is exactly what the Marxist Progressives in both parties of our government want, there is no other possible purpose for their actions, but we are going to defeat them.

Unconstitutional Marxism by government caused failure of our economy and it will not recover until Free Enterprise returns allowing businesses to succeed or fail. Unconstitutional Marxism does not allow unprofitable businesses to fail as required by the Constitutional Free Enterprise System.

Keep your dirty traitorous hands off of our children. Marxist Progressive Indoctrination of our children will no longer be tolerated in the schools. We expect our children to learn our total history and the greatness of America. Nor will we allow schools to convert our children into an Obama version of the Hitler Youth.

You should rejoice and be happy because we know the cause of this pending disaster and exactly how to end it with unheard of prosperity and freedom. The root cause of our problems are the usurpers, those Progressives (Marxists, communists, fascists) and their Elite bankers who want to rule the world by instituting an unconstitutional and unworkable Marxist economic system in place of our proven free market system. Progressives operate our government as an Occupation Force ,a giant criminal enterprise to prey on the people of the United States and the world.

It is damn near impossible for the average person to know how the Elites stole most of what citizens owned, or should have owned, much less know how they did it. If you are older, you have a clue because you can remember when only one person could support a family. The following should help you to understand part of it.

Banks with support of the Federal Reserve expand the economy by loaning fiat money into circulation and then contract it by reducing the money supply. This is called Boom and Bust.

Reducing the money supply causes economic downturns allowing financial institutions to take over financed assets for next to nothing.

Unconstitutional Fiat Currency is not a “Store of value” so it can be expanded and contracted at will, resulting in theft from the people in both cases by inflation and deflation. It is hard to notice when done slowly over time.

Dr. Edwin Vieira said “The Constitution gave the United States a monetary system under which money could be coined by the government, but not created out of thin air.”

“The Federal Reserve has surreptitiously sunk $12 trillion of our money into third world infrastructure enriching the elites of industry and banking while it bankrupts every man, woman and child in the industrialized nations,” J. K. Ryter.

“This "financial crisis" was caused by the socialist far left and the far left GOP members being bankrolled by globalists, who would like you to think that when the subprime mortgage industry collapsed, it triggered a national banking crisis that caused the problem. But, the US banking crisis was fabricated by the Federal Reserve with one regulation designed to make it appear that about a third of the US banks were on the verge of collapse when none of them were. The subprime mortgage industry collapse was triggered by that same regulation. It's called "Mark to Market” which forced banks to revalue their assets to market prices,” J. K. Ryter.

Short Selling is how the financial conglomerates generated fast revenue. They rob your 401K. Short selling is the legalized theft of the retirement and investment portfolios of the working class by selling the value out from under the stock,” This and the preceding two paragraphs were modified from. You may also go to Devvy's website and read Cliff Kincaid for more details.

Our states must establish a parallel monetary system as authorized by our Constitution before the unconstitutional Federal Reserve Note fails; and revitalize the Constitutional Militia of the several states to enforce laws of the Republic. With a corrupt Justice Department and Judicial system, the only way to prevent an uprising would be for the Constitutional Militia to arrest, prosecute and jail the traitors and criminals. See Devvy Kidd and Edwin Vieira for specifics.

If Obama is successful in passing Obamacare, the destruction of the Democratic party and the goals of the Marxist Progressives is assured .Millions of Americans will rise up and reverse this unconstitutional action using the rule of law; but, if our constitutional rights are denied us by Occupation Forces using unconstitutional force or other unlawful actions, as they are prone to do; the people, and especially the old “Useless Eaters” targeted for an early death will respond in kind, overwhelmingly.

“THE INTOLERABLE ACT, is the Health Insurance Reform Bill, and you will be forced to play or pay:

If you refuse, you will be fined.
If you refuse to pay the fine, you will be jailed.
If you refuse to be arrested, you will be killed.
THIS is why I have called this, "The Intolerable Act, Mike Vanderboegh."

Marxist Progressives repudiate and ridicule God, our Constitution and our country. In my humble opinion, Marxist Progressives and their duped supporters will go straight to hell.

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Usurper President Obama and Admiral Yamamoto have one thing in common, the awakening of a sleeping giant resulting in their total defeat.

For details go to and read articles by Devvy Kidd, Edwin Vieira, Jr., Lynn Stuter, Jim Schwiesow, Greg Evensen, Frosty Wooldridge, Timothy Baldwin, Larry Becraft, C. J. Williams, Jon Christian Ryter, Dennis Cuddy, Cliff Kinkaid, et al. You may also search the Name Base for Ferdinand Lundberg’s “The Rich and Super Rich,” 1969.

� 2010 Andrew Wallace - All Rights Reserved

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Andrew C. Wallace is a former Kentucky State Trooper, Kentucky Native, Korean War Veteran, Commercial Pilot in Alaska, University of Kentucky Undergraduate in Business, Four years of Graduate School in Economics and Marketing at University of Kentucky and University of Iowa., Assistant Professor, Thirty years as Director of Marketing Firm developing and implementing national Marketing programs for manufacturers and now retired doing research and writing.










Economics and our Constitution stipulate from actual experience that most hardworking Americans should now have a comfortable level of wealth based upon their savings and those earned by their forbearers. But, much of that wealth was stolen...