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By Andrew C. Wallace
February 28, 2009

My purpose is not to agitate a civil war, that may already have started, but to prevent one at all costs, except for our freedoms. Americans were betrayed by a majority in congress of both parties for money and power. Our jobs, benefits, prosperity, and freedom are gone, or disappearing rapidly because government officials and judges openly violate our constitution. Every foreign born worker, every free trade agreement, every action by the private federal reserve bank, and every unconstitutional act are responsible for all of our unemployment and pain

Do not curse me for the bad news that you don’t want to believe until you have verified the facts yourself, feelings and media lies don’t count as truth, otherwise you will end up just like the good Germans who followed Hitler to their destruction. Use this as a guide to verify the truth.

Patriots must defeat, impeach, and prosecute the traitors in government with the rule of law while making it very uncomfortable for them, but not harming a hair on their heads. Beg traitorous officials for nothing, call them names, picket them, and in all ways let them feel your absolute contempt; for if we should fail to get them out of office, the populace, when they feel the pain of total deprivation will revolt against the usurpers in a killing rage. If the government does not expect a deadly response for their treason, why are the police being militarized, military conducting training in cities, government trying to take our weapons, with large internment camps at the ready? Shades of Hitler’s Holocaust, history repeats.

There is another deadly uncontrollable possibility caused by unconstitutional government that could occur at any time. There are millions of dedicated patriots who know as an absolute fact that a majority of officials and judges have no constitutional authority for many of their actions and have betrayed the people and our constitution for power and money. Just about anything could trigger righteous blowback from this group such as illegal legislation, attacks on constitutional rights of the people like Ruby Ridge and Waco, or the framing of Border Patrol Agents Ramos and Compean. The continued refusal of the courts to accept the sovereignty of citizens as the basis for standing in constitutional issues such as presidential qualifications could result in a crises at any time. The Supreme Court of the United States ignores the constitution and allows other judges and officials to do the same on a wholesale basis, but what could you expect when most of the judges have their law degrees from Harvard, the premier training school for the super rich criminal families.

If you question the facts reported herein, then I pray you know how to do the impossible which is to use our worthless money, when it is soon recognized as such, to pay for your families food, housing, protection and medical care. Get real, you and yours will be sacrificed because of your ignorance. The wealthy all over the world are buying gold as fast as possible.

You have the power to change this disaster on your own, and you damn well better do it, or you will spend the rest of an unpleasant life regretting it. Get some friends and visit your elected officials who voted for unconstitutional acts and show them your contempt for traitors.

  1. Treat those who vote for unconstitutional laws with total disrespect and humiliate them while refusing to do business with those who support their campaigns. Click here for names of donors and amounts.
  2. Be alert for vote fraud and elect patriots of any party.
  3. Impeach and prosecute criminal officials and judges when people control congress again.
  4. Use the constitutionally mandated “Militia of the several States”, not the National Guard, to enforce the Constitution and laws of the United States as called for in Constitution.

Government officials who vote for any legislation not authorized by the Constitution are traitors, as is the President who signs the unconstitutional legislation.

The housing debacle was part of the treason and the root cause of this world wide depression. It was deliberately caused by quotas imposed by the Community Reinvestment Act and forced by government threats and legal actions, first by Clinton, and then by Bush which required banks to abandon proper and profitable Capitalistic lending practices and replace them with a Communist-Fascist fantasy that destroyed our economy. Traitors in government from both parties and their associates in business profited greatly from the related scams; and were given bailout money to retain their positions while the common people, their stockholders lost everything as a result. Many of the people, including Mr. Obama, who participated in this scam are now in government to fix it. This criminal looting would not have been possible without the willing support of the Private Federal Reserve Bank which also admitted to causing the last Great Depression.


When a majority of Congress voted for the largest spending bill in history without reading it, or having constitutional authority to do so, they became traitors and enemies of the people along with Mr. Obama who signed it. They spit in the peoples face and on their oaths of office, defied our constitution and openly declared war on the American people by betraying our country to a Cabal of Communists, Fascists and the criminal families.

If we will converge on an unstoppable demand for complete compliance with the Constitution, we can soon restore liberty and prosperity to America, D.T. Lemmon.

Until/unless we can converge on constitutional compliance as our only issue, we’re sunk, Andrew Horning.

Our Federal Government has been taken over decades ago by a Criminal Cabal of Traitors and no longer exists as a legal and constitutionally subservient entity of the Constitution, individual States and the Sovereign People.

The obvious plan is for us to be ruled by a Communist-Fascist Dictatorship where the people are slaves with no rights, and most officials are Traitors to our Constitution and Republic in return for power and money.

This partnership of Communists and Fascists looted and took control of our country using our money, their controlled media, bribery, vote fraud and by totally ignoring constitutional law.

