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By Allan Wall
October 23, 2014

Were you aware of how much influence billionaires have on U.S. immigration policy?

Billionaires tend to like mass immigration (legal or illegal) because it means cheap labor. They can hire foreigners for less than it would cost to pay Americans. Microsoft founder Bill Gates, for example, lays off thousands of American workers while simultaneously thumping the drum for more immigration. Hmmm.

The most recent issue of The Social Contract magazine focuses on open-borders billionaires, including George Soros, the Koch Brothers, Mark Zuckerberg, Rupert Murdoch , Sheldon Adelson and Michael Bloomberg, and their influence on U.S. immigration policy.

You can read the whole issue online, just click here.

Note that this group of billionaires includes both Republicans and Democrats. And they don’t even have to be American. Another open-borders billionaire is Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim.

One of Slim’s nicknames is el Rey Midas, from the ancient Greek legend of the king whose touch could transform anything to gold.

Carlos Slim’s wealth amounts to 5-7% of the entire economy of Mexico.
Carlos Slim has a vested interest in continued mass Mexican emigration to the United States, leading to an ever-growing Hispanic population that depends upon government services which in turn enriches his own enterprises.

Slim is against a secure border between the United States and Mexico, he wants Mexicans to be able to migrate to the U.S. and he doesn’t think we should be selective about the Mexicans we let in the country.

Did you also know that Slim owns part of the New York Times?

The biggest portion of Slim’s holdings is in telecoms . Obviously, having millions of Mexicans in the United States communicating with millions of Mexicans in Mexico is profitable for Slim.

As part of his Telmex USA company, Slim started the México en Linea program, offering Mexicans residing in the United States the opportunity to buy phone lines for family and friends in Mexico.

Were you also aware that Carlos Slim makes money off the “Obamaphones” ?Mexican Mogul Slim sells the services for Obamaphones through his Simple Mobile company and sells the actual phones themselves through his TracPhone company.

Of course, billionaires have their ups and downs. Carlos Slim was the world’s wealthiest man for several years. But in March of 2014, Forbes magazine announced that Slim had dropped to second place, with Microsoft mogul Bill Gates back in the number one position, which he had held before Slim. It’s not that Slim wound up begging with a tin cup on a street corner, he was still worth a cool US $70 billion.

Slim’s stay in the number #2 slot however, didn’t last long. Forbes reported on July 15th that Slim had moved back on top of the world, once again the world’s richest man, with a net worth of US $79.6 billion. Bill Gates, on the other hand, was just going to have to get by on a net worth of US $79.1 billion.

Carlos Slim dominates telecoms in Mexico, controlling 70% of the country’s mobile phone market and 80% of the land lines. That may be about to change. Slim, along with broadcaster Televisa, was the target of a new Mexican telecoms law designed to drastically reduce his telecoms market share.

The reform, signed into law by President Enrique Peña Nieto in July, is forcing Slim to slim down his telecoms in Mexico. The telecoms mogul has to get his holdings in the Mexican phone market under 50 percent.

But that shouldn’t be a problem, as Slim has plenty of telecommunication business outside Mexico. The telecoms mogul has plans to expand in Latin America and Europe. For example, Slim is purchasing another big chunk of Telekom Austria which gives him half of that company.

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Furthermore, Slim is certainly not limited to the telecoms business, with interests in many other fields. Through his GrupoCarso conglomerate, Slim has holdings in real estate, retailing, finance and banking, mining, airlines and other fields. Slim’s GrupoCarso may even get the new contract for Mexico City’s new airport, slated to begin construction next year, in 2015.

If Carlos Slim could win that contract, his wealth could expand even more.

So you see, reducing his share of Mexican telecoms is not going to slow Carlos Slim down. And Carlos Slim wants an open border between Mexico and the United States.

For more information about Carlos Slim, click here to read my article Mexico’s Open-Borders Billionaire: Carlos Slim.

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Allan Wall recently returned to the U.S. after residing many years in Mexico.





Billionaires tend to like mass immigration (legal or illegal) because it means cheap labor. They can hire foreigners for less than it would cost to pay Americans.