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By Allan Wall
June 18, 2013

They're at it again. Our political elite (of both parties) is once again trying to ram through an amnesty of illegal aliens. As badly-managed as our current immigration system is, the amnesty proposal currently in Congress would make it even worse.

It's officially titled "The Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act of 2013 (S. 744)" but it doesn't make our border more secure, and it reduces economic opportunity for millions of Americans. With twelve million Americans unemployed, why do we even need immigrants, legal or illegal? But it's really not about that, is it? It's about transforming the United States, it's about changing the demographics of the United States even more rapidly, it's about electing a new people.

S. 744 grants amnesty to millions of illegal aliens, it's likely to be much more than the 11-million figure we constantly hear. These legalized illegals would then be eligible to import more family members. When it's all said and done, it's going to bring in tens of millions more people.

But it's not only that. This bill could triple legal immigration. As I've pointed out before, we have twelve million unemployed fellow citizens. Why do we need any immigrants?

Consider too that most of these immigrants will be eligible for affirmative action, and thus beneficiaries of legal discrimination against white people. Is that fair? No it's not, but none of our senators and congressmen care much about it . They're afraid to defend white people, which might be "racist."

As a longtime resident of Mexico (I'm currently visiting there) let me assure you that this amnesty, as any amnesty, encourages more illegal immigration, and why wouldn't it?

Open borders fanatics might have you believe that Mexicans will starve to death if they can't move to the United States. On the contrary, Mexicans aren't starving to death, in fact, the country has a very high obesity rate! Mexico is poor compared to the United States, but has a higher standard of living than most of the rest of the world! Mexicans don't migrate to the U.S. for "freedom" (Mexico is a free country) or to become Americans, they migrate for the money. After all, salaries are higher in the U.S. and too many employers are only too happy to hire illegals at cheaper rates than Americans. In a just nation, these employers would be arrested themselves and the illegal aliens deported forthwith. But in today's United States of America, the government favors illegal aliens and is now about to give them an amnesty.

Maybe you don't care about immigration, too many Americans don't. But consider your favorite cause and see how it is impacted.

Are you concerned about our enormous national debt? This amnesty is likely to cost us trillions of dollars.

Do you believe in limited government? This amnesty will massively increase the welfare state and big government.

Do you want the U.S. to remain an English-speaking country? This will increase the odds of our becoming an appendage of Latin America.

And so forth. You name the cause, and this amnesty would make it worse.

So is there anything we can do? During the Bush administration, they tried to ram through an amnesty, and it was stopped. It can be done again, but Americans have to speak up. Here are several ways to do so:

I. CONTACT YOUR SENATORS AND CONGRESSMAN AND START PESTERING THEM. Tell them they must vote no on amnesty. At least email your senators and representatives, but even better, send them snail mail letters and make telephone calls. If possible, contact and speak with a congressional assistant working for a senator or congressman. And don't stop, keep it up and keep pestering them. And encourage others to do so. Click here for an immigration report on every member of Congress along with contact information.

II. WRITE LETTERS TO YOUR NEWSPAPER AND SHARE YOUR OPINION ON INTERNET CHAT PAGES AND COMMENTS SECTIONS. Many Americans are simply uninformed on this topic and need a push in the right direction.

III. REFUSE TO CONTRIBUTE MONEY TO THE REPUBLICAN PARTY. When these GOP fund-raisers try to shake you down for money, tell them you won't because the Republican party won't stand up and defend working Americans on this issue.

IV. READ WEBSITES THAT TELL YOU WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON. I recommend you read VDARE.COM ( which has all sorts of information on immigration and the National Question that you don't see in the Mainstream Media or even the "conservative" media. Also, check out Numbers USA which is fighting to reduce immigration.

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When you educate your fellow Americans, use your own words, but remember these talking points on amnesty:

I. We don't owe anything to foreigners who have broken our laws.
II. Amnesty will increase illegal immigration.
III. Amnesty would cost trillions.
IV. Amnesty increases dependence on the welfare state.
V. We have 12 million unemployed, we don't need any more immigrants, legal or illegal.

Let's stop amnesty!

� 2013 Allan Wall - All Rights Reserved

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Allan Wall recently returned to the U.S. after residing many years in Mexico.











This bill could triple legal immigration. As I've pointed out before, we have twelve million unemployed fellow citizens. Why do we need any immigrants?