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By Andrew C. Wallace
October 4, 2009

I refuse to accept the Unconstitutional and Fascist Government put into power by the FASCIST INSURRECTION and will resist these Traitorous Usurpers who make War on us in every possible way.

I expect to be taken out, one way or the other for this, or if my writing is effective in helping to defeat the Insurrection of our Republic, and the looting of trillions of dollars; but I won’t lose much of my allotted time to live because the unconstitutional stimulus bill has been passed directing that us old people be killed by denial of care.

The Super Rich Elitist Families, who hide from public exposure, control both political parties and have instituted a comprehensive INSURRECTION of our Republic by putting Traitors into all branches and levels of government who support unconstitutional laws, repress and loot our people while denying us the Rule of Law.

Let’s get one thing absolutely clear, “Barack Obama is not the Constitutional President of the United States for the simple fact that he refuses to meet the Constitutional requirements to be President” PERIOD. He is a usurper, puppet, criminal and traitor in the office because not a single official or judge at any level of government, nor any member of the media, or party leader would dare challenge the Elite Super Rich Families who pull Obama’s strings and pay them.

It is TREASON and INSURRECTION when Usurpers routinely enact and enforce Unconstitutional laws and otherwise commit criminal acts that loot and destroy our Republic while depriving us of our constitutional rights. For their ill gotten gains, they have made war on the people, and for that there is a sure and certain retribution in common law and in hell.

Every Monetary and Financial action taken, or proposed by this government, excluding parts of the recurring budget, are unconstitutional, and will facilitate the looting of this country by traitors resulting in total economic collapse, third world status and Fascism. There is no possible upside to be found in the history of Economic Theory and Practice; every action taken is designed to destroy and loot our economy. As an Economist, I read 10-15 articles a day by other Economists I respect, and they all reinforce what I just said. The talking heads in government, big business and the media are mostly well paid liars, who know they are lying for money and power.

Elitist Super Rich Families controlled Presidents Bush, Clinton, Bush and now Obama which allows them to loot this country, and every man, woman and child to the point of abject poverty. Their objective is obvious for all to see from their actions—destruction of America resulting in Fascism and Slavery. In fact the Elitist Families have been controlling the Progressives, Communists, Fascists and Marxists in both Democrat and Republican parties for at least 100 years. They can do this because they own our Officials and judges, the Federal Reserve Bank, large Corporations thru tax free foundations, the Media and most everything else of value in the world. Recent studies show that just a few criminal families control most of the world’s stock and 100% of our Federal reserve bank.

Our entire election process, from nomination to election was fraudulent because it was controlled by the elitist owned propaganda media, unlimited funding, vote fraud and intimidation by Acorn and Union “rent a mobs”.

A delicate and temporary balance now exists in this country between Patriots and the Traitors in the Insurrection. If one side or the other should upset this balance before the traitors surrender, the result will be a civil war on the order of the French Revolution when many Americans will die, but the traitors will all be dead. The Usurpers have initiated their criminal actions against the American People and must realize that they have committed treason without a constitutional leg to stand on; their actions are criminal and untenable , and everyone knows it, they overplayed their hand. Many in Congress who support this Fascist Insurrection and Unconstitutional laws are even afraid to meet with their constituents.

We will proceed to defeat this INSURRECTION in several ways simultaneously with the Rule of Law. The most Obvious is to force Obama to prove he is constitutionally qualified; and when he fails, everything he has done is null and void and we will proceed with countless criminal prosecutions against him and his associates, including most Officials and of course the Elite Super Rich Families who for the first time in history will be called to account. Next we will proceed to do everything possible to defeat every traitorous member of congress so we can impeach those we did not defeat. We will fire or impeach every single corrupt judge at every level; especially those who refused us access to the judicial system to settle the issue of Obama’s qualifications and those who allowed Obama to unconstitutionally nationalize private corporations while rewarding his Union supporters at the expense of others during bankruptcy proceedings.


“To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the laws of The union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions;” The preceding is a direct quotation from the Constitution of the United States and requires the cooperation of only one state government. This is not the established National Guard. The Militia has the specific constitutional responsibilities as indicated, and should be able to arrest and prosecute traitors without interference from military or police units unless those units were willing to commit treason. This Militia is not independent and takes orders from the state. Our military could have demanded proof from Obama ; but they chose instead to punish subordinates who demanded proof. Our top military officers are a disgrace with a total lack of testicular fortitude. Unlike the military, the Militia will not take orders from an unlawful pretender President.

Tea Parties are great, but home delivery of your Contempt is more Effective. As Ron Ewart said, you must show our Traitors the great depth of your contempt and loathing, up close and personal, where they cannot ignore reality. This also means the legal picketing of homes and offices of government and media officials using the same tactics that Acorn used on the Bankers resulting in the economic meltdown. Keep it legal, don’t harm them. Go to for names of financial supporters and discourage them from further support.

Our Federal Government has unconstitutionally taken powers from the people and the states. Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr, a leading Constitutional Scholar and writer on this subject said “1. Identify a State in which a sizeable segment of the population will support—yea, will demand—two measures:
(a) regaining the Power of the Purse through the introduction of an alternative-currency system based on silver and gold; and
(b) regaining the Power of the Sword through revitalization of “the Militia of the several States” in that State.”

President Calderon and the Catholic Church of Mexico have demanded an end to United States government corruption and protection of drug traffickers by the highest levels of government power. Reported by Michael Webster,

Close the Borders, End all Immigration, Deny Birth Citizenships and Deport every last Illegal, our survival depends on it. We can’t afford to subsidize illegal slave labor for Corporations at a cost to taxpayers of an estimated $25,000 a year, $1,250,000 in a lifetime per household. Robert Rector, reports that the new Amnesty bill would cost Americans 2.6 Trillion dollars. These illegals are a criminal plague on our country, 28% of convicts are foreign born. If you think I am a racist, tell that to the millions of Americans who have either been murdered, killed, raped, robbed, or molested without compensation by the illegals, who don’t take our jobs. is best single source on illegals.

There would be no unemployment if illegals were deported as Presidents Hoover, Truman and Eisenhower did.

Brutal Illegals are also Ethnic Cleansing neighborhoods by killing and driving Whites and Blacks out. Jack Lee,

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Failure of Government Officials to use the deadly force required to stop the invasion and to round up and deport illegals on sight, is Treason.

This Insurrection would not have been possible without a Propaganda Media owned by the Elitist Super Rich Families, which contrary to constitutional intent withhold truth from the people.

� 2009 Andrew Wallace - All Rights Reserved

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Andrew C. Wallace is a former Kentucky State Trooper, Kentucky Native, Korean War Veteran, Commercial Pilot in Alaska, University of Kentucky Undergraduate in Business, Four years of Graduate School in Economics and Marketing at University of Kentucky and University of Iowa., Assistant Professor, Thirty years as Director of Marketing Firm developing and implementing national Marketing programs for manufacturers and now retired doing research and writing.










This Insurrection would not have been possible without a Propaganda Media owned by the Elitist Super Rich Families, which contrary to constitutional intent withhold truth from the people.