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By Allan Wall
July 2, 2016

The Donald Trump campaign continues to evoke controversy. But in order to really understand what is going on, one must often dig below the surface, because you may not get the full story from the Mainstream Media.

For example, Trump has been criticized, even within the GOP, of asserting that Gonzalo Curiel, a U.S. judge of Mexican ancestry is not going to give him a fair shake in the currently pending “Trump University” case.

Not only that, but Trump has been accused of using the term “Mexican” as a slur in his criticism of Judge Curiel.

A recent piece on the Associated Press, by Russell Contreras is entitled: “Trump’s ‘Mexican’ Label Against Judge Brings Up Word’s History”. The article was published June 18th, 2016.

The Contreras piece begins thusly: “Presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump referred to a U.S.-born federal judge as a ‘Mexican’ and saw a backlash, even from other Republicans.”

Judge Curiel, it’s important to point out, is a member of the San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association. The La Raza ideology has no place in American jurisprudence and no American judge should be a member.

(For more on the “La Raza” concept, see my previous article entitled: “Yes, La Raza Really Does Mean “The Race” - And The Idea Was Invented By a Nazi Sympathizer”.)

The goal of the San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association is “to promote the interests of the Latino communities throughout the state.” Isn’t the goal of a federal judge to judge all Americans fairly?

Furthermore, the National Hispanic Bar Association, parent organization of San Diego La Raza Lawyers, has called for a boycott of all Trump business enterprises. So how can Trump expect fair treatment from this judge?

So why isn’t the Mainstream Media pointing all this out? Oh, right, that would be journalism and not agenda-driven propaganda.

As for the Contreras article, it ignores the La Raza activism context and attempts to link Trump’s statement to other incidents and unrelated historical situations.

For example, it discusses

1. “A black Democratic lawmaker” calling New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez a “Mexican”.
2. A coach of the New Jersey Nets calling a Hispanic reporter a “Mexican idiot”.
3. A 1954 Supreme Court case.

What’s that all have to do with Trump?

Contreras says that the term ‘Mexican’ “has been used as a slur against U.S.-born Latinos as a way to dehumanize them and dismiss them as foreigners, according to scholars and those who’ve been targeted by the loaded word.”

Well, Contreras is getting into a bigger issue than there might be space for in an AP article. Some Mexican-Americans refer to themselves as “Mexicans”. Is that bad?

It might be, if they identify more with Mexico than with the United States.

In Mexico they see all people of Mexican descent in the United States as Mexicans, as essentially Mexican regardless of citizenship. In recent years, as I’ve pointed out in various articles, the Mexican government has begun to attempt to gain the loyalty and maintain the loyalty of Mexican-Americans as a way of exercising hegemony over the United States. It’s conquest through demographics.

The Contreras article trots out the testimony of Alexandro Jose Gradilla, “a Chicana and Chicano Studies professor at California State University, Fullerton”.

The name “Gradilla” rang a bell, and I looked it up. Sure enough. I’ve quoted this professor before. Gradilla earlier declared that Ted Cruz is not a real “Latino” because he’s not down with the struggle in Gradilla’s eyes. (See my previous article Un-American Activities – What Marco Rubio’s Latino Activist Friends Really Want, Etc.”)

So bear in mind that Professor Gradillo thinks he has the authority to declare who is and who is not, based on a political agenda, a real “Latino”. Now he’s going to tell us the true import of Trump calling a judge a “Mexican”.

Contreras quotes Dr. Gradilla on the matter,


Alexandro Jose Gradilla, a Chicana and Chicano Studies professor at California State University, Fullerton, said the way the word “Mexican” was used to describe a Mexican-American judge likely helped fuel the widespread criticism “Donald Trump’s use of the term represents the long history of the word in the U.S.,” Gradilla said. “‘Mexican’ was often a stand-in for one of many closely related epithet targeting Mexican-Americans.”

That’s because the term “Mexican” often was tossed at Mexican-Americans to remind them that whites didn’t think they belonged in the country or were part of the nation’s history, especially after the U.S.-Mexico War, Gradilla said.

“That’s what Trump is playing with when he described (Curiel) as simply a ‘Mexican,'” Gradilla said.


The Contreras article also quotes another academic with an agenda, Michelle Tellez, who is “a Mexican-American Studies professor at the University of Arizona”. She complained about the use of “Mexican” in reference to Mexican-Americans, and complains about having been called a “Mexican” growing up in San Diego. “It’s a reminder that we don’t belong.” Well, do you?

The Contreras article closed out with this ominous statement from an economically successful and famous Mexican-American, Steven Michael Quezada. Quezada is an Albuquerque-born Mexica-American actor who portrayed a DEA agent in the Breaking Bad series and is now getting into politics.

Quoth Quezada, who resides in Albuquerque, “At the end of the day, we’re Mexican. I’m Mexican. After all, this was all once Mexico.”

Quezada seems to be expressing the sort of sentiments found in the irredentist/reconquista ideologies, of which there are several. (See here)

So, big surprise, the Mainstream Media, and their partners in the Mexican Mainstream Media, are going to slam on Trump over this Curiel statement, but not get into the deeper issues involved.

But Trump shouldn’t let the Multicultural Left set the agenda. As he’s already been doing on other issues, Trump should continue to inject formerly taboo issues into the political discourse.

If I had Donald Trump’s undivided attention, I would advise the candidate (and his staff) to get up to snuff on the reconquista movement, dual citizenship, the La Raza ideology and Mexico’s blatant meddling through dual citizenship and its consular network. Trump should start talking about this stuff in his speeches.

What about Mexican-American voters? Trump should neither pander nor insult, he should invite Mexican-American voters to identify as Americans and vote accordingly.

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As for loyal Americans of Mexican descent, they have nothing to be offended about here. If they consider themselves Americans, and are thinking of the interests of Americans when they vote, they ought to be voting for Trump. And, as we’ve pointed out before, there are a number of Mexican-descended Trump supporters.

But Mexicans and Mexican-Americans who wave Mexican flags outside Trump rallies and attack Trump supporters are not showing loyalty to the United States and our political traditions. These people ought to be sent back to Mexico where they can wave the Mexican flag and glory in their Mexican identity 24/7, to their hearts’ content.

After all, isn’t that what different countries are for?

2016 Allan Wall - All Rights Reserved

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Allan Wall recently returned to the U.S. after residing many years in Mexico.





Judge Curiel, it’s important to point out, is a member of the San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association. The La Raza ideology has no place in American jurisprudence and no American judge should be a member.