We are being totally screwed. The so called stimulus bill alone will force non productive old people including veterans to die homeless, hungry and in pain without proper treatment just as dictated by the Nazi philosophy of the “Useless Eaters” that led to Euthanasia of the old and disabled. This act increases the number of our jobs given to the foreign born, both legal and illegal. It sends our limited resources to other countries and gives billions to Racist and Acorn type groups for more Hitler like control, while continuing to give our money to their Fascist supporters in banking and business around the world.

The partnership of Communists and Fascists consists of a Cabal of Criminal Families, Tax Free Foundations, Media, Corporations and Traitors in Government. They have been looting and framing our people for decades using the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank, Tax Free Foundations, unconstitutional paper money, and the Income Tax, et al.

Nothing in history can match the absolute stupidity, high treason and criminality of the multi-trillion dollar payoffs to the super rich by officials in a bankrupt government without any constitutional authority what so ever.

Capitalism is responsible for our unrivaled opportunities and prosperity, it is also self correcting, those getting the rewards also pay for the failures. Government failed in its function to control criminality, which is not capitalism. Our economic failures are due to Communism, Fascism and Treason where the leaders enjoy benefits of the system while the people suffer slavery, poverty and extermination in the millions. Oh, you really think our communists and fascists are less ruthless than Hitler and Stalin?

The Banks and Businesses that failed, and were bailed out were mostly fascist and criminal, not capitalist, and were controlled by the corrupt super rich families who directed their associates in government to bail them out from their corruption with our money. Government officials have also protected their corrupt benefactors for decades from prosecution for their continuous looting of the American people. This means simply that both parties and their respective presidents took orders from the same people for at least 100 years.

The Bailouts and Phony Stimulus Package are guaranteed to do two things; steal every last dime from the American people and give it to the criminal families while delivering Americans into a Communist-Fascist Dictatorship leading to civil war.

There is absolutely no evidence, none, in Economic Theory and Practice, or history to support any positive results for the American people from government bailouts other than abject failure and further economic ruin caused by such counterproductive stupidity, treason, and theft.

A conservative analysis of government documents shows an estimated 2009 deficit exceeding 2 Trillion Dollars which the Federal Reserve will likely have to monetize by printing the money. There is no money held in reserve for Social Security and Medicare. The Government is Bankrupt. Government obligations are an impossible 65.5 Trillion Dollars which is 4 times the yearly gross domestic product of the United states and even greater than the output of the entire world. The deficit cannot be met by any form of taxation. This information was taken from a J.R.Corsi article quoting Economist John Williams.

The important question is who will want to hang the responsible criminals in congress first, the senior citizens and veterans who earned their benefits and will not get them, or the third generation of people living in government housing who rely on social programs and welfare to survive? No one can tell you exactly when everything goes to hell, just that it will be sooner rather than later. Most people will not really give a damn how they were screwed, just that someone is going to pay.


Millions of Patriots did not sacrifice and die for our great republic just so a criminal cabal of traitors could loot it, usurp it, and enslave the people. Our constitution gave us the right to keep and bear arms so that we could effectively defeat any attack on our sovereignty from whatever source, including government. Sales of weapons and ammunition are skyrocketing because people are aware of the present danger from criminals, illegals and traitors in government. Last year in Florida alone, 541,000 people had concealed weapon permits and officials are processing applications for an additional 86,269. The people will never accept the communist and fascist dictatorship being forced upon them.

While the incestuous political apparatus of the national system has been concentrating on filling their trough to overflowing with "stimulus" funds for their benefactors for decades, America has finally concluded the "out of control" federal government must be challenged, and stripped of constitutional excesses.

Col. Harry Riley reported “that Several US States have now reclaimed sovereignty under the United States Constitution’s 10th Amendment... New Hampshire, Missouri, Washington, and Arizona are in various stages of declaring their sovereignty from usurpation by the federal government in violation of the US Constitution. These States are giving notice they will no longer accept federal levies, statutes, demands, etc. that infringe on States Rights, as enumerated in the US Constitution”. Sixteen additional states have joined the fight in the last few days.

My simple translation of the notices or Resolutions by the States is that our Federal Government was formed by the states and is therefore subservient to them and only has the powers specifically granted the federal government in our Constitution by the sovereign states. But the federal government has, and continues to ignore the constitution, and usurp powers from the states and the people with no legitimate power to do so, which is treason. Simply stated, the Federal Government has no authority, constitutionally or otherwise for much of what it does. The states are giving Feds a warning to cease and desist.

