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By Allan Wall
November 5, 2016

American Voter, you have a great opportunity on November 8th. You have the opportunity to choose between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

A vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for the status quo. It’s a vote for the same gang of Big Government Globalists who have been running the country. And it’s a moving status quo – moving constantly to the left, to a more intrusive Big Government, restrictions of freedom of speech and religion, more mass immigration and more foreign policy interventionism.

A vote for Donald Trump is a vote for an outsider who opposes the direction in which our country is headed.

When outsider Donald Trump tossed his hat into the ring, our ruling class went beserk. Trump was under fire from all sides, from other Republicans, the media and even foreign politicians. The Mexican government was so incensed that it has meddled in our election to impede a Trump triumph.

Yet through it all, Trump has survived politically, and is now on the verge of winning the presidency. If enough of us vote for him.

Trump is a fighter, unlike the two previous Republican candidates. You get the impression that McCain (2008) and Romney (2002) just didn’t have the will to fight to win. They seemed willing to lose to Obama.

Not Trump. Trump is a fighter who is not going to let his supporters down. If he loses, he’s going down fighting.

What can we expect if Hillary Clinton wins?

Just imagine what Hillary could do on the Supreme Court with just a few appointments.

With the inordinate power the Supreme Court now has, this may be irreversible. Just think of religious freedom for example, or the right to bear arms, or freedom of speech. It’s all in danger.

On the other hand, Donald Trump specifically said he would select Supreme Court justices like the late and lamented Antonin Scalia. Honestly, is there anything else we need to know? For the Supreme Court, we need to elect Trump, or the leftward movement could be irreversible.

Conservative Christians, who are not favorites of the U.S. media, receive more respect from Trump than Hillary Clinton, who thinks that they should change their beliefs to suit her agenda.

On foreign policy, Trump’s statements indicate that he doesn’t favor more Middle Eastern interventions and “nation building”.

The candidate’s proposals on the immigration of Muslims indicate that he is moving in the right direction, that he’s realizing that the “Religion of Peace” (as Dubya Bush called it) may not be so peaceful.

Trump wants better relations with Russia, which would be a good thing. The Cold War ended twenty-five years ago, after all.

Then there’s immigration. In Trump’s initial speech, he talked about illegal immigration, and his proposal to build a wall has become a trademark of his campaign. Trump has also taken up the matters of birthright citizenship and legal immigration.

This is very important because everything revolves around immigration. Whatever issue you are concerned about (and there are many) it’s related to immigration.

Our country takes in over a million legal immigrants a year, and who knows how many illegal immigrants. Not only does it hurt working-class Americans, but it is changing the country politically.

The majority of immigrants who vote, vote for the Democrats. That’s why they are bringing them in! Therefore, if Trump loses in 2016, it is quite possible that the Republican Party (or any party with similar values) will never be able to win a presidential election again!

Once again, for any conservative or constitutionalist this should decide the question right here and now. Hillary wants to amnesty millions of illegals who can be expected to vote Democrat and allow in plenty more.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, has defended ordinary Americans from the mass invasion and has promised to stop illegal immigration and even to calibrate our legal immigration system in favor of the American people.

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If Trump loses, the U.S.A. is well on its way to becoming a Third World
One-Party State. You can probably forget about the GOP (or any party with similar values) ever winning a presidential election at the national level again.

That’s what’s at stake. That’s why we need to show up on November 8th and vote. We need to vote for the candidate with the best platform for the future of our nation. Go to the polls on November 8th.

Vote for Trump!

2016 Allan Wall - All Rights Reserved

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Allan Wall recently returned to the U.S. after residing many years in Mexico.





Conservative Christians, who are not favorites of the U.S. media, receive more respect from Trump than Hillary Clinton, who thinks that they should change their beliefs to suit her agenda.