Pat Dollard a noted author asked “why we have spent two or more decades intentionally de-industrializing our economy?” The answer is that Fascist Corporations have no loyalty and desired larger profits. NAFTA and other Free Trade Agreements allowed products to be manufactured in other countries with a great loss of jobs and imported back into this country on favorable terms. Mr. Obama promised to do away with NAFTA during the campaign but changed his mind on his visit to Canada. Jobs that could not be exported were unconstitutionally filled with lower paid illegals who had their medical, education, social and other costs paid by taxpayers. In addition, government allowed these illegals to either murder, kill, rape, rob or molest millions of innocent Americans contrary to the Constitution of the United States, and refused to stop it.. When more educated workers were needed in this country they hired foreign born workers using ten visa programs, last year they hired 1.5 million on visas when many more Americans were unemployed. It is impossible to prosper without manufacturing and these criminals took that from us with free trade. If we would follow our constitution we would prosper, it is that simple.

For every single foreign born worker, either legal or illegal there is an unemployed American, and corporate and government officials who profit from the treason.

Government must close the borders, deport every last illegal and repudiate unconstitutional birth citizenships or the citizens will do it for them. Feelings on this issue are so strong that if exacerbated by additional amnesty proposals, death, crime and loss of employment could be one of the sparks for bloodshed.

The worst enemies of Black and Hispanic citizens are the members of congress from their own race who support illegals who take their jobs and benefits. These members of congress, including Mr. Obama are well paid to throw their own people under the bus. What makes these congress people any different than those who sold their own people into slavery in the first place? An NBER study reports that 40% of unemployment of black males is due to foreign born workers.

Pat Dollard also said “we have intentionally dumbed down our schools, ignored our history, and no longer teach our founding documents, why we are exceptional, and why we are worth preserving. Students by and large cannot write, think critically, read, or articulate We have corrupted our sacred political process by allowing unelected judges to write laws that radically change our way of life, and then mainstream Marxist groups like ACORN and others to turn our voting system into a banana republic. To what purpose?”

Our school systems teach very little for the enormous sums spent on them, but they do a hell of a lot of communist indoctrination, and much of what they impart is a damn lie. One of the greatest frauds to be perpetrated on our students is the deification and adoration afforded Martin Luther King Jr. by schools, media and government. Don’t call me a racist because I tell the truth. King was a totally ruthless fraud, he was not a good person by any standard of religion, morality, ethics, or patriotism et al; and millions of us older people know this first hand. He cheated to get his degree, his first sermon was the words of another, his,-I had a dream speech was stolen, his FBI file is sealed for 50 years, he deliberately incited violence while preaching non-violence, and admitted it, his first book was heavily plagiarized, he stole SCLC funds for liquor and prostitutes, and he was beating a white prostitute on his last night. President Kennedy’s brother Bobby developed the proof that king was a communist, controlled and financed by communists. When King was given the Nobel, a reporter asked President Truman what he thought? His comment, strongly stated, was “I didn’t give it to him did I”.I have nothing but contempt for both Black and white leaders who supported this cover up knowing the truth. For more proof look up Saturday Review 4-3-65, Alan Stang 1-16-04, Michael Hoffman 1992, Papers of MLK, New York Times 10-11-91 p15, Keven A Strom, David J Garrow , et al.

Not a single national leader of any kind, including top media personalities, either understands, or has the courage to tell people the whole truth, that both political parties are a controlled scam and a farce to cover up the real International Power Structure and its objectives, consisting of the old line Criminal Families who own the large banks and corporations controlling the worlds wealth and governments. These Globalists want a New One World Order ruled by them, they are the out of sight kingmakers. They have the most richly endowed Universities in the world to prepare their subordinate leaders and a shadow government to assist them consisting of Organizations such as the Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, and the Bilderbergers, et al.

If we, as citizens, fail to resist these ruthless traitors who steal the liberties that have been constitutionally conferred upon us as inalienable and sacred, we will be rapidly and entirely overcome by a Tsunami of tyranny and pain as subjects to a despotic system as slaves; indentured by no less than our ignominious cowardliness and inaction.

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The Cabal of Criminal Families, Tax Free Foundations, Media, Corporations and Traitors in Government, who betrayed our trust and our Republic may refuse to acquiesce to the peoples autonomy and use of the Rule of Law for their removal and a reversal of their traitorous acts. Should they resist their removal and continue their contrived plots to circumvent the constitutional power of the people with unlawful actions, then a bloody civil war will terminate their unlawful rule. History and logic dictate they would be quickly and decisively overcome and at the always limited mercy of a righteous insurrection. A civil war must be avoided at all costs because the people’s victory would be brutal and destructive, much like the French Revolution

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Andrew C. Wallace is a former Kentucky State Trooper, Kentucky Native, Korean War Veteran, Commercial Pilot in Alaska, University of Kentucky Undergraduate in Business, Four years of Graduate School in Economics and Marketing at University of Kentucky and University of Iowa., Assistant Professor, Thirty years as Director of Marketing Firm developing and implementing national Marketing programs for manufacturers and now retired doing research and writing.










When a majority of Congress voted for the largest spending bill in history without reading it, or having constitutional authority to do so, they became traitors and enemies of the people along with Mr. Obama who signed it.